On that Saturday, May 26th, 2012, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan ended his leadership conference address, in San Diego, California. I’m writing here what I saw when he ended that address, which comes out from a heart–a heart full with love–deep divine love.

I know that our people don’t really know, and understand, what causes this kind of love. That address that he made, gives us a big hint, to Black people in particular, that kind of wisdom and love that comes from, or starts, or begins, or is rooted in … .

That kind of love is the same kind of love out of which came the universe, which was nothing. I cannot write this fully in this article. It would be longer. We should agree on this, even the wicked.


That wisdom is in this country. Read and hear Minister Farrakhan every day.

Read Vol. 31, No. 21 and what led to it and what came out of it in The Final Call.

I know that some of us will hate these words–but we are at the very end of “time.” It will help us to really study these words of Minister Farrakhan:

“He got to get that hypocrisy–the masquerade–that false front, that’s hiding under titles; that’s hiding under positions that make you think you’re better than the little man that’s out there in the street needing our help.

“So as the word cuts away this thing that shields us to ourselves, so we can look in the mirror and when it’s cut we see ourselves and oh God we’re frightened at what we see because of our nakedness of the spirit is made manifest. So now where the fuller’s soap comes in. See, washing the heart; washing away Satan’s affect of you and me; wash, Jesus says, and become clean.

“Not take a bath in a tub that leaves a big ring around it and you think you clean. But wash the heart where the hidden thoughts of evil are hiding there. Wash it. Because when you going to speak the word of God from a heart that is low down and filthy; oh hell, who am I hitting in this audience?

“Why Allah you’re making me talk like this? It’s because what I’m saying is not just for you in this room, but for others who will hear this word because we are all suffering from this hypocrisy. And it’s poisoning our communication with one another. We got to be washed clean.

“The scriptures says, ‘thou your garments (Oh father don’t give me no more–laughing–why did he chose San Diego for something like this?) he says, ‘thou your garments be as scarlet, yet He will wash them white as snow in the blood of the Lamb.’

“Now go ahead home and get something dirty and put some blood in the sink and see if you can wash anything white in blood. Blood is so powerful that even though you scrub the floor, they have a chemical now–they can come in and say, ‘Oh yeah, somebody died here.’

“So it’s not talking about the physical blood of the Lamb, our garments are washed clean the more we tried to live the life of the Lamb. When you live the life that Jesus lived; when we live the life that Muhammad lived, the heart becomes purified; the garment becomes clean.

“In the life blood of one who shares it; for the reconciliation of God, are you willing to share your life’s blood for the people that you represent?

“Are you willing to lay down your life for a ‘cause that’s bigger than your life?’

“Are you willing? You don’t know whether you will, you have to be tested. I want to come out right on the other side.

“I don’t say that I will, but that’s what I want to. But the enemy is coming and I want to be strong.

“I don’t want to leave the planet like a wimping thug; strong but when the enemy comes, you run away and hide. I want to meet him with the power of my God.

“And if he wants to prosecute me and punish me and arrest me and jail me, it’s alright. Better men have been punished and prosecuted and jailed.

“You can take the suit that I wear–you made it. Take the house that I live in–you got it; take the car that I drive–I didn’t manufacture it. Take the money in my wallet–your face is on it.

“But me–you can’t have!

“So you rendered unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and rendered unto God what is God’s.”

The word context means: “phrases, or passages that come before and after a particular word or passage in a speech or piece of writing and help to explain its full meaning. The circumstances or events that form the environment within which something exists or takes place.”

Now, this is Sunday, August the 12th. I also made these photos of Minister Farrakhan that you see as part of my article.

I just watched Student Minister Brother Shahid on the webcast. I made that decision to erase the 618 words, as part of my article and change part of my article to what you are reading now.

I intend to give my reasons for the changes later, in The Final Call, Allah willing.

Will this world’s scientists tell the world what kind of life lives on planet Mars and why?

Will they bear witness to the truth that Master Fard Muhammad has revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about life on the planet Mars and His reasons for them?

I don’t know that they will bear witness to that truth, but many will be forced to do it.

This also involves the truth about and of Minister Farrakhan that I’ve borne witness to, every since November 1974–I mean just that!

More next issue, Allah willing.