At the end of my previous article, I wrote:

“On page 377 of Closing The Gap, you can read this of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s words: “On the morning of September 19, 1985 … .

“More next issue, Allah willing.”


I ended my previous article; in the way I did it; “why did I end it that way?” I wanted the reader of this newspaper The Final Call to get and read the previous issues of The Final Call newspaper to see the connection of what is going on in America. I know that some people will not read The Final Call newspaper. But I also know that millions of people are affected by what is going on in America. I know that millions are listening/seeing the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on radio, on web-cast, tapes/cds/dvds etc.

I’m writing of the connections in these few articles. I’m not finished with this yet.

“On the morning of September 19, 1985, immediately within hours of Mexico City’s worst earthquake, which occurred at 7:19 A.M. in the morning, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his wife Mother Khadijah, left the hotel where they were staying in Tepoztlan and traveled to Cuernavaza to the home of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.

“As they came up the steps into the kitchen area, Minister Farrakhan reached the top step and when turning into the kitchen, he suddenly recalled that he was taken up into the Mother Plane.

“As he entered the door, he began to share the experience that he had two days earlier on September the 17th.

“He appeared a little dazed as he sat down at the kitchen table. He spoke about climbing the sacred mountain called Tepozteco Mountain at the top of which is a small pyramid dedicated to the former king of Tepozteco.

“These histories of the Indigenous People of Mexico all ultimately lead to unveiling parts of the history of the great folk hero of all of Meso America known as Quetzalcoatle.

“The Minister began to describe that he was climbing the mountain, with a few companions, when suddenly an unidentified flying object (UFO) appeared upward at the side of the mountain where the pyramid is located.

“He then described that three metal legs appeared from the bottom of the wheel like plane. He said he heard a voice telling him ‘Not them. Just you’.

“And that he was told to relax. He said a light came from the ship and he was carried up on a beam of light into it.

“He said that when inside this spacecraft that he never saw the face of the pilot or heard words from him. It moved away from the side of the mountain at a terrific speed.

“He said that he knew he was being transported to the mother wheel and that the pilot knew he was frightened of seeing such a great ship (the Mother Wheel).

“The pilot maneuvered his craft in a way that he did not see the Mother Wheel and back into it in a tunnel.

“Minister Farrakhan went on to say that the pilot escorted him to a room. In the ceiling was a speaker. Then he said he heard the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad clearly speaking to him.

“He said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad began speaking to him and as he did a scroll rolled down in front of him.

“He said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad began to reveal to him information about a war being plan by the president and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“He said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted him to deliver this message at a press conference in Washington D.C, and to reveal their plans and to tell them that he got this information from Elijah Muhammad on the Wheel. He told him that he had one more thing to do and that when he did that one more thing he would be permitted to come to the Wheel and see him face to face.

“I remember that I experienced great excitement, enthusiasm and palpitation of my heart and I said to him, Brother Minister, do you realize what you’re saying? And he responded by asking me what did I see in this experience.

“I was so overwhelmed in my response that I could only think, my God, he literally had met with my husband. He has begun to communicate with him in his journey much like Ezekiel being taken up on a Wheel within a Wheel.

“As I began to piece this experience together, in later days, I recalled the scriptures from both Bible and Holy Qur’an that mentioned Moses mystical experience in the mountain, where he left the children of Israel below and at that particular time, there were only a few elders or companions who were able to be present at the foot of the mountain.

“In the experience, the tablets were revealed and Moses was not able to see the face of his Lord, but was only able to see, according to the Bible, his hinder parts, his back parts, as he went by him.

“And again, in each instance of his highly mystical contact with God, there was a great earthquake.”

Thank you Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.


A few days later (after September 19, 1985) Minister Farrakhan came to Phoenix, Arizona, with Mother Khadijah and Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.

The next day Minister Farrakhan, Mother Tynnetta and myself started working on his next speech (or formal address or discourse).

After about 2 ½ hours, of working on his address we were walking to the car, (Minister Farrakhan and I) he then told me for the first time of his “vision.” This is the first time I’m learning/hearing from his mouth of his “vision.” Please note that they just came from Mexico to America to Phoenix, Arizona.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad was a very short distant from him and I.

That’s when he told me of his electrifying experience. Later I wrote of his experience that I later called “More than a vision.”

Allah willing, I’ll tell the readers why I’m writing of it, at this time. Is this connected to this “situation” that is going on right now? Are these series of events that is going on in America and the world important? Has it been written of in the scriptures? Where? Does this involve Minister Farrakhan? Does this involve you?

More next issue, Allah willing.