We all know a book is different, or unlike, from an article. Both of them (a book or an article) are different, from a talk, or a speech, or a lecture, or a sermon, or an address, etc.

The word “etc.” means much more than what I can write, here in this article. That would require a book. But they (articles/books) are similar, but also dissimilar, or diverse, in some (or many) respects.

All of them are alike, in this respect. Both are various forms of communication. How important is knowledge? What are the differences?


When I wrote the three previous articles, and sent them to The Final Call weeks ago, I had more experiences in my mind and head before we left for California and then I so much while there.

I read The Final Call, everyday–every word in it. This involves time.

All of this involves why the Supreme Being chose the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to represent the Honorable Elijah Muhammad before he left America in 1975. Your reaction to this involves how you view Minister Farrakhan.

If you have and/or read The Final Call (Volume 31-Number 36 through Number 38), you saw a few photographs that involve Minister Farrakhan as part of my words/article.

Why? I’m into that “why.”

NOW, the law of success, which is rooted in the principle of the original self-creation of life and recreation, also includes the following principle, stated by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad publicly this way:

“For every enemy that arises against the cause of Allah, He produces an enemy for that enemy.”

What causes you, me and us to see this law? When did this law come into existence? What cause it or what caused Him (the Supreme Being) to see it and react to it?

What book, magazine, article, etc., caused your reaction to this question? Reaction. Your reaction to these questions take time, to be able to see and then share them, correctly with others, that pleases the Supreme Being and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–who is not dead.

Does it involve “language?” This principle works universally. Now, I’m writing this that involves a tiny bit of history. Years ago I wrote a book. And then it was destroyed.

So while one problem arose after another, to prevent this book from coming again into existence, Allah produced help to overcome those problems–at that time. Sometimes help comes from unexpected sources. I will explain this history, Allah willing.

It is clearly stated in the Holy Qur’an that whoever participates in a good work has a share in its good consequences and, to work in the cause of Allah is to be involved in the greatest work.

I’m about to finish, this very short series of articles, that started right before we left to go to San Diego, and then I saw and heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan both Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th.

I saw him on Monday, with my wife and others over coffee, before he (and others left) to go to Chicago, which is the headquarters of the Nation of Islam.

On Saturday, May 26th, Minister Farrakhan opened with these words:

“… I am a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I could never thank Allah enough for His merciful intervention, in our affairs in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, that the Muslim world has been expecting; the Great Messiah that the Jews and the Christians are expecting… .

He then continued toward the end of his address:

“But He came to a people lost and destroyed the Blackman and woman of America. No people on this planet more fit the description of the loss sheep or the Black man and woman in America in the Western Hemisphere who was taken forcibly out of Africa.

“We didn’t come on the Nina, the Pinta, nor the Santa Maria. We came in the holds of ships.

“It was not our desire to come here. We were brought here, against our will to be made slaves, not for a day, not for a week, not for a year, but they wanted to put us in a condition that we would be permanent slaves to our former slave masters and their children.”

Now, at the end of his sermon, he closes with these words:

“Why, Allah are you making me talk like this? It’s because what I’m saying is not just for you in this room, but for others who will hear this word, because we are all suffering from this hypocrisy. And it’s poisoning our communication with one another. We got to be wash clean.

“The scripture says, ‘Though your garments (oh father don’t give me no more (laughing) why did he chose San Diego for something like this?) He says, ‘Though your garments be as scarlet, yet He will wash them white as snow in the blood of the Lamb.’

“Now go ahead home and get something dirty and put some blood in the sink and see if you can wash anything white in blood. Blood is so powerful that even though you scrub the floor they have a chemical now–they can come in and say, ‘oh yeah, somebody died here.’

“So it’s not talking about the physical blood of the Lamb, our garments are washed clean the more we tried to live the life of the Lamb.

“When you live the life that Jesus lived; when we live the life that Muhammad lived, the heart becomes purified; the garments becomes clean.

“In the lifeblood of one who shares it; for the reconciliation of God. Are you willing to share your life’s blood for the people that you represent?

“Are you willing to lay down your life for a cause that’s bigger than your life? Are you willing? You don’t know whether you will, you have to be tested. I want to come out right on the other side. I don’t say that I will, but that’s what I want to. But the enemy is coming and I want to be strong.

“I don’t want to leave the planet like a whimping thug, strong but when the enemy comes, you run away and hide.

“I want to meet him with the power of my God. And if he wants to prosecute me and punish me and arrest me and jail me, it’s all right. Better men have been punished and prosecuted and jailed. You can take the suit that I wear–you made it.

“Take the house that I live in–you got it; take the car that I drive–I didn’t manufacture it; take the money in my wallet–your face is on it; but me, you can’t have.

“So you rendered unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and rendered unto God what is God.”

I’m including the same photo as last week as part of my article. I’ll make that very clear why.

More next issue, Allah willing–why San Diego, at this time?