History is not prophecy, but it is related to prophecy. This is not a subject Black people have been really taught in the United States of America.

All of this and more have the direct bearing on the awesome and irresistible backing of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.



I wrote the following words in a book some years ago:

“Minister Farrakhan is part of the delegation in Syria with Reverend Jesse Jackson, seeking the release of Airman Robert Goodman.

“As of this writing (January 2, 1984), that release has not been secured.

“I have a strong feeling, though, that it will be accomplished. And, if the Brother (Robert Goodman) is released, it will be in large measure due to the presence of Minister Farrakhan–who is internationally respected in the Muslim world.

“The man of whom Minister Farrakhan is reminding the world – the Honorable Elijah Muhammad – visited that part of the world during a 59 day visit to what is called Africa and the Middle East.

“He accomplished much during that trip, which began in November of 1959 and lasted through January of 1960.

“Prior to that visit, and even much more afterwards, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad received many visitors from that part of the world. His radio program, ‘Muhammad Speaks,’ was being heard all over the earth. He was understood and welcomed.

“I touch this to put in perspective something that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to Minister Farrakhan shortly before he departed. It was that Allah had gone before him (Minister Farrakhan) and had made friends for him all over the earth. This is relevant to the present situation involving Mr. Robert Goodman.

“It is interesting to listen to how various White reporters speak about Reverend Jackson’s motives for going to Syria. They reflect the pervasive attitude that White people as a group or class have always had about Black people.

“Their reports just oozed or reeked with the odor of unjust hatred, jealousy, and envy. Their reports are filled with slander. All? Yes, all that I have heard, so far, during the past five days.

“They continuously attributed low motives to Reverend Jackson in a manner that can only be called slanderous. Over and over again my mind went to the operation of Satan’s mind as described in the Bible and Holy Qur’an. It is written in the scriptures that the accusers of our brethren will be cast down.

“The thirty or more million Black people in the United States are described in the scriptures as a “nation in a nation” that God Himself will free and make into the ruling nation on this earth.

“You may find this hard to believe because you do not know who you are from God’s point of view. The Supreme Being and His forces are using several forces to bring us up. Doubt it if you will, but just stick around for a while.

“The rise of Minister Farrakhan in America is a sign of your (us) rise as a nation. You will see!

“Nothing of the above should be taken as though I am reducing the wonderful efforts of Reverend Jackson. I am merely pointing out something about Minister Farrakhan that you will come to see at some point in the near future.


“As you may know by now, Reverend Jesse Jackson and his delegation have returned from Syria with Airman Robert Goodman.

“Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a talk on Sunday, January 8, 1984 that was, in effect, a report on that successful trip. It was heard live in Chicago over the radio, and over telephone hook-up throughout America – in 61 cities.

“A few weeks ago I quoted from an published article of former President Harry S. Truman, which was written in 1958, 25 years ago. He said, in effect, that the Hebrew prophets foresaw this unique period of time that we are living through.

“He said that they spoke of this time as a time when man would be facing total destruction.

“Former President Harry Truman viewed the solution to the prospect of the total annihilation of all human beings as resting in the hands of ‘our leaders.’”

I am sure Mr. Truman did not have Black people in mind in those words “our leaders.” I doubt that he saw the solution to the problem as coming from Black people.

I should qualify this because Former President Harry Truman was moved to the thirty-third degree (became a Muslim son) while in office. He was, therefore, aware of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Mr. Harry S. Truman, former president of the United States, once wrote, in a book, “The world is faced with a situation that means either total destruction or the greatest age in history can be its lot.”

He used that word “lot.” Get the best dictionary you can find to get the meaning of that word.

Now, have you studied The Final Call newspaper–the last five of them–that involve this situation.

More next issue, Allah willing.