In his book, Closing The Gap, we can read these words from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Brother Jabril: Brother Minister, more and more on television there are half hour, one hour and even two-hour specials–they give it different names, countdown to Armageddon, and whatnot. They deal mainly with arguments or the scientific or pseudo basis or at least the appearance of scientific presentations that we’re living in the last days. Not necessarily religious orientated programs. We see this more and more on television, pastors are talking in terms of whether or not this is the end time or that it is the end time. When you see these programs what do you think of them?

Minister Farrakhan: Some of the wiser ones are trying to warn their people. It is becoming so clear that the veil of deception is being rent so that even the most foolish of the people can see that we’re living in the time of trouble like there has never been since there was a time and a nation. So the question that scholars are wrestling with is: how do we get out of such a time as this? And they don’t have answers. There is an answer. But they are not willing to make that determination.


As I listen to the news and I listen to the response of President Bush to the horror that Israel is putting on the Lebanese people, his response was not only inadequate, but it was pathetic, for a world leader, of the most powerful nation, to not order a nation that depends on America to restrain itself from the destruction of a nation, over some members of Hezbollah going across an established blue line to kill and kidnap, either two or three Israeli soldiers and take them into Lebanon.

The president’s response that, “She has a right to defend herself,” of course, every nation has that right. And the fear that America is invoking in smaller nations by referring to them as the “axis of evil,” as I warned President Bush, that out of fear of their own survival they will work furiously to gain weapons of mass destruction, because they believe that, that is the only deterrent to what America’s preemptive aggressive strike would stay. They must have the ability to respond in like fashion. Then and only then do they feel that a dialogue that has meaning can take place.

To make Syria afraid; to make Iran afraid; to make North Korea afraid; to make any little small nation afraid is to say to them as the scripture says, “Wake up the mighty men of war. And let them turn their plow shares and their pruning hooks into spears and swords,” because this is a time of global war.

Their efforts for peace may be noble, but they will not come to pass, until war has decimated the war-mongers. And many, many, many, many millions of human lives will be lost. But at the end of it all, God will establish His kingdom on earth.

Brother Jabril: This statement covers a question that could come up in a conversation, no doubt it does come up in many households whether or not we not living through, or even in the book of Revelation?

Minister Farrakhan: Yes. We are living in the book of Revelation and we are moving quickly toward the end of that book. And this is why, I tell the pastors that if you don’t preach to give the people understanding of the prophecies concerning this time, then the people would not know what to do to save themselves. And as the scripture says, “If it were not for His elects sake, that He shorten these days, no soul would make it through,” such a terrible time that we are now approaching or we are now in.

The following is part of my previous article.

The 24 Scientists foreknew how the people would treat the prophets and the scriptures they brought to them for their guidance. They foreknew what evil changes these people would make in the original scriptures, long before they were brought into existence.  

How did they prepare for the corrupted versions of what was to be revealed to these people? The last part of what They wrote, 15,000 years ago, (in the “Mother” of the books) was the perfect answer to the (future) corrupted versions of the original books that would be given to the various prophets, to guide them.

“I don’t know how many   books (or parts) They wrote, which composed that book, termed the ‘Mother’ of the books. However, we do know there was a last book, section or a portion that would be revealed before the end of their rule.

“Now, if you could travel back in time, and were allowed to read the whole of that original book–called the ‘Mother’ of the books–what would be the contents of the last part or book? If you could ask one of the Original Scientists, just to whom would this last portion of the Mother of the books be revealed? When would he get it? Where would he be when he would receive it? What answer would this Scientist give you?

“Would its contents have anything to do with the person and work of Minister Farrakhan, who is about to embark on a world tour of about 51 or 52 countries that may take about 80 days? (At the time this article was written in Phoenix, in 1997.)

“If we could go back to the time when the 24 Scientists were writing “the Mother of the books” we would find that the present Holy Qur’an, which we physically have, is   that last part or book contained in that larger work–from which it states that it came.

“Again, the present Holy Qur’an, which was first publicly revealed to Muhammad (of about 1,400 years ago), was the last part of that larger (Mother) book the Scientists wrote thousands of years ago.

“As stated above, the Scientists knew, thousands of years in advance, that the wicked would make new versions of the original scriptures the prophets brought to them. They knew the form and contents in which the books would be complied. The present Bible is what they produced. It has what the Scientists wrote as well as what the wicked wrote.

“Now, what I have written in recent articles takes us to the point where we can now look into the following: the Bible and the Holy Qur’an verify each other; both verified what Master Fard Muhammad revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; He verified the truth these two books contain; all of this confirms, backs up, and casts perfect light upon Minister Farrakhan–if properly understood; for the Scientists wrote of him–and you too.

“Even this world tour is mentioned in more than one place in the scriptures.

“No Shriner, or (Caucasian) Muslim Son, ought to have any difficulty in understanding the above. So it is to be expected that they will soon be of those who openly help Minister Farrakhan. This is written in both Bible and the Holy Qur’an. This can be pointed out with ease.

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