“O you who believe, respond to Allah and His Messenger, when he calls you to that which gives you life. And know that Allah comes in between a man and his heart, and that to Him you will be gathered. And guard yourselves against an affliction which may not smite those of you exclusively who are unjust; and know that Allah is Severe in requiting. And remember when you were few, deemed weak in the land, fearing lest people should carry you off by force, He sheltered you and strengthened you with His help, and gave you of the good things that you might give thanks.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 8, verses 24-26

We are all gradually evolving into greater and greater universal consciousness through various stages of educational training and preparation taking place from many schools of thought ever advancing us into more perfect human beings with the capacity to share greater responsibility and awareness of ourselves and our relations to others. My personal journey of awareness began in my childhood and is continuing into my adult life. This growing perception has opened for me many pathways and channels of deeper investigations of truths pertaining to our Mother Earth and her diverse cultures and societies as they relate to our cosmic and universal consciousness of the abundant life that exists in our solar system and beyond.

Until now, we have all lived a veiled existence, only knowing in part the mechanisms of the universal order of all things under the Divine Command of Almighty God Allah, Himself, the Lord of all the Worlds. It is the Path of Islam as taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that has opened up these universal channels and principles of communication with other worlds to our poor, forsaken, downtrodden people in America and the Western Hemisphere. We are getting back in touch with the true reality of all things. We are reaching the consciousness once again of our capacity to learn to the farthest extent of our ability going forward as we proceed in this new reawakening period on our planet. We are limited by our own weak perception and view of ourselves limited within the system of this present world order whose time has come.


If we stretch our minds and thinking to the vast extent of the heavens and the earth and reclaim it as our own, we will find that we are not alone and that there are many more travelers on this Divine Path of the Almighty God Allah searching for enlightenment and the garden of perpetuity dispelling darkness as we move towards the light of a new day. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad described this process of our rebirth as “The Days of Allah,” and the change of worlds since the time of the God of Evil and his people is up. “The God of Righteousness is now Taking His Place to Reign and He will Not Accept those of us who are unrighteous.” In another part of this chapter entitled, “The Days of Allah,” by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we read in his book: “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” on page 81 the following words: “The Days of Allah (God)–these are the days of the Son of Man and the days of the removal of the old world of evil, filth and unrighteousness. These are the Days of setting up a clean world under the guidance of the Original People (Black Nation) who were never guilty in doing evil until one of the gods by the name of Yakub discovered the essence of the Black Man to make a White man and Yakub did just that–he made the white man.

Now since he has discovered this essence, today we are under the God (Allah) to do away with that very essence in us so that no other man can make another people who are different from us. This will never happen again. That is why you are taught that you will be born again physically. This rebirth is in order to get rid of that wicked material in the very essence of the sperm of the Black Man. This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for anyone to use after the removal of the present world and people. You will be caused to grow into a new person and the nature will be different. It will be the nature of righteousness and then we cannot sin. In that kind of rebirth it will be impossible for us to sin. So the days of Allah (God) mean the setting up of a new world and a new people. Allah (God) Will Not even accept the names that we used in the old world.”

On the morning of December 16, I received an email from Sister Judy Muhammad from Washington, D.C., on the Awakening to the December 21st ‘zero point’ coinciding with the December 21 Solstice point sun alignment to the center of the Galaxy in fulfillment of astronomic cycles and its relevance to the prophecies of the Mayan Calendar. One day before receiving her email, I visited with a few companions at a location in the Sacred Valley of Mexico near Tepoztlan, Amatlan and Santo Domingo which has been identified with ‘zero point’ frequency.

This exact spot was the same location in which my premier musical concert of TaHa was presented for the first time in 2004, which corresponded to the first transit of the planet Venus. As I sat looking at the surrounding mountains in this valley, my eye went to a special formation of the rocks revealing two pillars connected to a door which appeared to have hieroglyphic writing. I wondered to myself could this be what has been described in the history as ‘zero point’ which leads to a fourth dimensional door that opens once a year calling people to enter into the caves. Mentally I identify these rock pillars as the Pillars of Hercules, known today as the Straits of Gibraltar. This geographical location off the coast of Spain opens to the Atlantic Ocean from Spain facing the Western Hemisphere.

We have spoken much in the past several articles on the significance of synchronicity and telepathy where all points of energy merge together to reveal a communication from one part of the world to the other by highly developed thoughts traveling at tremendous speed around our planet and our
Cosmos. Might we now be entering on the edge of the December 21 Solstice of the Sun’s Spot Cycle into an accelerated thought frequency taking us into higher dimensions of reality. Quoting from Sister Judy Muhammad’s email: “As we move toward the December 21st Solstice point, we will find ourselves standing in the doorway of a new moment in human consciousness. Because everything in the universe is energy, the powerful alignment of the Solstice point with the Galactic Equator marks the dawning of a dimensional shift toward a global awakening.”


“O you who believe, be not unfaithful to Allah and the Messenger, nor be unfaithful to your trusts, while you know. And know that your wealth and your children are a temptation, and that Allah is He with Whom there is a mighty reward.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 8, verses 27-28

To be continued.