In Surah 19:1 of the Holy Qur’an we can read: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.   Sufficient, Guide, Blessed, Knowing, Truthful God.
Maulana Muhammad Ali translation


The words below I wrote on 5/12/84.


Yes, I am also saying that Solomon and Paul are “signs” of Minister Louis Farrakhan. Sign is not the best word. I will, Allah willing, use some words that can help us “see” better him and some of the scholars will agree.

What is the purpose, or what should be the purpose of pointing out to anyone today, who is fulfilling types, or signs, of great persons written of or whose lives are recorded in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an?

Here it is, in brief: When in the divine scheme of things God is going to use a person, or persons, for the good of others; it is natural that God will want that person, or those persons, to be known not only to themselves, but to those for whom they are going to perform a service. This is really nothing but common sense. If those to be served know and understand the one(s) to serve, or serving them, they can more properly relate to them.

If we are living in the days of the fulfillment of all the great prophecies in the Bible and in the Holy Qur’an, and if, in fact, those prophecies concern people and events in our own time, then naturally those people and those events have a profound impact on our lives.          

It is natural, then, that we should want to know the nature of these persons and the events they produce, which profoundly affect our lives. Minister Farrakhan is a man of great power and influence.

It should be clear by now that my position is that Minister Louis Farrakhan is a divine man in the sense that his character and his works are the outcome of divine guidance.  

I am saying, in plain language that The Supreme Being and the Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–are backing the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


So, again, what ought to be the motive and purpose for pointing anyone out in scripture whether that person is good or bad? Again, if the person, according to God’s will, is to perform a good service for the people–do something of benefit for the people–then, the people should learn to know, respect, trust, have confidence in and love that person.  

Let us try to plumb the depths of the roots of what we have thus far stated in this series. Just what are we saying when we say that Minister Louis Farrakhan is fulfilling prophecy? What does it mean to fulfill prophecy? What, exactly, is prophecy? How can we know–beyond doubt–when one is fulfilling prophecy, especially when it is favorable to the one fulfilling a given set of prophecy? Why isn’t the subject of prophecy taught in America’s schools? What are the implications of our position, as outlined in this series on Minister Farrakhan, for Black people in America, for America, and for the world?  

Is it really true that the Bible and Holy Qur’an were written primarily about our day? If this be the case, then what do these books teach us about our enslavement–the worst in the history of human beings? What do these books teach of America’s rise to become the most powerful nation of the White race?

Do these books provide insight into the “race” problem which most of us are overlooking? What of the rise of the most powerful Black group ever to rise in America–the Nation of Islam? Was the rise, fall and rise again of this group actually recorded long before all of this took place? How about the world’s plight?

It seems that the nations are about to enter World War III. Is this frightening situation described in these two widely read books? Yes. And so is the “jobless” crises pictured and so is the outcome.

The scriptures even tell us that Black people who call themselves Christians and others who call themselves Muslims are destined (in the immediate future) to come and work together to deal with our common economic woes.

This is reflected in the short but powerful talk by Minister Farrakhan entitled, “Economic Salvation Through the Black Church.”

We have much ground to cover in these articles and a short time in which to do it.

Vital questions were raised last week. So are the answers. Let us proceed with due caution, yet, without unjustified fear.

The questions raised last issue have been truthfully answered by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who was taught by God Himself. One of the concepts he has taught us and in answering these questions is embodied in the word “type.”

It is a law in the nature of God, which can be seen in the history of peoples, that whenever a people, a nation, a civilization goes so far from the divine path that destruction is their due, He always warns them. That warning comes to them from God through one from among them. If the people heed the teachings of the Warner, they are blessed.  

Not only is divine punishment held back, but they are then guided into His ways and made successful. When the people reject the Divine Warner, they are divinely whipped and if they persist in their evils, they are destroyed.

The God is consistent and just. It is only in certain types of conditions that He acts as briefly outlined above. This consistency includes the types of men He chooses to represent Himself. There is a similarity in the kinds of persons He has always chosen to represent Himself to the people.  

There is also a certain sameness, broadly speaking, in the characteristics of those who accept the Divine Messenger. There is a similarity in their make-up, which, more often than not, is not evident at first. The same is true of the rejecters. They are also alike.  

It may not always seem so at first. But, after a time, when the entire matter moves on to its conclusion, or when God’s judgment befalls that people, it becomes evident.

The Divine Messenger becomes a means, or is the chief means, by which God separates the people. Another way of saying this is to say that the people divide themselves according to the nature of their choice. How they react regarding the divine man brings them to or removes them from God Himself.

Now, time passes. Another group of people become so evil that God’s nature and requirements of justice require their destruction. But, His mercy takes precedence over His desire to punish. So He selects one from among the people to warn the rest.

Since He “changes not” and, basically, evil is evil, the essentials of the contents of the message to this second group of people is the same as that which He revealed to the previous group. In basic character, the man He chooses to guide the rest is like the one mentioned that He raised for the first group.

So, here we have a second situation very much like the first in character that is being acted upon by One (God) Who has power over the entire situation. The people who really want to improve their lives, along divine lines, accept the Warner. Those who don’t, reject him.

Again, the acceptors are basically alike. The rejecters are also very much alike and they are different from, and opposed to, the acceptors of God and His Messenger. (I wrote this on 12/14/82.)

More next issue, Allah willing.