In my last article, I wrote this:

“Will this world’s scientists tell the world what kind of life live on the planet Mars and why?

“Will they bear witness to the truth that Master Fard Muhammad has revealed to, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about life on the planet Mars and His reasons for them?


“I don’t know that they will bear witness to that truth, but many will be forced to do it.

“This also involves the truth about and of Minister Farrakhan that I’ve borne witness to, every since November 1974–I mean just that!”

I’m using a bit of your time to mention this bit of history and why I’m using the word “history.” And why we must get out of envy and jealousy 100 percent, before the Christ does what he must do.

I’m writing that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad saw and gave the “assignment” to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1954. (I intend to make that more clearer why I’m using the word assignment. But you can find this by reading the scriptures.)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said this:

“It is very late now and I wish that I had or rather (pardon me) rather I wish that you had the patience that I have to stay and listen to all that we have to say. But knowing your patience very well, we are trying to hurry through with what we have in mind, giving to you just that, we said–highlights of it, but we do like that you have patience today. Listen to the truth, and after listening to the truth act upon the principles of the truth.

“It is not to just to challenge your faith, your God or whatever it may be that you are worshipping or that you believe in, it is not that. It is our love for our people and the sake of humanity that we desire to warn you from Allah that an awful world and an awful destruction is now imminent.

“According to the scripture, at the time that the prophets prophesied that the gathering together of the people of the earth there would be lots of trouble, there would be lots of hatred among you, great dissatisfaction.

“Since you and me are witnesses here this afternoon in this world that we live, we have been so greatly misunderstood that I desire that Allah send to me a little helper.

“For 22 years, I have worked hard wherever I was or may be to try to get into your ears and into your hearts the truth that Allah has revealed to me.

“I want to make it very clear to you that I have not come before you to try to teach you of a religion that you have not yet been acquainted with nor even myself.

“I myself was born in America and was born under the Christian religion. I did not know Islam until around 23 years ago. In fact about it, I had no knowledge of anything other than what I was taught here under the Christian guidance.

“Allah has made it clear to us today that we have lived other than our own-self for nearly 400 long years. That means ever since that our fathers, our fore-fathers was brought into the Western hemisphere by a Christian by the name of John Hawkins. Remember this was a Christian that brought our forefathers to America to be sold into slavery.

“We are not here to force you to believe in Islam, that’s immaterial with us. Islam is independent whether you or me believe in it or not. The God of Islam is also independent. He don’t have no need of us, but we have need of Him.

“I’m so happy to sit and listen to the words coming from Dr. Hassan, how that he quoted several verses of the Holy Qur’an to prove the good and the value of being a Muslim and the truth and freedom of Islam.

“He quoted the 61st Surah of the Holy Qur’an in these words around the 9th verse where in it, it says that, ‘Allah has sent His messenger with the guidance and the true religion.’ That is beautiful. He has sent His messenger with the guidance and the true religion.

“What we learn from that verse that Islam comes with truth, while other religions before the coming of Islam was a mixture of truth and false. But Islam comes with all truth and no false.

“After living in Islam for 23 years, I can say with truth that it has made me more within the last 23 years a man of righteousness than all of my previous years before the coming into Islam. Islam made hateful to me anything other than right; not to mention what it is, but anything other than right.

“And I’m happy to have heard the Doctor recite that verse. Again that verse says: ‘It has come to overcome the religions, all of them.’ All the polytheists may be at work. I want to say to you in helping you to understand what is meant there. Islam coming to overcome all of the religions, it is not that Islam has come to overcome all truth, but Islam is coming to bring truth wherein those other religions did not bring.

“Therefore that it must overcome all religions other than Islam that teaches you and me that all other than Islam is not good religion. Islam it is said, according to the Holy Qur’an, to be the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

“Again, it is meant to be the religion of all the prophets, regardless to where they were born, regardless to where they were preaching and regardless to the people that these prophets were raised among to warn. Their religion was none other than Islam.

“We cannot accept a religion that was not the religion of all of the prophets. We cannot accept a God that is not the Author of all of the religions of the prophets.

“Every divine prophet according to the Holy Qur’an that appeared at any time in the past, remember divine prophets a prophet that was sent from Allah, his religion was none other than Islam and that prophet who was rejected by the people, the people that rejected that prophet we find on the pages of history that they suffered destruction.

“I’m happy again to say the two brothers here that recited several portions of the history, of the great noble men of Islam to warn you and me that these men that we read of in the pages of history (inaudible) Islam that if you and me would follow their footsteps and believe as they believe and fight for the cause of Islam, we too will have our names going down in the history as a people of righteousness.

“My subject was to be this afternoon of which I don’t have time to go through with it now. We had lots of work which was more to be thankful and in fact about it I’m with you all of the time.

“What I wanted you to do was to meet and listen to these wonderful men of high standing in the Nation of Islam. I’m here all of the time with you.”

“The subject that I have taken today was to show you that hardly which you have not understood of truth.

“It is not that I want to recite the Bible story of Moses and Pharaoh just for you to know that I have read that story there as well as you.”

Allah willing, I will make myself very clear the reason for quoting this writing. I’m asking you to study carefully my next article that involves speaking and writing–100 percent. I can back it up with truth.

This will help us see more deeper why God Himself raised Minister Farrakhan–and not put him in the position–not anybody else–to sit in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

More next issue, Allah willing.