I called a person for The Final Call newspaper, for Volume 33 No. 4, but it didn’t happened. That happened 2 days later. Later on, I called another person who gave me The Final Call.

So I cannot respond fully to what I wrote years ago that is connected to what is going on today that involves the fulfillment of prophecy.

In The Final Call newspaper, Volume 33, No. 4 the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated in The Time & What Must Be Done we can read:


“Dear Muslims, there are 99 Attributes of God; these are His Names. But there is a feminine part to practically all of the Attributes! Hakeem means, ‘one possessed of wisdom;’ so if a man is named ‘Hakeem’ and his wife ‘Hakeema;’ how would you deny her knowledge, which would raise her level of civilization among the beasts of the field? How could you deny knowledge to a female?

What kind of ‘Muslim’ are you? We challenge Muslims in America: Rise up and educate your people! Know that you’re in an environment that is lawless! And if your daughter ‘slips,’ be merciful; bring her home! The ‘dishonor’ is you killing her … . We have to clean up the house of Islam.

“Christians, is your house clean? Then if we are going to clean up the house of Islam, you clean up the house of Christianity, for it too, is full of hypocrisy! Clean up the house of Judaism: It too, is full of hypocrisy! Clean up the house of Religion.”

The photos that you see with this article are part of my article.

Now, I read carefully the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s words in our newspaper that involves the broadcast. Then I saw that these words are connected to other words that involve prophecy.

I will mention that, Allah willing, later on, next article.

I wrote these words for this article before I was given a copy of The Final Call, Volume 33, Number 4. I wrote these words some years ago that are contained in a book I wrote.

“A few days ago, Mr. Bush, the second highest government official of America, made a grave error–not a mistake. He publicly and unjustly denounced Minister Farrakhan before a Jewish group.

“Then the administration, of which he is a member, was exposed and condemned as performing criminal acts in Central America.   And then millions saw him falling (on TV) almost on his face, as he launched a bowling ball at the pins.

“I saw it on ABC, while in Washington, D.C., and they showed it twice (in short succession). Then, to my surprise, ran it in slow motion.  

“The reporter laughed throughout. Interesting.   Is this an indication of what is to come to America, as a whole, if she continues to ignore God’s warning via Minister Farrakhan?

“The White media (and those whose interest they serve) are engaged in an all out campaign to get all they can to reject Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. They will fail and fall, just as Mr. Bush did.

“I’m sending to Houston the tapes of the press conference called by Minister Farrakhan, as well as an interview conducted later that day by Gil Noble of ABC. I’ll also send the mutually agreed upon ground rules between ABC-Nightline and the Nation of Islam. Ms. Heather Vincent of ABC and I (with a witness) represented ABC and Minister Farrakhan, respectively.  

“You will hear her state clearly that Ted Koppel and the executive director agreed to the ground rules; the major one being that there was to be none but Minister Farrakhan on the show on this subject. Then Mr. Ted Koppel broke his word that night.

“There were about 84 news organizations at that press conference. All were searched. It was held in a most intelligent way. You judge for yourself how Minister Farrakhan handled himself. I thought he was excellent.

“I say to those working to form the Rainbow, remember how it is formed in nature. There must be at least a little storm, a little rain, and little dark clouds. However, it is the power of the sun’s rays coming through the stormy darkness that produces the rainbow.

“Finally, for this article, the unanswered lie resembles the truth. Judge for yourself as you listen to my Brother, Minister Louis Farrakhan and read my words.”

I’ve put these words in an article and then made a book, which I wrote many years ago. That was April 22, 1984.

Now, I’m asking this how many people really know the history of the Nation of Islam? Think over these words: “the unanswered lie resembles the truth.”  

How do you see these words, in this situation–the end of this world?

More next issue, Allah willing.