Every word in this article is related to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

In Student Minister Ava Muhammad’s article in The Final Call we can read some of her words:

“How dare a Black man have a motorcade? A Chicago police spokesman said they have no record of a request for a motorcade. A White Republican police chief from Elmhurst, Illinois is interviewed.


“He wants to know, who is Louis Farrakhan to have a motorcade? Remember, this world operates on a philosophy of White supremacy.

“It is inconceivable that Black people dare to befriend one another, pool their resources, protect their leadership from harm, and never seek permission from White authority. It is alarming that last summer, without seeking their permission, Minister Farrakhan led the Fruit of Islam among our people in the so-called ghettoes of Chicago where the murder rates are among the highest in the country.

“The people poured out in droves to look at him, listen to him, be near him. And unless something is done about it, they will follow him.

“No, the Minister did not seek approval for a motorcade. He did not ask permission to call The Million Man March, either. The writer gratuitously offers that while his “national influence has greatly diminished,” Minister Farrakhan “remains a charismatic figure to many African-Americans in the Chicago area.”

“Actually, anyone who possesses influence in Chicago tends to be influential elsewhere. President Obama. Oprah. Reverend Jesse Jackson. If you know history, you know that Chicago is Black America.

 “The Sun Times is the number one newspaper in Chicago and ninth in the country. On any given day of the week, it has a circulation of more than 250,000 (450,000 when you add the suburbs).

“You cannot achieve those numbers with ‘has-beens’ and ‘wannabees’ on the front page. Indeed, when a man is of such interest that his children receive front-page coverage on the ninth largest newspaper in America–I would venture to say his influence is growing, rather than diminishing.

“And you can rest assured that with P. Diddy calling for  his  millions of Twitter followers to  watch The Time and What Must Be Done,  and   Erykah Badu calling him a Superhero” and a “brave and beautiful being,” we are witnessing a meteoric rise in the numbers of young people, who are being influenced by Minister Farrakhan.

“In the Holy Qur’an, Allah calls upon us to use our reasoning powers. Let us obey Him when the enemy strikes in madness.

“I  close  this  writing  with  an  excerpt from Closing  the  Gap by Brother Jabril Muhammad. Brother Jabril poses a  question:

“…Whenever God intends to do something through His servants or have His servants accomplish something, Satan runs ahead and puts out something that looks right but it’s not.

“How can the new Believer in God’s Truths distinguish between Satan’s move and the Divine Move?”

Minister Farrakhan: “The Divine Move is perfect. Satan’s move is so far from perfection, that running ahead of God to try to produce something always leaves holes that create dissatisfaction, which then leads to perfection…I am watching the enemy trying to make one world, one political reality, one currency; one this, one that. That is God’s Idea.

“So the move that Satan makes, God is directing it.

“God says, ‘Oh you forgot something. ‘Checkmate.’ ”

Do you know the meaning of the word “checkmate?” If not, why not?

For now, you can read this situation in Closing The Gap and some of my reactions, in The Final Call and elsewhere, that those who hate the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan cannot stop him. He’s doing that which he was born to do.

Those critics of Minister Farrakhan, who are motivated by the spirit of Satan, are putting themselves in a terrible position with Allah. They are being shown up as people who wish to make and/or keep Black people as slaves, whom Allah is in the process of freeing 100 percent!

For instance, there were reporters at our Saviours’ Day Conventions, who afterwards reported what they did about Minister Farrakhan speeches, from preconceived ideas that they and/or their editors had already planned. They had already begun to plant in the media what they wanted people to think about the Minister’s motives and his words before he made his speeches.

They concocted lies and half-truths. They put this deadly brew in a language form that seemed plausible. They tied their poison to the legitimate desires of many people, in, and elsewhere, many of who knows that what Minister Farrakhan teaches is the truth.

These people are carrying out the desires of persons, who are wiser and more powerful than they are, but are very wicked.

What is their real and ultimate objective? Specifically, it is to ruin and murder Minister Farrakhan and the destruction of what he represents, as well as his followers.

 Such people are operating according to the planning of very wicked persons, as part of a vast conspiracy that has been in force for a long time. Regardless to how this sounds, or read, it is easy to prove this with truth.

Any of us who backbites, or in any way slanders another, has taken a step towards the destruction of that other person. Others can accept it.

Allah knows this situation, from the beginning to the end of it.

In the first verse of Surah 104 of the Holy Qur’an Allah says: “Woe to every slanderer, defamer.”

What is the meaning of the word “Woe?” It is “deep distress or misery, as from grief; wretchedness. Woe is intense, often a state of prolonged wretchedness or misery.”

Read the rest of that surah that deal with the word “Woe” for yourself.

This is what Allah has stored up for those who refuse to stop the evil use of their mouths and writing instruments against His servant(s).

But they know that Minister Farrakhan is telling the 100 percent truth. This is making divisions among the people.


Allah willing, I will write my reaction, when I came to know that Mother Tynetta Muhammad was a wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. That was in the very end of 1976.

This is important 100 percent and is related to my writing in The Final Call?

More next issue, Allah willing.