“Praise be to Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, the Maker of the angels, messengers flying on wings, two, and three, and four.   He increases in creation what He pleases.   Surely Allah is Possessor of power over all things. Whatever Allah grants to men of (His) mercy, there is none to withhold it, and what He withholds, none can grant thereafter.   And He is the Mighty, the Wise.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 35, verses 1-2

[During the last several weeks, I had been writing a series on my reflections of my early childhood experiences in Detroit, Michigan, without realizing that I would come to this moment when my dear Sister Karlotta would no longer be with me to share the ongoing experience of our life together.   The following words were inspired as I received them exactly on the morning of July 3 while traveling to Los Angeles to assist my nephews in the preparation for her funeral and burial.]

Where do crystal children come from and where do crystal children go?

Photo taken in the apartment complex where Karlotta, Mother Tynnetta’s sister resided. They are displaying some of Mother Tynnetta’s casual private collection clothing.

We are woven from the threads of cosmic dust that never grow old.

We enter each lifetime as embryos in our mother’s womb,

Where the Divine flames ignite and our dreams commingle with the Great.

As crystal children set on a Divine path,

My sister and I grew up meandering through the cities and the towns

Rich in history and culture showing the way

From the French, vintage wine of grapes to Native American lore,

Like Bohemians and castaways in an island stream,

Restless in the gentle winds breaking waves upon the shores.

What is life and what is death?

One remembering and the other forgetting

Yet, the twain do meet in the time of quiet retreat.

My dear sister is a plume of light in the darkness

Streaming through with the bright sun in the mornings

And the misty moon in the night

Set among twinkling crystal little stars

Where our home awaits reclaiming us from whence we came.

Flowers to flowers, children we are,

Mixed with dust and pebbles from the start,

Mother and father are waiting there

In glades of hidden manna lying in a maze,

Gypsum crystals of the Naica cave in Chihuahua, Mexico. Photo: Alexander Van Driessche

With mossy trees and weeping willows by the ponds

Where swamps and everglades abound.

The trees of the garden glisten in the breeze

Where every memory lingers in the spiritual spring

Interwoven from the vibration and frequency of peace

I heard you calling me a day ago saying:

Cast my remains upon the watery deep of the Pacific Sea,

No longer in a whisper but as a command.

Ho’noponopono, meaning an error and a correction is made,

This selenite crystal is huge and sharp, absolutely water clear. These crystals are 5-6cm thick and you can see right through them with no problem. Photo: Rob Lavinsky/iRocks.com

As the Kahuna, spiritual healer, prepares the way

Leading to a peaceful green terrace and a cavern to reside,

Beneath the gentle waters at the surface tide

Where another world exists and beacons of light arise,

Guiding into towns and villages unknown and unseen      

Like the Hollow Earth within, I have found a home inside,

Where happy families play with conk shells and bells

Frolicking on crystal grass and leaves

Unfolding Earth’s covering in her watery abode

I leaped from the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island’s rumbling terrain

While Maui caressed my face in her embrace

Mirroring Earth’s records kept through the ages.

Goddess Pele in this Hawaiian chain is praying for our return one day

Where seven strings of lotus pearls float on the surface of the deep,

And communes with Easter Island and her Papanui priests

Reaching over the Pacific to the land of the long, white cloud,

Reaching Aoteara’s ring of fire on the other side

Revealing all our many lifetimes that we have shared

Reciting the history of the many worlds where we preside

Nothing in our childhood since our birth is hidden from the Divine root.

We live and die knowing nothing from beginning to end

We are ever floundering from place to place

In the restless seasons of our ultimate fate

I dreamed of horsemen in the night rising from the billowing sea

Prancing through buoyant waves being set free,

Tossing and turning like images in their graves

Touching upon every shore a memory remains,

Of underworld kingdoms and their domains.

I stood on the seashores of Brittany’s rocky coast

Hearing the Welsh and Irish with a Scottish twang

Dancing in the skirts of tribesmen gathered from Celtic Plains

Anglo-Saxons and German tribes and Scythians came

Mixed with Jewish minstrels and bards of fame,

Fleetingly appearing from hills and nestled glens

Rising from the forests and mountain ravines

Like bands of armies in the camp of Robin Hood and thieves

Heavily loaded with rich tapestries from castle walls and forts,

Followed by the sound of hunting dogs guarding family estates

And dashing horsemen with drawn swords and iron mail

Pursuing clashing armies in the night with blood drenched garments from a Shakespearean tale

Likened to Othello’s bloody hands marking Macbeth’s tortuous spot

Yes, we were born as crystal children who never die

But constantly move from place to place with every evening tide

Hiding our faces from others who seem not to remember the things that lie ahead or behind

Now the silence speaks of a New World coming with a New Thought

Where the crippled and the maimed exist no more.

Yes, the islands are calling where the healing work is done.

The islands of the Pacific are awakening on every shore

Where the treasures of the spirit are ablaze and the mystical soul is reclaimed

Where the good life is better than gold,

And rubies, sapphires and pearls are strung along the road to paradise in palatial estates

Weep no longer nor sack cloth wear, the Remembrance of Allah is everywhere!

In every grain of sand, in every bubbling brook

In every meadow and hill the inner eye is alert

Dust to dust and from dust we came, inheriting crystal gardens in God’s Name

Farewell my Dear Sister there is a knock at the door,

Until we meet again on yet another shore

Where life and death commingle from dusk to dawn

As the Universal Law of life intertwines into eternity.

The Exalted Christ has spoken to you along with his Angelic Hosts; So bow down to the King of Kings, the Lord of Men and Nations, the Supreme Being abides Forever!   Amen.

I thank the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for his gracious words of comfort to my sister Karlotta and her family from his family and the believers for her dedicated life of service throughout her lifetime to others.   His words in part were:   “…What should our attitude be knowing that we have lost a mother, a sister, a friend?   We should spend our time, not in grief, but thanking God for the days, the weeks, the months, the years that we were blessed to spend with her.   See, gratitude for her life is what will ease the pain of our loss. …”  

“O men, call to mind the favour of Allah to you.   Is there any Creator besides Allah who provides for you from the heaven and the earth?   There is no God but He.   How are you then turned away?   And if they reject thee–truly messengers before thee were rejected.   And to Allah are all affairs returned.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 35, verses 3-4