What is one of the greatest enjoyments we can have? It is a “healthy body.”   The Honorable Elijah Muhammad explains that after a three day fast…” The blood is being cleansed of its impurities because the impurities have nothing to keep them in power to live; therefore, they die and leave the person happy and enjoying the results of a healthy body–which is the greatest enjoyment we can have.” (How to Eat to Live Book II p. 47). As we actively strive to “eat to live,” we will see the benefits of this “high level” practice.   If we practice “eating to live,” we will receive the greatest enjoyments of life.   This sounds like a great reward, however, it starts with “zoning” preparation.

According to the dictionary.com, a “zone” is a region, area, or section characterized by some distinctive feature or quality.     A zone is an area that can be restricted or has certain restrictions.   If we want to be successful with our diet and our health, there are some things we should “restrict” from our homes and some items we should allow.   How can we help our home become an “eat to live zone?”   First, we can start by making sure our home has some of the staple foods that are mentioned in How to Eat to Live.   Do we have navy beans?   Do we have fresh fruits and vegetables?   Do we have “pure” wholesome milk?  

Do you encourage one another to exercise in your home?   Have a portion of your home “zoned” for exercise.   I use my family room as my workout area where my daughter and I can dance or I can lift weights.   I make sure that I have plenty of room and keep my equipment accessible.   We should also set aside time to go outside for walks in the park and also to swim.   Some days, our choice of exercise is swimming.   Brother Americos Perez Muhammad, who is a competitive swimmer in his 60’s   and winner of several gold medals, mentioned to me years ago about the value of swimming and how natural it is for us to do.   He said we were, “born swimmers” in the womb.   I am going to try to incorporate more swimming this summer because it is also a wonderful low impact, total body exercise that is fun and rejuvenating.   Walking outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine is also at the top of the list.   During Ramadan, my brother has a wonderful regime of taking a walk before the sun goes down and then is ready to break his fast.   A nice walk will also allow us to “clear our thoughts” because The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “If we do not have the proper food for our way of thinking, we still cannot enjoy peace, good health, joy and gladness of heart” (How to Eat to Live, Book I p. 57).   During your walk, instead of “murmuring” or expressing dissatisfaction about everything you don’t have, express GRATITUDE about everything you DO have and the blessings to come.


It is important that we communicate to one another ways we can be successful in “eating to live” and getting “fit to live.”   In the book, Closing the Gap, (p. 321) it mentions that the “highest form of communication is to speak on, ask questions about, argue over what God has revealed to His servant. Perfecting our understanding of what God reveals increases the level of energy.   Hearing it, knowing it, and believing it, is one level, but understanding it and applying it, is the highest level of activity”.   We need to take that word as the central food to make a god.     We need to eat to live and as the Minister says in Closing the Gap, (p. 321) “and don’t add cheap food to good food.   The more you feed on the pure essence of the revealed word of God, the faster you rise into Him.” Let us “close the gap,” pick up the pace, and become one with HIM.   May Allah (God) bless us all with peace, love, health, wealth and happiness.

(Audrey Muhammad is the author of the book, Get Fit to Live:   Be your best you!, available at www.getfit2live.org. Please consult a physician before beginning any new exercise or dietary program.   To inquire about a Get Fit to Live workshop in your city, email audreymuhammad @   hotmail.com).