O you who believe, be not like those who maligned Moses, but Allah cleared him of what they said. And he was worthy of regard with Allah. O you who believe, keep your duty to Allah and speak straight words: He will put your deeds into a right state for you, and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he indeed achieves a mighty success.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 33, verses 69-71

In continuing our subject and Reflections on Bimini in the Bahamas, I recall recently that the eldest daughter of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Sister Ethel Sharieff, owned a home and property in the Bahamas on the island of Nassau or Freeport. She spoke to me about her father’s desire to travel to meet with her in her home. However, his doctor at that time did not advise him to travel by plane into high altitudes that might affect his heart as he was suffering with bronchial asthma and shortness of breath. I also remember the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking, upon several occasions in the company of his Laborers about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s desire to purchase an island in the Caribbean for the Laborers to meet, relax and study in intervals between their work in the Mental Resurrection of our people principally confined in the United States. In one of those discussions, I remember the Honorable Minister stating, Allah pardon me if I am in error that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke about getting such an island retreat somewhere in the Bahamas.

In the next article, inshallah (God willing), I will speak of another powerful experience I had while visiting and speaking with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s eldest daughter, Sister Ethel Sharieff that touches upon the subject of Atlantis and what that might be a sign for us today. Our Bimini Reflections continue with a response from the students’ skit upon our departure from Bimini in the third week of May, 2012.


Mother Tynnetta: I’m honored to hear the brightness, nimbleness of your minds—to be able to vibrate off of the energy that surrounds us, and to be so spontaneous in your expression while sharing with us that which will be a part of a new transition, a new aspect of Muhammad University of Islam, a new aspect of studies, a new aspect for all members of the Nation of Islam on whatever level we may be. And we take it to heart because it’s being expressed by our youth; and to get our youth activated and sharing and talking back to us is the greatest blessing we can receive.

So I thank you for everything, and for all of you to come here so that our children would be inspired to begin to share with us their Reflections before they even get back home of what they’re receiving from this magical island in the sun. And it certainly has been an unusually deepening experience to find that the percentage of people’s thinking and mind is becoming attracted to this Vortex, which is Allah, which is the Supreme Being and that’s what we wanted. We’re not a missionary group and we’re not setting up a church; and we’re not setting up a temple and we’re not setting up a mosque. But we’re setting up our presence where people can be conscious of family and communicate one to the other. So we call this little period, “entering into the world of the telepath.”

You can take that theme and review all of the contacts that suddenly seemed to happen that we were not expecting. We have been introduced to scientists, scholars and the people on this small, little seven and a half mile strip who are unusual people that we have met from different ethnic backgrounds who can live here on this island, hopefully, in peace. As Original Black people, hopefully, we will be able to pick up the pace and keep on evolving and evolving back to ourselves, back to the Knowledge from whence we originated, which is the entire Planet Earth. We are God’s messengers to the World today–the Saviours that will save humanity. With that kind of mind and consciousness, I’m very proud that we are Muslims traveling this journey into a new life altogether different, breaking down the barriers to do our great work. Are there anymore comments?

Sis. Callie: When we went to see Dr. Saunders for a few moments to secure some literature and his books that Mother wanted to give to Minister Farrakhan, he said to tell you all he loves you, loves you, loves you. He said he enjoyed each and every one of you. He said Bimini is your home. He said that you’re not spreading a religion, but you’re spreading your way of life, which is Islam. He also said that we thank you for coming. He said that we are disciplined. He also added, more than anything, I love the way you all respect Mother Tynnetta. And he said, He was a student in the classroom. He said, I was happy as the rest of the boys in the classroom when Mother was talking.

Sis. Deborah: One more thing that Dr. Saunders said is that what we’re doing will open many doors for us to the world; and the door here, he said, as the gatekeeper is our home where the doors are always open. He commented that when we return, the world will open up to you because of the work that we’re doing.

Mother Tynnetta: Thank you to the gatekeeper and we’ll be back again!

“Surely We offered the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to be unfaithful to it and feared from it, and man has turned unfaithful to it. Surely he is ever unjust, ignorant That Allah may chastise the hypocritical men and the hypocritical women and the polytheistic men and the polytheistic women, and Allah will turn (mercifully) to the believing men and the believing women. And Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 33, verses 72-73

To be continued.