(This is part of a three-part series of the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s–Vol. 20 Num. 26–April 10, 2001.)

‘The Knowledge of God’

“Do you remember the parable in the Bible where Jesus turned water into wine during a wedding feast? It doesn’t mean literally turning water into wine. Water is the source of life itself. The Revealed Word of Allah (God) is life.


“However, when you take that revealed word and give the understanding of it, it becomes that which greatly enlivens the spirit. There are times when you can hear something, which make you nod your head in agreement; then, you can hear something that literally turns you on and invigorates you to the degree that you have a seemingly boundless energy to do.

“That is turning water into wine. You cannot get that kind of reaction from people until you give them understanding of the word of Allah (God), then, you can get them to live on a higher plane of existence.

“Every truth contains electrical energy. The highest form of electrical energy is that which comes when we accept divine revelation. The light of electrical energy that is in the truth when the truth is believed and carried into practice gives you power and life, spiritually and mentally, and the light is seen in our countenance, and, reflected in our action. The more you converse on the revealed word of Allah (God), the more you energize one another.

“Whenever your conversation degenerates into mundane things that are not necessarily connected to the revelation, the electrical charge in the conversation is diminished. When you waste your time engaging in the cheapest form of communication, which is gossip, rumor mongering, backbiting, slander, and, defamation, this kind of conversation is not only low in electrical energy, it deteriorates and strips you of the energy that you gain from divine revelation. That is why Allah (God) and His prophet forbid slack talk, gossip, slander, defamation, and, backbiting.

“Whenever this kind of conversation is present, you will find the lack of spirit or energy. It is this lowest form of conversation that brings death in the mosque, in the church, and, death among the righteous. You kill each other’s spirit with this type of cheap conversation.

“The book of James in the Bible talks about the tongue as being like the rudder of a ship. The rudder is a small thing, but it turns that big ship in the ocean. The tongue is a small member, but it can light a fire that destroys the peace and unity of the brotherhood, the sisterhood, and, the family all because we have not learned the proper use of our tongues.

“When we engage in cheap talk, we take from other energy of revelation and we rob each other of the spirit of Allah (God). The spirit of Allah (God) is life, and anything outside of life is death. We tend to engage more in the talk that brings death than we do in the talk that preserves life.

“The world, in which we live, is ruled by Satan. It is referred to in the language of the scripture as death. The Bible says, ‘There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.’

“So, the next question to ask is, what is life?

“Life: The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth response to stimuli, reproduction and adaptation to environment.

“This life that plants have is life that animals have? That is life that even a tiny amoeba has. What kind of life is in us as men and women? We function; we have metabolism; we adapt to our environment; we have a growth response to stimuli; we are involved in reproduction, but what about mental life?

“What about spiritual life?

“The Bible says that life is to know thee and thy son, Jesus Christ. Muslims are not going to agree with that language. So, let me phrase it another way. What is life? Life is to know Allah (God) as He is and to know that One in whom His Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power is present in the last days. You have the Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH), and, you have the message, but, Satan unfortunately has most of us.

“The Bible says, ‘And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son, Jesus Christ. This is the True God, and eternal life. And this is the record that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.’

“To make that language palatable to a Muslim, I would say it this way: Life is in the Messenger and he that hath the Message and follows the Messenger has life, and he that has not the message and the Messenger has not life. To know Allah (God) and to know the One who comes that at the end of the world to bring glad tidings, and, in Him is the indwelling Spirit, Wisdom and Power of Allah (God), that is life.

“I love Jesus, but Jesus never told any of his disciples to worship him. The Book of John says, ‘God is a spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth; for such the Father seeketh.’

“Jesus is not seeking worshippers. He is seeking followers. There is a big difference. You should worship Allah (God), but Jesus is telling you to follow him in his obedience, and in his worship of Allah (God). Prophet Muhammad did not say for us to worship him. He said, ‘Follow him and do what he is doing that gains him the favor of Allah (God).’ Then, we too, will have the favor of Allah (God).

“If we do not have the knowledge of Satan and the wiles of Satan, then, we will not be able to defeat him. In II Thessalonians, it says, ‘And then shall the wicked one be revealed.’ In some translations it says, ‘That the man of sin would be revealed.’

“I know that most people think that Satan is a spirit, but he is a real live human being–‘then shall the wicked one be revealed.’ This means that Satan is operating, but he is undercover; nobody knows him. He is carrying out his Satanic work and we may be followers of him unknowingly.

“The Bible teaches that, ‘The sons of God came to present themselves before God, and the devil came also with them.’ The sons of God were fraternizing with the devil and did not know it. This should teach us that we should be very careful of the company that we keep.

“‘Then shall that wicked one be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His Mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming. Even Him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all Power, Signs and Lying Wonders.’” (II Thessalonians, Chapter 2 verse 9).

“The Holy Qur’an says it a little differently, ‘When truth comes, falsehood vanishes and falsehood is forever a vanishing thing.’ The true God comes after Satan has done his job.

“The seventh Surah of the Holy Qur’an verse 11-14, Satan, under the name Iblis, is talking to God and Satan says, ‘Respite me till the day when they are raised. Allah (God) said, Thou art surely of the respited ones.’

“The word respite means: A delay or cessation for a time; especially of anything distressing or trying.

“Satan is in distress when he and his works are totally uncovered. He is asking Allah (God) to delay the time of his manifestation. Allah (God) tells Satan to do his work. That he is respited, until the day when they are raised. They who? Raised how? By what means shall they be raised?

“The moment Allah (God) said to Satan that he is of the respited ones, Satan says, ‘He is going to come after Allah’s (God’s) people in His straight path, from before them, from behind them, from their left side, from their right side and you are not going to find most of them thankful.’ In fact, Satan said, ‘He will make all of Allah’s (God’s) people deviate.’

“Has he made us deviate?

“Jesus is the right man, but, the enemy is not going to tell you the truth about Jesus, because Jesus is to undo Satan’s world, but not Jesus the Prophet. It is Jesus the Messiah, and, there is a difference. Qur’anically and Biblically, Jesus brought the Gospel, but he learned that he was 2,000 years too soon to bring in the Kingdom of Allah (God). So, he died for the truth that he taught, but he prefigured the one that he said would come after him. Jesus said, ‘When He the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth.’ He said, ‘It is expedient for you that I go away, for, if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you, but, if I depart, I will send him unto you.’

“If Jesus were coming back, he would say, ‘When I return.’ However, Jesus said, ‘When He is come.’ That is someone else, but when He comes, He is going to be on time, for He will come after the working of Satan. That is why you will not be able to defeat Him, because He is in season, He is on time!

“Jesus said, ‘When He comes He will guide you into all truth.’”


I heard Minister Farrakhan’s words on a tape while in Atlanta, Georgia, that caused me to change this article for The Final Call newspaper on Sunday, December 1, 2013. I’ll explain my reason and finish this article next issue, Allah willing.