I wrote these two paragraphs in my previous article:

“I gave the context to the above. Context means: ‘The words, phrases, or passages that come before and after a particular word or passage in a speech or piece of writing; and help to explain its full meaning. The circumstances or events that form the environment within which something exists or takes place.’ ”

“We are about at the end of this series of articles.”


Early this year I wanted to understand more fully some experiences I have had some years ago. It involves envy and how people cover that kind of wickedness; and why it produces murder and others try to cover it, so others don’t see them.

I wanted to write about it and give the 100 percent truth of it, to help others. It was just before this Saviors Day–2012.

That did not happen, at that time.

I know some people don’t like for me to write and/or speak of it. They have their reasons. I don’t agree 100 percent. I’m in the process of making this very clear and in a few words and why it will help others–especially at this time.

I know that some people want my words reduced to almost nothing.

In 1956, I heard a few words about envy, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. That was the first time I’d learned of envy and why it can, or will, produce murder.

Later, in my life, I learned how and why people, who are envious cover it up in many ways.

Now, three days before we left Phoenix for San Diego, I saw that which involves envy. I was about to leave Phoenix to go to San Diego.

Naturally, I wanted to see and hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

But how many of us really know that we are living in what is called the end of time and who makes it? How many people really agree with the truth of it, and can prove it, in a mathematical way?

What is the end and what is the power that started this world, which is about to end?

In San Diego Minister Farrakhan said these words:

“Holy is that which is pure, not mixed, diluted in any form. If all of us have fallen short, then there are none of us who are righteous except in the righteousness of God. We all got some work to do on ourselves. The leaders and followers; the teachers and the students; the prophets. You say, ‘Wait a minute, the Qur’an says the prophets you know were sinless. Yes that’s God wiping away sins. It doesn’t mean that Prophets don’t commit sins. They struggle like anybody else to obey. You didn’t hear me. ‘Are you contradicting the Qur’an?’ No. I’m explaining it.”

“Why would God say, He would take the sins of the people and cast them in the sea of forgetfulness, if they didn’t have a sin? Now is there anyone in here, who has never sinned? Raise your hands, so that I could know that God is present.”

I know that there are many people who read a book titled “Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry” by George F. Simmons.

Albert Einstein was a well-known scientist of the 20th century.

On page 1 of that book you can read these words: “ ‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ ”

At the bottom of the Introduction page 3 we can read this:

“I use the word ‘proof’ to mean an argument that I hope my intended audience will find convincing.”

Later, in his introduction he wrote this:

“What a proof is depends on who and when you are.”

In that book, he never wrote that he met the Supreme Being.

I’m asking this question. Why did God allow envy and jealousy to enter the minds and the hearts of the people? What was His reason?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan had some experiences that caused him to speak when he did; and how he spoke in San Diego, California. How much do we really understand of his words?

Much more later, about envy, Allah willing.

On page 30 of A Torchlight for America the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan wrote:

“And street violence is the No. 1 killer of young black adults ages 15-44. Approximately 59,000 American soldiers died in the nine years of fighting in Vietnam. It is said that 35 percent of those deaths, or about 20,000 of the casualties were black. But each year over 10,000 blacks lose their lives to street violence. So in the same nine-year period we lost nearly five times as many black lives in the streets of America as in Vietnam. This would suggest it’s safer to grow up in a war zone than it is in the inner cities of America.

“We could easily conclude from these statistics that all of our lives are in peril, and deeper, we could conclude that there is an assault on the black male. The black male is walking more deeply into the valley of the shadow of death than any other member of American society, which means that black women are more frequently becoming widows and without their male counterparts.

“When we consider the number of black men incarcerated, jobless or on drugs, there is no wonder that there already exists a preponderance of females in the population over that of males. If the trend in black male death rates is not reversed, the black male will soon be extinct, and the black female will be left as prey in the hands of men who do not love her, and only wish to continue to use her.”

Minister Farrakhan wrote in a book that contains his words many years ago. Do we know the numbers right now?

I know and have given the truth of this: Minister Farrakhan was given an assignment before the Honorable Elijah Muhammad “left” the United States of America.

I know many do not like this as of right now. But how many really know and can prove their view 100 percent?

Enigmatic–have or like an enigma; perplexing; baffling; mystery somebody or something that is not easily explained or understood; difficult to interpret, understand, or explain.

In the Holy Qur’an you can read this: “Argue in the best manner.” How do you do this?

How do you do this in this situation, which we are at the very end of wickedness and the starting of the next world, which will never end? How do you see this, as Minister Farrakhan is “telling” the world, the truth that this world is about to end, and we are in it–100 percent?

More next issue, Allah willing.