–Moses and Our Nation’s Travels   in Search of Knowledge

“And thou mightiest think them awake while they were asleep, and We turned them about to the right and to the left, with their dog outstretching its paws at the entrance.   If thou didst look at them, thou wouldst turn back from them in flight, and thou wouldst be filled with awe because of them.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verse 18

The difficulties that faced Moses and his Companion, and Helper, in civilizing the White Race in the caves and hillsides of Europe are some of the same difficulties we face today four thousand years later in America in our liberation struggle.   We are living in yet another wilderness zone in a wild, uncivilized land and society separated from our own people being a long way from home.  

These photos show further proof of the cave man’s society and existence throughout Europe from Scandinavia to Western Europe, including Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Photo: wikipedia.com

To find our baby nation of Islam, the Great Mahdi, Master W. F. Muhammad, had to travel to this farthest, Western horizon to make his Presence known among us, His Lost and Found people and among our captors who continuously struggle to keep us ignorant to the Knowledge of Self and others.   He keeps us as a prey living in a savage condition fighting with one another.   Allah, God, now has to forcibly take us from our captors and former slave masters and deliver the prey safely regardless to their desire and effort to keep us isolated and living in such a miserable condition.

In Moses’ day, the White Race was so savage that Moses had to build a fire around him to sleep at night to keep them from attacking and killing him.   He had to practice trickery against them to protect himself against their assaults.   Upon one occasion, he told them that a boat load of fish was coming up to them from the sea.  

He had ordered this boat load of fish from Egypt, but one of the caveys recognized that this was untrue because there was no sea in those parts.   Upon another occasion he ordered some of the most rebellious ones, numbering 300, to go up into a particular mountain where he set off a dynamite explosion and killed them.

According to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the scientists got after him for this act, but nevertheless, he had the difficult assignment to teach them how to rule through Tricknollegy and master the original man and people from whom they were taken.   When studying over the 18th Surah of the Holy Qur’an, and the intense relationship of Moses with his Divine Guide, the Wise Man, often referred to as Kadir or the “Green One,” Moses, symbolic of our people, had to learn many difficult lessons in the course of our training which often appears paradoxical or contradictory to the law.

Following the Master without patience can prove difficult if we think our knowledge or judgment is greater than that of the Master who always manifests the best knowledge and good at the end of the journey.   Is this what we are learning from living with our former slave masters that we have to tolerate much pain and evil as we go forward to serve God’s greater purpose?   Are we in the process of creating something altogether new, bringing to an end the old world order of Satan?

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated that the White Man captured our foreparents, bringing us into servitude slavery to get even with our fathers for bringing them into the confines of the caves and hillsides of Europe and abandoning them without Divine Guidance for two thousand years.   Remember, when Moses finally found the Wise Man, he said to him: “May I follow thee that thou may teach me of the good thou hast been taught”?   Then He (The Wise Man) said:   “Thou canst not have patience with me and how canst thou have patience in that whereof thou hast not a comprehensive knowledge”? (Surah 18, verses 69-70)

I thought to myself while reading these verses, could this be what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant in his saying that we cannot fathom the depths of Satan, nor can we understand fully how Allah will deal with our open enemies?   He (Moses) said:   “If Allah please, thou will find me patient, nor shall I disobey thee in aught.   He (The Wise Man) said:   “If thou wouldst follow me, question me not about aught until I myself speak to thee about it.”   Here we are today in this miserable plight following the Wise Man, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Companion and Helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, locked up into the mind and thinking of our former slave masters.   We seemingly cannot find a way out of this condition unless the Master helps us to remove the rust (evil and negativity) that has accumulated on the rusty locks of our brain cells.  

We are asked in one of our Supreme Wisdom Lessons, Problem Number 32 … “What do we mean when we say poison and rusty?   What is the percentage of poison and rusty?   Describe whom and with what profession are the most poisonous and rustiest.   What means and methods shall be used to remove the poison and rust of said, the worst one?”   As we continue our journey with the Wise Man, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Companion and Helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to find a safe passage through this wilderness exiting out of this cave man’s civilization who is using over 100 percent Tricknollegy (Trickery) to keep us confined and locked up mentally in his Satanic world.   There is no way out for us but through suffering and patience with the utmost reliance upon Almighty God, Allah, our Supreme Master and Guide into the life of the Hereafter.

Could the 300-plus years that the youth remained in the cave also represent our more than 300 years of captivity in the White man’s world?   Now, we have been given a way out by the intervention of Allah, God, in our Affairs leading to Freedom, Justice and Equality in a land and country of our own.  

I end with the following quote from “Message to the Blackman” by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on page 128, “The slave-masters’ every cry is to beat-beat-kill-kill-the so-called-Negroes.   Maybe the day has arrived that Allah will return to the devils–that which they have been so anxious to pour on the poor innocent so-called Negroes.   Allah will give you your own blood to drink like water and your arms and allies will not help you against him” (Rev. 16:6).

“(Some) say:   (They were) three, the fourth of them their dog; and (others) say:   Five, the sixth of them their dog, making conjectures about the unseen.   And (others) say:   Seven, and the eighth of them their dog. Say: My Lord best knows their number–none knows them but a few.   So contend not in their matter but with an outward contention, and question not any of them concerning them.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verse 22

To be continued.