“Truthful God! By the Qur’an, possessing eminence! Nay, those who disbelieve are in self-exaltation and opposition. How many a generation We destroyed before them, then they cried when there was no longer time for escape! And they wonder that a warner from among themselves has come to them, and the disbelievers say: This is an enchanter, a liar.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 38, verses 1-4

From the foundation of the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we are given the basis for the understanding and knowledge of the science of everything in life, which includes love, peace and the pursuit of happiness. The frequent occurrences of storms, along with the havoc caused by rain, hail, snow and earthquakes is a result of man’s experimentation on our Planet as recorded from time immemorial. This phenomenon is not caused by a mystery God nor the intrigues of Mother Nature.

Dr. Ashley B. Saunders addressing the students, Mxodus Team members and guests, on the history of Bimini and Atlantis in his Dolphin House Museum during our last excursion to Bimini in the last week of May 2012.

The increasing severity of earth’s geological and climatic changes that we are experiencing today is the result of what man’s hands have wrought and is rooted in the Nature of the Divine Creation. Several places in our Supreme Wisdom Lessons teach us that nothing that happens on our planet or elsewhere in our universe occurs without a cause and effect.


All the laws that govern physics, such as rain, hail, snow and earthquakes are identified as functions of the “Son of Man.” In Lesson Number 2, Question & Answer 8, we read in the last sentence that: “Earthquakes, for example, along with rain, hail and snow are caused by the Son of Man by experimenting on high explosion. In fact, that all the above is caused by the Son of Man. Question & Answer 9 of the same Lesson, reads: “that 85% knows that it rains, hails and snows;

also, hears it thunder above his head, but they do not try to learn who it is that causes all this to happen–by letting the 5% teach them. He believes in the 10% on face value.” And in Question and Answer 13 of the same lesson, we read, “They continue daily to teach the 85% that all this that you see such as rain, snow, hail and Earthquakes comes from that mystery God that no one will ever be able to see until he dies. This is believed by the 85%.”

In the History of Bimini, Volume 2, writing in Chapter 6 on History of Bimini Hurricanes, 1866 — 1992, “Dr. Ashley B. Saunders defines a hurricane as formed when the air over the ocean becomes very warm and begins to rise. Cooler air moves in and pushes the warm moisture upward in a spinning spiral. When the spinning air gets high up, it spreads out and becomes cooler. Water vapor in the air condenses and forms clouds. Soon rain begins to pour down from the clouds. When the Hurricane’s spinning winds and heavy rains moves across land, great damage is caused.”

Let us examine how closely this definition may be applied to our Supreme Wisdom Lesson No. 2, Question & Answer 8: “The Sun draws this water up into the Earth’s rotation, which is called gravitation, in a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. But as this mist ascends higher, and increasing with other mists of water in different currents of the atmosphere, until when she becomes heavier than gravitation. Then she distills back to the Earth in the form of drops of water or drops of ice, which depends on how heavy the mist was, in the current of the air it was in.

A group photo of MUI students and guests listening to Professor Ashley B. Saunders’ lecture with rapt attention.

“There are some layers or currents of air–real cold and warm, and some very swift and changeable. So when the water strikes one of these cold currents, it becomes solid ice in small, round drops in form or in a light, fluffy form which is called snow.

But this water is not ever drawn above six miles from the Earth’s surface by the Sun and moon. The reason it rains back on our Planet is because it cannot get out of the Earth’s sphere. With its high speed of rotating around the Sun–makes it impossible.”

As this article is going to print, the news report on this Tropical Storm with Hurricane potential named Isaac is passing through the Bermuda Triangle and vortex skirting the island of San Andros and Bimini in the Bahamas as it enters the Gulf of Mexico, moving toward the coastal regions of the U.S.A. This gives rise to a review of our current study of Bimini and Andros and the recent discoveries of what appears to be buried remains of Atlantis or some ancient civilization beneath the Caribbean Sea in this precise area of the Bermuda Triangle.

We may question what took place in past geological ages causing land and sea to converge upon one another, producing calamities and devastating destruction as the one recorded in Plato’s writings on Atlantis revealed by the ancient Egyptians which took place between 11,000 to 15,000 years ago. It is fascinating that some of these ancient remains are being discovered in the Western part of our globe in the Atlantic Ocean as near to us as the Caribbean Islands of the Bahamas only 50 miles off the shoreline of the Florida Keys, Miami and the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the Diving Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, many similar destructions have taken place throughout the world on our planet shaping and reshaping our earth for millennia, even into millions and trillions of years. Doing further investigations preserved in the archives of the late psychic, Edgar Cayce’s Life Readings, much evidence survives that we are living in the last vestiges of yet another Atlantis story right here in the Americas within the mainland of the U.S.A.

There are many Americans who were born in the last 20th century, who identify their lives in these Life Readings of Edgar Cayce, with certain memories characteristic of those who were in power in Atlantis and dominated the technologically advanced Atlanteans. The militant side of the Atlanteans attempted to launch weapons of mass destruction to strike their enemies but to no avail as these weapons were turned against them. This is the condition of our world today being exploited by those who work in secret, in the Pentagon, in the military and in the White House. The 85 percent ignorant will not listen to the 5 percent teachers among us and believe in the 10 percent leaders at face value.

America’s first landing on the moon on July 20, 1969 to the present day exploration beyond the frontiers of space in a Star Wars Program, begun under President Ronald Reagan to conquer other worlds and civilizations on other planets and in other galaxies, continues to this day. According to Edgar Cayce’s book on Atlantis, the tendency of many who are born in America are similar to many who once lived in Atlantis, and that America may go the way of Atlantis if the lessons of the past have not been learned.

We will note that a large percentage of Edgar Cayce’s Life Readings to individuals occurred in a twenty-year period between 1923-1944. This period preceded the explosion of the Atomic Bomb in White Sands, New Mexico in 1945 initiating America’s mad race to attain military supremacy worldwide.

“Has the Reminder been revealed to him from among us? Nay, they are in doubt as to My Reminder. Nay, they have not yet tasted My chastisement. Or, have they the treasures of mercy of thy Lord, the Mighty, the Great Giver? Or is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them theirs? Then let them rise higher in means. What an army of the allies is here put to flight!”Holy Qur’an, Surah 38, verses 8-11

To be continued.