“And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to him–and We are nearer to him than his life-vein.   He utters not a word but there is by him a watcher at hand.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 16-18

As we approach the beginning of our Nation of Islam’s annual Educational Conference to be held in Chicago on the first weekend of August, I am reminded of our many imperfections and our seemingly inability to communicate our ideas effectively within the sphere of this world’s corrupt   society and civilization.   I began to focus on the frailties of our weak inner communication with self in this hour of the “self-accusing spirit” rising up in judgment.   I asked myself the following questions, Are we living in a world of illusion where Reality and Truth are shadow boxing with Untruths, Lies and Deception which are further disabling correct communication with our inner self?   Are we standing in the Valley of Decision where the Prophet Elijah, addressed the rulers and leaders of his time by stating, that if God be God follow Him and if Baal be god, then follow him? The iron masks covering our hearts and breathing apparatus is hardly giving us air to breathe as we are reminded in the sixth problem of the Problem Book of the Supreme Wisdom Lessons.   This problem speaks of the second and third uncle who are mentioned there with ever-diminishing air space to breathe properly in our present atmosphere.

It is a certainty that there are many contaminants in our atmosphere that are weighing heavily in our environment; however, might this contamination in our atmosphere also be referring to the heaviness of our thoughts and those around us whose negativity is compressing our ability to breathe properly and is impeding our progress and evolution to God.   We are living in the world of Yacub’s civilization, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad described as veiling our entire globe with darkness as exemplified in the movie, “The Dark Knight” rising from the dark shadows of the underworld until light could surface in a New Day.  


In focusing on the main theme of our Educational Conference this year, “Education & Land, the Blueprint for a New World,” we continue our presentation and reflections from Bimini as an example of how mental and spiritual changes come about in a changed environment of peace and harmony in unity with God and the whole of humanity.   Embarking on our silent journey of self entering into the world of the telepath, may we draw inspiration from this week’s Reflections from Bimini submitted by Brother Jon Muhammad from Detroit, Michigan.

I thank Allah for coming in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad in search of a Lost Nation of Islam in the West.   I thank Him for searching, finding and raising one up to guide us further, one qualified to continue on His work that being the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I thank Allah for leaving us His Representative, our Leader, our Guide, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.     If Allah did not come in search of us, we would have never been called to this beautiful island to learn and experience its wonders and history.   I would also like to thank Mother Tynnetta Muhammad for allowing us to be students in Allah’s classroom called Bimini and sharing what she and the Mxodus Team have learned from their explorations / investigations of this island.   I would also like to thank the Student Directress of M.U.I. in Detroit, Sister Chinyerim Muhammad, for her hard work, determination, and optimism in making sure that we were able to venture forward. I was invited to come on this expedition as a videographer and photographer of which I received as an extreme honor.

The theme of the event was Entering into the World of the Telepath. Believe it or not many of us have experienced moments of telepathy.     If you’ve ever had an experience when you thought of someone and that person called you, or you just happened to run into them that was a telepathic moment.   Maybe you heard someone calling you or someone knocking on the door but no one was there, then moments later they showed up or they phoned you, that was another telepathic moment.   These and other so-called paranormal phenomena are part of the Bimini and Bahamian mythos.   These types of occurrences are not foreign to the indigenous people of these islands; phenomena from telepathy to frequent sightings of so-called U.F.O.’s which some deem as merkabah visitations, all of which we experienced during our stay in Bimini (All Praise Is Due To Allah).

We were often reminded that we are children of Light.   In Japanese this is termed as yokoshi; in Arabic we use the term nur-ad-deen.   We were reminded that this is our true nature. Light is also used as an analogy for Divine Knowledge and Allah (God’s) presence.   So, as we explored the islands of Bimini and Andros, we allowed our Light to shine through the cultural exchanges we had with the people of these islands.                                                                                          
             Before leaving Detroit, Michigan to go to the Bimini islands, I was speaking to friends and family on how dehydrated (mentally, spiritually, and physically) I was and about how absent of “water” Detroit has become.   The further away from the Detroit River one goes and as the environment becomes more terrestrial, the greater this absence is felt.   Upon my arrival to Bimini I was very anxious to immerse myself in the Ocean.   I did not know it, but many of M.U.I. students had the same desire.   The first thing on the M.U.I. students agenda after being greeted by Mother was to head straight for the ocean’s water in which they stayed for at least an hour.   I was not able to participate in the aquatic activities for I wanted to begin taking pictures and video of our first moments on Bimini.   It was during this time that I was overcome with a thought based on the rhythm of the ocean.   The thought was to musically play along with this rhythm allowing the ocean to be its own instrument/musician.

After photographing the flora of Bimini and noticing how much of the vegetation had made its way to the United States, I rushed back to my room to retrieve my flute which I had brought on this journey.   I rushed back to the ocean finding a spot on a jetty and I began to play along with the ocean’s rhythm.   As I played, the snails and crabs started to come out from under the rocks.   As I continued, I started to perceive and be overcome with waves of thoughts of which I could not understand.   Although I was becoming overwhelmed, I continued my duet with the ocean when out of nowhere either a seven- foot nurse shark or lemon shark approached the jetty and swam along the beach.   On the other side of the jetty a five-foot stingray did the same.

A great portion of our free time was spent in or at the ocean’s waters.   Each morning I would begin my day with a cup of coffee and as I walked along the South Bimini coastline, I would greet all of the wild life that would be going about their daily activities.   Many of the animals one would only see in periodicals or on nature shows.   One morning during my morning regimen, I was able to stand in the water and immediately I felt at peace.   All that was ailing me, before my arrival on Bimini, immediately subsided.   As I stood on the water a school of fish surrounded my legs and followed me as I walked in the water.   Another time, a group of dolphins telepathically announced their coming to the shore and greeted us on the Bimini beach.   This type of telepathic phenomena would happen many times.

“And the stupor of death comes in truth; that is what thou wouldst shun.   And the trumpet is blown. That is the day of threatening. And every soul comes, with it a driver and a witness.   Thou was indeed heedless of this, but now We have removed from thee thy veil, so thy sight is sharp this day.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 19-22

   To be continued.