By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

Audience at New Assurance Baptist church enjoys message. Photo: Dahryan Muhammad / Minister Louis Farrakhan Photo: Richard B. Muhammad

SAN DIEGO (  – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan underscored his consistent message about the necessity for unity, strength and power in a meeting with Black and Native American leaders here at New Assurance Baptist Church.

Filled with spiritual fire and moved by the spirit, Min. Farrakhan had to walk away from the rostrum several times to regain his composure. He bowed his head and thanked God several times for the message he’d been given for the people of San Diego.

His message may have come forth in this coastal city but it is for humanity, Min. Farrakhan said. “You want to lead your people?   My question is how much do you want to lead? What is the quality of   your love as an imam, as a leader, as a guide for your people? How will the quality of my love be measured?” Min. Farrakhan asked as he laid the base for his talk with them.


Jesus set up the quality whereby leadership could be measured, said the Minister. “He said, ‘Love ye one another even as I have loved you.’…What was he willing to suffer for the redemption of human kind?” Min. Farrakhan asked.

The Minister also talked May 26 about the reality of God, Satan’s true identity, the reunification of God’s people, and how the true purpose for religion and leadership is to bring them back to the Divine Father.  

Minister Farrakhan is welcomed by Pastor Ricky T. Laster of New Assurance Baptist Church.

As Jesus said, the good shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep but those looking to fleece the sheep are hirelings, observed Min. Farrakhan.

“Jesus said, ‘Peter, lovest thou me? Feed my sheep’… If you’re truly men and women of God, then your duty is to feed the flock of God the food that would resurrect their nature,” Min. Farrakhan said.   He added real messages are transformative and when leaders, primarily pastors, become true shepherds, the enemy will hate them.  

“Are you willing to lay down your life for a cause bigger than your life? You don’t know if you will because you’ve got to be tested. I won’t say I will but I want to,” Min. Farrakhan said.  

The Minister told the leaders that as persecution from the wicked come he doesn’t want to die like a whimpering thug who is strong but when the enemy comes, runs away. I want to meet the enemy with the power of God, said Min. Farrakhan.  

He also said the enemy wants to try to harm him, persecute him, even jail him–that was fine. “You can take the suit that I wear. You made it. Take the house that I live in … Take the car that I drive … take the money in my wallet. Your face is on it … But me, you can’t have!” Min. Farrakhan said. The crowd stood and applauded his words.

He urged religious leaders not to use names and denominations to divide themselves, in particular as Christ never used such names for himself.

“Don’t divide your flock when you have no power to affect real change outside of the perimeter of your church, mosque, synagogue or inipi,” he said.

No matter what group, the biggest problems come from within the groups, said Min. Farrakhan.

Native Americans’ problems may stem from the Indian Bureau but their biggest problem comes from members of fellow tribes and Muslims can’t simply blame Whites for their ills, he continued.

“The question is what are we going to do about what (Whites) did? Are we continuing it? Our problem is ourselves, our people and you’ve got to love them more than they hate themselves in order to keep on feeding the flock until the day they are raised,” Min. Farrakhan said.

People need power to change their reality, not be victimized by reality, hiding in churches because Satan is real and God’s people are divided, said Min. Farrakhan.

“The manifestation of the devil is an act of love by God himself,” Min. Farrakhan explained. God used the devil to expose wickedness inside man as a way to perfect man, he said.

Although the community leaders laughed when Min. Farrakhan used levity to highlight the deplorable conditions of the city, including the houses of God, he was very serious in defining the sickness that has engulfed the world religions.

Satan, evil and duplicitous people and not simply a spirit, wants man to deviate from God and sows evil seeds and if one is a truth teller, he go behind and eat up his truth. Satan comes on the right and poses as a friend and on the left as a real open enemy, Min. Farrakhan said.

“How do you know Farrakhan loves you? Look at the forces arrayed against me. I’m not sugarcoating the enemy. The enemy is the government of America,” Min. Farrakhan said.    

“The enemy can’t take me much longer but I’m willing to die because I’m willing to give my life for the rise of our people and the rise of civilization,” he continued.

He closed the leadership meeting by directing guests to the true religion, which is to obey God. Not just ritualistically, the Minister said, but ritual teaches lessons in how to obey God.

“We’ve all got work to do on ourselves, leaders and followers,” Min. Farrakhan said.

Blacks are crying out for jobs today but in slavery were fully employed, Min. Farrakhan noted. No longer useful to their former captors puts Blacks in a dangerous condition, and unfortunately, Blacks are not being useful to themselves, he said.  

“Now there’s a move afoot to make us a self-destructive people that instead of the former slavemaster killing us, we are busy killing ourselves and killing one another,” Min. Farrakhan said, segueing into respect to the those who are called   Mexicans. America was once theirs, he noted.

“You can’t say to them they are aliens. That’s a horrible word to use for former owners. Maybe we should tell them who the real alien is, but we won’t be insulting,” said Mr. Farrakhan as the audience applauded.  

God did not come to make them heads of organizations,   drug rehabilitation centers, or gang intervention programs, but wants to use the heart of Blacks and the Native family, who have suffered, he said. Despite what was done to them, God have given them a heart that can be used to build a universal government of peace and enjoy justice, equity and real freedom, the Minister said.

Religious leaders have to teach obedience to God, regardless of what society says, Min. Farrakhan said. The world may approve of same sex marriage but the scriptures say otherwise, he said.

Min. Farrakhan added, people claim they’re born homosexual but God doesn’t make mistakes.   Homosexuality stops the procreation of life, God’s intended purpose for sex, he said.

Tommy Ramirez, dean of students for the MAAC Community Charter School, appreciated Min. Farrakhan’s guidance, particularly his message on a disunity and taking ownership and responsibility for change.

“I was here to really try to see if there’s a way we can make some more Black-Brown unity and I found that. I was very thankful to hear Min. Farrakhan, also to just feel the energy that he gives to the people, which is lacking in a lot of our communities,” Mr. Ramirez said.

Darnisha Hunter has worked in corporate telecommunications for the last 15 years and in San Diego for the past 10. She had never heard Min. Farrakhan speak before.

Min. Farrakhan’s message really opened her mind.   She’s read about Malcolm X, watched the movie, and had a slanted, even prejudicial view of Muslims, Min. Farrakhan and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, she told The Final Call.

“I took about four pages of notes today and I was under the impression that they didn’t believe in Christianity or Jesus Christ so I’m very grateful that I was here today and I will continue to learn more because my spirit’s been tapped into.   That wall is down,” Ms. Hunter said.