(L) Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan addresses some of the clergy and other public representatives on the island at Born Again Christian Church organized by the pastor, Reverend Oscar Ellis, president of the Pastors Council on the first day of Minister Farrakhan’s arrival on the island of Bimini on March 14, 2013. (C) Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan holds one of many awards presented to historian and boat builder Ansil Saunders in his boat workshop on March 15, 2013. Photos: Callie Muhammad (R) Photo of Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and part of his delegation on board of one of Ansil Saunders’ handcrafted boats headed for the Mangrove Garden where Martin Luther King was inspired to write one of his famous speeches. One of Martin Luther King’s busts is also located at this same sight. Photos: Chaava Muhammad

“Say:   I exhort you only to one thing, that you rise up for Allah’s sake by twos and singly; then ponder!   There is no madness in your companion.   He is only a warner to you before a severe chastisement.   Say:   Whatever reward I ask of you, that is only for yourselves.   My reward is only with Allah, and He is a Witness over all things.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 34, verses 46-47

Visiting the island of Crete in the summer of 1975 in the company of my two eldest children, Madeeah and Ishmael, added many more connective links to my study of Yacob’s history in the making of the White race.   I would learn later on in my investigation of the ancient Greeks and their forebears on the islands of the Aegean Sea, a direct link to Yacob’s Civilization.   We arrived in the capital of Greece from Istanbul, Turkey, with a few days layover in Athens before our return back home to the United States.

I made inquiries into the possibility of visiting the Island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea but learned that this was not possible in the short time we had.   However, we could arrange to travel to the island of Crete on a one-day visit by plane.   I agreed to go to Crete accompanied by my children for the one-day excursion.   I was not aware at that time the full significance of this one-day journey and its connection to my later studies of the Lost Continent of Atlantis.   We arrived the following morning in Crete and we stood on the naked shores of the rocky coastline observing the turbulent wind-swept waves onto her shores.


Later, after visiting a nearby village, we rode with our driver to the not-too-distant ruins of the fabled Palace and remaining structures of Knossos.   This site is famous for its underground labyrinth, which was once home to the half-bull and half-male creature living below its precincts known as the Minotaur.   The Knossos walls are painted with several beautiful colored murals or frescoes depicting tall and elegant figures of men and women who were once part of the ancient civilization of the Minoans who resided there before the Greeks and were closely connected to trade routes with Egypt as a seafaring nation.

Since the time of my visit to the island of Crete, I have enlarged my research which encompasses the mystical and legendary Lost Continent and People of Atlantis.   I wondered if somehow these Greek islands were some of the remnants of that advanced culture and civilization.   Remarkably, I have found evidence of partial remains of Atlantis in far away Bimini in the Caribbean Sea near the Antilles in the Western part of the Atlantic Ocean.   Perhaps, even stranger than fiction, this phenomenon of Atlantis is far reaching to other parts of our globe.   Some of my most profound thoughts about Atlantis have taken me to the historical places in and around the Arabian Peninsula, with further extensions into the Mediterranean world.   This would also include the Aegean Sea islands where Yacob and his followers were exiled to the island of Patmos or Pelan.

Is this description and geographic location of Atlantis recorded in our Nation’s Lessons of the Supreme Wisdom? What does this information tell us about our present World Order, its beginning and its ending?   What part does the Apostle John, who was also exiled to this island of the Aegean Sea, have in connection to the prophetic picture he received in 22 Chapters of Revelation concerning Yacob’s people and civilization?

According to our Nation’s Book of Supreme Wisdom Lessons, Lesson Number 2, Question and Answer 27, the Island of Patmos or Pelan in the Aegean Sea is named as the exact location where Yacob was exiled with his followers in the manufacturing of the Devil and White Race.   Interestingly enough in this same lesson, there is a reference to the book of Revelation, Chapter 1, verse 9 (Note:   The numbers here when placed together as one number read 19), where John received the prophetic picture of the end time of Yacob’s work and civilization.  

Quoting from the 1st Chapter, 9th verse, of the book of Revelation, we read:   “I, John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ.   I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet. …”  

We may also note that this 9th verse, in this context of the first book of Revelation, may stand for the 9,000th year history initiating Yacob’s work.   I raise the question:   Why are we given a more ancient root name of Patmos, which is Pelan, where John received his Revelation?   Might the name Pelan also signify Atlan, Atlantis, a more ancient root connected to the linguistics of the early people of Meso-America?   Could this connection possibly be the missing link to what is hidden in the history island of Patmos or Pelan?   The disappearance of Atlantis beneath the ocean’s seabed is dated to a timeline close to the period in which Yacob was born and learned of his future by playing with two pieces of steel in which he discovered one piece had magnetic in it and the other piece did not.

Let us take note that the year 9,000 B.C. incorporates the last 6,000 years of Yacob’s work giving birth to the White race as the dominant power of the present World Order.   This 9,000-year period comes, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught as a vacuum in our history, which may mean the absence or disappearance of one land mass and the rising of another as we are experiencing today in earth changes and global warming.   The remaining land mass could be broken up into small islands scattered in the Mediterranean and possibly the Aegean Sea area extending as far away as the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea nearest to the Bahamas and elsewhere.

In this intriguing background of ancient civilizations whose remains are buried under the oceans and under deserts and sands and in remote mountain peaks that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is addressing a contemporary world who has lost the Knowledge of their origins and are being beckoned into a New World kingdom of Peace and Righteousness in which Almighty God, Allah, will restore all things that will live forever!

“Say: Surely my Lord casts the Truth, the great Knower of the unseen.   Say: The Truth has come, and falsehood neither originates, nor reproduces.   Say:   If I err, I err only to my own loss; and if I go aright, it is because of what my Lord reveals to me.   Surely He is Hearing, Nigh.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 34, verses 48-50

To be continued.