At Final Call press time the super storm once known as Hurricane Sandy was hitting the East Coast with flooding in the streets of Atlantic City, N.J., New York, parts of Long Island, N.J., and other points on the East Coast.


Snow and sleet hit parts of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio along with near 90 mile per hour wind gusts. Twenty-three states were under high wind advisories.


Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey lambasted the mayor of Atlantic City, accusing the mayor of essentially saying residents did not have to leave in accord with the evacuation order by the Republican chief executive officer of the state. Gov. Christie bluntly took to airwaves Oct. 29, saying no help would be coming for anyone stuck, stranded or flooded in the area. The darkness of night and risk to the lives of rescuers prohibited anyone coming until daylight Tuesday morning, he said. His advice? Stay put and try to ride the storm out safely.

Governors along the East Coast were pleading with residents to get to higher ground and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, at one point, threatened to shut down power to low lying areas he said should be evacuated.

“Hurricane Sandy barged ashore in southern New Jersey just after 6 p.m., bringing 90 mph winds and a roiling wall of seawater as it moved inland and north toward New York City,” reported Fox News.com.

“The monster storm, a powerful, 900-mile-wide hybrid of several weather systems, sent 30-foot-high swells toward the garden State, and as its eye passed over the shoreline, a surge as high as 10 feet tore into dunes and washed across boardwalks. The state had evacuated all shore towns ahead of the strike, with Gov. Chris Christie telling residents who ignored the evacuation orders they were ‘both stupid and selfish.’  

“ ‘(It’s a) very intense, very dangerous storm. People will die in this storm,’ Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said Monday. ‘So folks will need to mind their families, stay home and hunker down.’ ”

According to the Associated Press, Hurricane Sandy led to the cancellation of nearly 12,500 flights in the Northeast, with predictions that passengers could be stranded for days. Beyond these cancellations is the impact on connecting flights and havoc that will linger. “Travelers overseas could wait days to get to the East Coast of the U.S. All flights from Paris to Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington–a total of 14–were cancelled,” AP reported.

Some 60 million Americans were expected to feel some aspect of Sandy’s wrath, whether flooding, power outages, business closures, school shutdowns, transportation cancellations and a myriad of other woes.

But while warnings from weathermen and political leaders are coming in, there has been a divine warning echoing inside of America for 82 years now. That warning is from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his declaration that God Himself has declared war on America and will use the forces of nature to pummel the United States into submission for her evils done to the Black people of this hemisphere, in particular, taking Black people into slavery.

Since his effort to rebuild the Nation, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has repeated those warnings to a country that seems hell bent on staying on the wrong path. Racial animus and hatred continues to rise, the unjust taking of Black lives continues, the plots against the Minister and the Nation of Islam continue, alongside media misreports and slander, outright government infiltration and continued sanctions and attempts to thwart any progress. These efforts will not succeed and in the end, only hasten America’s divinely appointed doom.

“Remember what I said last year? Watch the weather? Well, in 2011 America and the world had the worst weather in recorded history and this year portends even greater calamities and hurt for the American people and also Europe,” said Min. Farrakhan in February 2012 during his annual Saviours’ Day address.

In recent weeks, the Minister has repeated the same warning, urging an errant country to humble herself and imploring Black America to separate herself from the deeds, mindset and desires of her former slave masters to avoid the fate assigned to the children of her former slave masters.

Speaking Oct. 14 at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C., to mark the 17th anniversary of the Million Man March, Min. Farrakhan repeated his warning and noted federal disaster declarations have been issued during the Obama administration have passed the number of disaster declarations that haunted the Bush administration.

“God doesn’t fight with your cheap weapons,” said Min. Farrakhan. “God fights with the forces of nature,” he continued. “You can’t win with a war against God. You will understand it not by and by, but very soon.”

As The Final Call reported earlier this year, 2011 included some of the costliest disasters in U.S. history. “Floods, extreme drought, snow, wildfires and hurricanes made 2011 not only one for the record book but the fallout was also felt in America’s pocketbook,” The Final Call noted .

“Fourteen weather disasters across the country alone were in excess of one billion dollars each costing a total of $55 billion according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) eclipsing the previous record of eight set in 2008. Through October of 2011 President Obama had declared 89 disasters, another record.

“Having not yet completed the first quarter of a new year, the U.S. has been hit with a near historic outbreak of tornados, across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and other states.  

“According to one tornado expert at least 80 twisters struck during the two days, exceeding the record for the entire month of March on record of 74 in 2006,” The Final Call article said.  

While it is wise to follow the advice of weather “experts” and political leaders in an emergency, the best course is to follow the divine warnings coming through Min. Farrakhan from the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. Heeding such wise counsel can save lives, alleviate some suffering and possibly delay America’s doom. Failing to heed the call to change and turn from her wicked ways only means this country’s woes will escalate. If you don’t believe that is true, simply continue to watch the weather.