Black Economy is one of the first steps that is necessary for the Black Man to take; from economy in his home to farms and factories.

        We Boast that we are free.   To boast of Freedom of Self, means that you are one who is responsible for your economic condition.

        A People dependent upon another people to take your responsibility, means that you are putting yourself in the position to be a Subject People, to another people, who are free.


        If We Look Forward to our slave-masters, to teach us economy, it may prove a failure in the end, unless they are friends of ours, instead of our open enemies.  

        The White Americans have proved themselves to be our open enemies.   If we watch them in order to learn their way of economy, we will become a most extravagant people,

        America, who has become the most wealthy people on the face of the earth, is also one of the most extravagant and wasteful people, on the earth.

        So, We The Black People, the once–slave and now a Subject People should not try to adopt the economic ways of a people who cannot truthfully say that they practice economy, among themselves.

        Therefore, America produces a slave who is also extravagant, with what little he gets.   He has his eyes and mind set upon obtaining aid from his extravagant master.   He hopes to be, in time, just like his master.   Since he has never had any other master or guide than his slave-master, he imitates his slave-master.

        His Slave-Master keeps him down, by not caring to teach him economy.   As long as the once—slave tries to practice to be the equal of his master, before he ever learns and practices Self—Economy, the slave-master will always keep him in want, because of such extravagant ideas.

        Certainly We Want Wealth.   We cannot enjoy life without wealth, but we should economize that wealth until we are equal with other nations in the way of economics.

        Living Under and Taking As An Example, one of the most rich and powerful governments on earth, should give us a good lead toward self, in the way of wealth.   With this wealth economized, the slave should emerge very powerful, for himself.

        White Americans (some of them), offer help to us.   But it is disgusting to the teacher to find that when he looks back, he sees that you are not practicing economics.

        There Are Some White People Who hate to see the onceslave bending under the yoke, and they are sincere.   But, be careful in accepting help from a tricknologist who would like to trick you into a worse state, by pretending friendship, for you.

        The Best Black Business and Political Minds of our people need training into the Knowledge of Self and the future, For Self.

        Stop Trying to be Other Than Your Ownself.   Do not depend on Other Than Your Own Self for your Black Future.   Depending on Self Today will keep you from making grave mistakes Tomorrow.   We Must Not depend on Self for help, We Must Depend On The Help of Allah (God).

        The Above Said business and political minded of our people, being without the Knowledge of Self and of how to Build the most proper and successful Economy among the Black Man, is due to his being proud of what the White slave-master has taught him, of himself.

        This Teaching from his slave-master is designed to always keep him Subject to the slave-master’s children.

        We Need Territory In Which To Expand.   We need some of this Good Earth here or there so that we can Build a System of Economy.

        You, Mr. Politician And Mr. Professor, are so willing to stay under the official shelter of the business and political White man, that you have very little love and mercy for tens-of-millions of your own people out here, trying to suck blood out of a turnip.

        Create In Your Own Heart, love for your own people, who are wallowing in mud and who are suffering from hunger and lack of shelter.

        The Bible Prophecy, relating to the Professional Black onceslave, is very sad.   Even their spiritual leaders, the preachers are denounced by Jesus, in his prophecy.   Bible Is. Chap. 56, Matt. 23:13.

We Must Try To Beat this prophecy, if we can.   This Is What I Am Trying To Do.  

        Do Not Get The Idea of robbing the Already Robbed Black People, just because you have learned How to rob them from the teachings of the slave-master and his children.

        This Is One Of The Habitual practices on the part of the Professional Class, of our people.

        If You Make The Laborer Wealthy, he is still in your orbit and you share in it. He Will Love and Honor you if you enable him to become Self-Sufficient.

        I Spend All Of My Time, Night And Day, trying to do just this one thing … raise a Fallen and Dead people, to their feet, so that they may Go For Self and Build For Self, but not on the pattern of his slave-master which is robbery, spoiling and corruption of each other.

        Come Along With Me, if you would love to Build an Economic System for our people under the name Black, which is adopted from me, by you, for the last few years.

        I have been Preaching Black for about 39 years.   If You Are Going To Teach My Teachings and Follow Me, in the teachings of Black and Black Doing For Black, it would be wise of you to go along with me, for I Have Divine Backing, while you have only Your Self.

        Your Self alone, will not work against the Powerful Force which is against you.

        You Must Have Divine Help and Nations Of Your Kind, with you.   I have these things.

        Come Learn From Me, and do something Good for our people instead of robbing our people under a name … Black.   That Is Like Trading The Lion For A Wolf.

(Reprinted from MUHAMMAD SPEAKS Newspaper, October 22, 1971.)