Memorial Day weekend in San Diego was much more than barbeques, parades and days at the beach for thousands who came out to hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan deliver a powerful message at the downtown convention center.


Downtown is a thriving area that draws tourists, features fine hotels and all kinds of entertainment, but it was once the domain of the homeless and the have-nots.


In a thought-provoking message, Min. Farrakhan shared how the lack of development of human beings leads to the downfall of societies and the destruction of magnificent physical structures.

Beautiful cities can be turned into ashes by “ugly people,” who act ugly because they are deprived, Minister Farrakhan warned. “We act in an ugly manner because we spent a lot of money on building but not enough on education for the least of the people in the city,” he said.

“When we deprive people of requisite knowledge, we see police today armed like they live in a jungle. SWAT teams look exactly as the soldiers look in Afghanistan Iraq and other areas of the world, armed with Glock 9s, shotguns and all kinds of weaponry given to police departments as teachers are fired, sometimes even police are laid off,” Min. Farrakhan added.

As the Minister spoke the crowd was attentive and appeared introspective, applauding at times, cheering and laughing at others, and asking him to preach more as he closed the message.

In interviews many said they were listening and thinking and matching up the exegesis of scripture given by the Minister with biblical and Quranic teaching and everyday observations. Many felt that something indeed was happening and were dismayed that others seemed asleep or unaware of the crisis faced by Black people and conflict on the verge on engulfing the entire planet.

Min. Farrakhan explained how yesterday’s scripture is being fulfilled today with Black people of America matching the prophecy of Abraham’s descendants, who would be in bondage and afflicted in a strange land by a strange people for 400 years. After that time, God Himself would come to deliver that people, judge the nation they served and the once oppressed people would exit with wealth and return to their own.

“We are living in the time of the judgment of this present world and its order,” the Minister said. Get out from under the influence of intoxicants, get from under influence of degrading music and decadent culture and look at what is going on in the world, urged Min. Farrakhan.

At a time like this, a troubled time, guidance is at a premium and the blessing of divine guidance must not be taken for granted or ignored. It is a great blessing to learn about the truth of a time of great trouble, to learn what is going on and where to go for refuge. The Nation of Islam has offered refuge in the power and wisdom of the one who is the long-awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims. This mighty human being possesses the power to judge America for her evil done to the Black man and woman and bring down a nation that is leading the world to hell. The countries of the world are so tied to America that since her fate is tied to justice for the Black man and woman, the fate of the world is also tied to that dilemma.

In a time like this, it takes a courageous and divinely protected man to stand up and speak the truth–even with threats to his life and constantly being evil spoken of–and Min. Farrakhan has stood tall and delivered clear messages of warning and guidance.

The Minister asked if we could take more time, another 100 years, another 50 years, another 30 years, begging Whites to do what they have never done? And, if America cannot save herself, and her political, social and economic woes indicate she cannot, how can she save us? We don’t even have to question whether or not she has an interest in saving us–she cannot save herself by pursuing the current path.

But if the Lord of the Worlds has come for us, and he has, why should we not fly to him for protection and embrace his promise? The promises made to us by the slavemaster and the slavemaster’s children have never been fully kept, if any effort at all was attempted to make their word their bond.

What that means is we have a decision to make. The blessing of warning brings with it the responsibility to soberly consider the message and to make a wise choice. The enemy has always desired to keep us ignorant to the time and what we must do. Their desire, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us, is to take as many of us down as they can as their world comes crashing down.

But our future is great if we simply have the courage and intelligence to reject a dying world and to embrace and accept a vision for–and work to build a new reality for ourselves.

God has come to us and come to deliver us; we don’t have to suffer great losses and abuses of the past. We do not have to obey those who have misused their authority over us. We just have to decide it is time to submit to God and that we truly want to be free.