A few events forced me to stop and continue later, with the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, related to this “situation.”

Allah wiling, I will explain how this “situation,” in America, is related to prophecy and the Christian pastors.

When you read the four Gospels, you can see that it is written in the past tense. And then when you read the book of Acts, you can see that it is written in the present tense. How does this relate to us now in 2012?


Does that “situation” that you can read of in the New Testament involve this “situation?” Many people are scared about this situation that is happening in this world. Does this “situation” mean that we are at the end of this world?

I wrote a book, titled ‘Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???’ On the bottom of the title page, you can read this: “With a letter from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on his escape from a death plot.”

In it you can read this:

A. Maududi: “(It was to carry out His secret plan that) He said, ‘O Jesus, now I will recall you and raise you up to Myself and cleanse you of (the uncongenial company and the filthy environment of) those who have rejected you … .’ ”

It should be clear to you that these various translators understand Allah’s words differently. Now let us look at their notes, where these writers gave them.

In note #436 of his translation, Muhammad Ali makes clear that he understands Allah to be saying that “the Jewish plans to cause Jesus’ death on the cross would be frustrated and that he would afterwards die a natural death … .”

This is his basic comment on the Arabic words which he translates, “I will cause thee to die … .”

In his notes on the words, “and exalt thee in my presence” he writes that the Arabic word (which he translates to mean “exalt”) signifies “raising or elevating, and also exalting or making honorable.”

His note, #437, contains his reasoning for not using the first or even both meanings of the Arabic word, which he takes as meaning “exalting, making honorable in degree and praise.”

On one hand he thinks that to understand the Arabic word to mean “raising or elevating” is not correct, in this context, “for raising a man in his body to Himself (to Allah) implies that the Divine Being is limited to a place.”

On the other hand, he claims that even other commentators “who are predisposed, having, no doubt, been misled by Christian tradition, to accept Jesus Christ as having been raised alive to heaven” have been compelled to admit that the Arabic word in that verse is not used for raising in the physical sense, “but for exalting and honoring.”

Shortly we can read this:

A. Majied sees these words of Allah as that which He will say to Jesus on the Day of Resurrection. He has many notes on these verses. We can omit what few notes the others wrote. The main points they made on the subject of Isa’s death are made in connection with the other verses dealt with earlier.

There are many Muslims on both sides of certain aspects of this subject, even though they read the same Qur’an and traditions of Muhammad.

This very fact raises questions, the answers to which have and would fill more books. In fact, the true answers are as controversial and even more explosive than what is in what you are reading now.

For example, how could such confusion or division arise among people who take the same book to be filled (only) with God’s words? Why should there be different interpretations?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has raised and answered questions that cast a light so bright (on everyone and thing) that much of what is called solid knowledge (by this world) dwindles into guesses and ignorance!

Why has God permitted His words to be misunderstood? Why has He permitted some to deceive others about His words, His intentions, etc.?

What means will He use to produce clarity about His words? How will He eliminate once and for all the confusion concerning the fate of Jesus? We have a right to expect Him to take decisive action, for this is promised by Him in His own Holy Word.

Well, I am among those convinced that He has taken decisive action as explained by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for over four decades. That explanation includes the fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the “Muhammad” to whom the Holy Qur’an is ultimately addressed and not the Muhammad of Arabia who lived and worked 1,400 years ago.

If this is true (and it is), it must follow that He Who gave the Messenger the Holy Qur’an also gave him the right understanding of it. That understanding or interpretation must have included the fate of Jesus.

Then we can read this:

The key idea to consider, in understanding this matter, is that of secrecy. First, let us go to the origin of it. It is the secret of God and the devil. God and the devil have been in on a secret regarding the identity of each other. God would not reveal the devil before a certain time. The devil wasn’t going to tell the public the truth of God anyway, although at the time of his end, he would be forced to admit this truth. Even then he would only admit the truth of God indirectly, at first.

God would reveal Himself as He is to the public at a certain time. He would expose the devil too. He would even force the devil to bear witness to the truth. Naturally, the devil would do so only against his will.

So there was to come a time when the God and the devil would be known as they are, to the public. Naturally, that time is the end of the devil’s world. Such knowledge would force the public to make a choice between the two.

Since the devil would be in power up to the time of God’s arrival, the public would already be under his evil rule, without knowing the devil’s identity. So the choice of the people is to give up Satan and go under the rule of God. Since God has come to kill the devil, all those who continue to follow Satan are doomed with him. Therefore, their choice is really to continue to live, but with God, or to die with the devil.

Allah revealed His will and word to the prophets in such a way that the public could not (on their own) get the complete or clear or the full understanding of the reality of God and the devil. This was in keeping with His intent to keep the secret until a certain time.

Allah permitted the devil to do his evil will to the divine prophets. The wicked also misused the scriptures. The scriptures (in this instance, the Bible) contain the words of both God and the devil. This, I emphasize, was the devil’s work, with God’s permission. Without God’s permission the devil could not have even come into being.

“The Holy Qur’an, on the other hand, contains only the words of Allah. In some places, in the Qur’an, the Author (Allah) tells the reader that what is in it (His word) is not to be doubted as there is nothing doubtful in it. In some other places it reads that its truths are plain.

“This may seem to be contradicted by the example of the controversial verses on Jesus’ fate. The solution to this apparent contradiction lies in God’s purpose. The presence of the devil, the condition of Satan’s victims, the manner in which Allah would both destroy the devil and set up His government, are among the major considerations of Allah in revealing His word as He did (in the Qur’an), sometimes clear and in other places, unclear to most, until certain times.”

Later, we can read this:

“Some facts were put in a way that is hard to understand. Nevertheless, it was done for a wise and beneficial purpose. Note that the Author of the Holy Qur’an revealed it “with truth.”

“Muhammad Ali’s comments contained in footnote #382, on the Arabic word translated “with truth” reads: “For the sake of simplicity I render haqq as meaning truth, but haqq primarily signifies suitableness to the requirements of wisdom, justice, right, truth, or fact; or to the exigencies of the case.” (The italics are his.)

“At a certain time Allah would reveal the meaning of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an to an individual. That man would make its meanings so clear that no one could justifiably misunderstand the truth.

The above photo I took and made it part of books and articles.

More next issue, Allah willing.