The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said of and to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that he “ … would rise to the pinnacle of success in this world’s life.”

This world’s life has existed for six thousand years. Now, we are at its end. This world rejected both Allah and His Anointed One, as it was expected. So did our nation (Black people of America), as a whole.

No where in the Bible and/or the Holy Qur’an, we read that the Supreme Being will allow everybody on earth to be destroyed, regardless of how bad things may look.


Furthermore, Jesus stated that as it was in the days of Lot, and as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man comes.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

When they asked him, “Where, Lord?” he answered, “Where the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together.”

All of this points to us, here in America. If anyone looks at/or in this history in the United States of America they will agree–on truth.

Does this situation involve the ex-slaves and The Supreme Being and the Christ?

And one of the biggest signs of our coming greatness is the rise and work of Minister Farrakhan.

There just is no way that this wonderful Brother, Minister Farrakhan, could preach what he is preaching throughout the length and breadth of America and meet the overwhelming positive acceptance that he is meeting from some White, and most Blacks, if God were not with him.  

Does this involve love? How much? Does this also involve envy and/or the worst kind of jealousy? Does this involve deep study and deep praying …   ?

Most of the above I wrote on 1/13/84?

“Very interesting things have, of recent days, been stated about the triumph of Reverend Jesse Jackson and his delegation in securing the release of Lt. Robert Goodman from Syria.

“ ‘Minister Farrakhan stated:

“ ‘This is why today, you can’t look at a label and see who is a Christian or who is a Muslim. This is why the scriptures tell you to try the spirit, then, you will know if it is of God. Don’t look at my label as Muslim or the other one’s label as Christian. We may say that’s what we are, but our actions may say we are other than that.

“ ‘Look beyond what we profess and look at our work and try the spirit.   And if the spirit declares that we are of God, then His Spirit is one. Then you can recognize God’s servant. No matter what label they come under, you will know that this is a servant of God.

“ ‘With that as a backdrop–with that Quranic scripture as a foundation–the Reverend Jackson called me, oh, about three or four days before we left, and he asked if I would stop by. He wanted to talk to me.

“ ‘And when we met he said, ‘Brother, I have sent a telegram to the authorities in Syria, asking them to release the flyer, Lt. Robert Goodman, I received a telegram back from the Syrian authorities.’

“ ‘And he showed me the telegram that they would welcome Reverend Jackson to come to Syria. I didn’t say yes right off, because I try to move cautiously.

“ ‘I had not accepted any invitation to go outside of this country in the last seven years. And every invitation that I have received from a government, whether it is in Asia or the Middle East, I have always sent others, but I never went myself. And there was a reason for that.

“ ‘Now my Brother, whom I said that I would go down in the valley of the shadow of death with, asked me to go to Syria with him. I said, ‘Well, Brother, give me 24 hours and I will give you my decision.’ ”

“ ‘After a brief description of major factors in his decision to make the trip, the Minister continued:

(“ ‘I (Jabril) didn’t know who else was on the journey, so I (Jabril) asked (Minister Farrakhan), and he gave me a list of names …   . “ ‘And of those that he named, most of them backed out. He called many people to go with him. But those who would not go are so tied to Jewish philanthropy, they are so tied to Zionist influence, that they are really afraid to make an independent step that says, ‘I am a Black man that can make a decision for myself’. This is sad that we have these kinds of leaders.)

“ ‘Now, I am not anti-Semitic. I am not against Jews. But I am against Jews trying to control the free thinking and free acting of Black men and women of conscience. And I am against weak-kneed, jellyfish Black people who refuse to stand up when they know what they are standing for is right.

“ ‘Reverend Jackson, last night was in New Hampshire, the place where Robert Goodman grew up. The Navy would not let Lt. Robert Goodman go with Reverend Jackson. What is this? Here a man goes to Syria when nobody was concerned for that young man.

“ ‘They may say that they were working things out, but the fact of the matter is, they really don’t give xxx about him or nobody else Black as long as they can use you to get what they want. Make no mistake about it.

“Reverend Jackson can’t speak like this because he’s a presidential candidate.   But there is nothing that binds my tongue at all.


“ ‘So the Navy decides to hold the brother under house arrest in his own country. But look at the kind of weakness that exists among us. Why did not the Brother say, ‘Wait a minute.’ Why didn’t he stand up and say ‘just a moment’, that man came to free me. I’m with him. But you can’t get involved in politics. Isn’t that my right? Don’t you abridge my freedom of speech and my freedom of movement of assembly?


“ ‘If my Brother wants me to go to New Hampshire with him and he freed me from a Syrian captivity, why should not I go and stand with him?”


Back to the conclusion of this, Minister Farrakhan said this:

“The Reverend Jackson skillfully put together his delegation. He wanted male and female. He wanted Black and White.

“I guess he wanted the rainbow.”

That was on 1/27–and–2/2/84

This paragraph is from the same book, I wrote many years ago:

 “Before continuing with the text of some of Minister Farrakhan’s report on the successful trip of Reverend Jackson and his delegation to and from Syria, let me call your attention to a few facts of great significance.   What I am referring to has not yet occurred, as of the date of this writing. However, it will have by the time this paper becomes public.

“Watch the announcement that comes from Chicago on February 1st. Then Minister Farrakhan will lead 1,000 people to the Voter Registration office in Chicago. He will–at that time break his seven-year silence with the white media.

“You know that David and Solomon were great men. They are worthy of honorable mention.

“However, they were not as great as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan. The problems and demands of today are far greater than those, which any of the men of the past faced.”

More next issue, Allah willing.