Who Is Able To Make War With Him?

Who is able to make war with him? (Rev. 13:4) dreadful and terrible (Dan. 7:7)

God and His Prophets could not have given the White race a better name (serpent) according to the characteristics of that race. The serpent of Genesis 3:1 was none other than the devil (White race). He deceived Adam and his wife, causing them to disobey Allah (God), which was the plan of the serpent (devil), according to the history of the devils. Their greatest desire is to make the righteous disobey the law of righteousness.


They are referred to by this name serpent in the Holy Qur-an (37:65) translated by Maulvi Muhammad Ali: To a tree that grows in the bottom of hell, its produce is as the heads of serpents which the disbelievers shall eat from. In his footnote (2112), he says:   That the Arabs apply the name Shaitan to a sort of serpent have a man, ugly or foul in the head and face. In Mr. Abdullah Usuf Ali’s translation of the Holy Qur-an in English, in the same chapter and verse (37:65), it reads: The shoots of its fruit stalks are like the heads of devils.

The Bible’s forbidden tree (Gen. 2:17) was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This also tells us that the tree was person, for trees know nothing! This tree of knowledge was forbidden to Adam and Eve. The only one whom this tree could be is the devil. After deceiving Adam and his wife, he has been called a serpent due to his keen knowledge of tricks and his acts of shrewdness; he made his acquaintance with Adam and his wife in the absence of God. Since this is the nature of a liar, he can best lie to the people when truth is absent.

We know that there was never a time when an actual serpent (or snake) could talk and deceive people in the knowledge of God’s law. This same serpent is mentioned in Revelation 12:9 as a deceiver. There (12:9) it is made clear to us that the serpent is The dragon, devil and satan which deceiveth the whole world.   In Gen. (3:1) he appeared in the Garden of Paradise before the woman and deceived her (Rev. 12:4). He stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered to devour her child as soon as it is born.

The serpent, the devil, dragon, satan, seems to have been seeking the weaker part of man (the woman) to bring to naught the man — the Divine Man. It is his first and last trick to deceive the people of God through the woman or with the woman. He is using his woman to tempt the black man by parading her half-nude before his eyes and with public love-making, indecent kissing and dancing over radio and television screens and throughout their public papers and magazines. He is flooding the world with propaganda against God and His true religion, Islam. He stands before the so-called Negro woman to deceive her by feigning love and love-making with her, give the so-called Negro woman preference over her husband or brother in hiring.

In some cities, the Negro woman receives as much higher salary than the so-called Negro man. The devil takes the so-called Negro woman and puts his hands and arms around her body. She may be married or single, it makes no difference. Whenever he can he is making eyes at her. This is an outright destruction of the moral principles of the black man.

In some cities, we convert five to one woman. The so-called Negroes should unite and put a stop to the destruction of their women by the serpent. The woman in (Rev. 12:4) actually refers to the last Apostle of God, and her child refers to his followers, or the entire Negro race as they are called, who are not ready to be delivered (go to their own).

(Text from “Message To The Blackman,” 1965.)