According to the English interpretation, the word “mystery” means unknown uncertain, obscure, concealed, a secret, kept to oneself, between you and me, locked up, something that has not been or cannot be explained. In theology it is a supposed truth of fact of great religious import which is beyond human comprehension. In the time of the translation of the Bible into English, some or all of the scholars were either without spiritual understanding or downright crooks who sought to hide that truth in the Book that they thought would reveal to the world their untrue selves. The “Mystery Babylon” had not come into existence.

In ancient times Babylon, under the Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, was the great city of idol worship and evil. She was the Queen of Evil – rich and well fortifi ed. But this “Mystery Babylon” must refer to a future city or people. No city or people answers the description better than the cities and people of America. This “Mystery Babylon” just could not be the ancient Babylon as we know her history.

You must remember that I am interested in bringing the truth to my people as clear as sunshine. So be not disturbed in seeing and hearing it the clear and simple way; for my people are the blind, deaf and dumb of the nations of the earth. They must be taught the truth by one who knows it. I am he who knows the truth, and I have been missioned from the Lord of the Worlds to tell the truth, whether it is to your liking or disliking.


America (and her future) was not known in those days when the Bible was being translated into the English language. Not until 1611 did the translators bring into existence what is known as the King James Authorized Version. According to history, there were several attempts made before to get the Bible to the people in the English language, but they were met with opposition.

America was discovered in 1492. These fi rst translations of the Bible were far more near the truth than these later translations. The so-called Negro slaves were not given the King James Version to read until it was over three hundred years old. The White slave masters were not interested in “educated religious Negroes” (and are not today). The so-called Negroes now must understand that which was hidden from them by their slavemasters.

The “Mystery Babylon, the Great” is none other than America. This “Mystery Babylon” is full of riches, hatred, filth, fornication, adultery, drunkenness, murder of the innocent and idol worship. “Mystery Babylon” is full of names of blasphemy. America is full of various religious faiths of the most ignorant kind. She was once the greatest slave buyer and seller. She has the greatest merchant marine service, the world’s greatest export shippers in the merchandise of wheat, beasts, sheep, horses, chariots, gold, silver, iron, brass, wood, slaves, fine flour, corn and many others.

You must know that all of the Revelation, or at least 90 percent, is directed to America. The seventeenth and eighteenth chapters should open the so-called Negroes’ eyes to the White race and White Christianity. There is no hereafter for the White race. Some few who are in Asia will stick around for a while.

(Text  from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)