In an article I wrote for The Final Call, on December 13, 1992, I wrote the position of former President Jimmy Carter about these planes.  

“Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed last night on the Larry King Radio program.   At one point a caller reminded him of his campaign promise to have all government files relative to the ‘UFO’ phenomena released to the American people.

“The caller indicated that he did not believe that Mr. Carter had kept that promise. The caller ended with these words: ‘When you were elected, what stopped you from fulfilling that promise?’ ”


“What follows is a transcript of an excerpt of the interview, which contained his words, in response to this question.

“Mr. Jimmy Carter: I presumed they have all been released. I wasn’t aware that they hadn’t. I became very famous about that because I saw a UFO back before I got involved in politics, and so I’ve been in all the UFO magazines and so forth. But so far as I know during my administration they were released.

“A moment later Mr. Carter described his encounter with the ‘UFOs’.

“Mr. Carter: I was with a group of about twenty people in a little town called (unclear), getting ready to go into a Lion’s club meeting. I was the district governor of Lion’s Club. And we saw this strange light coming from the West–a very small light–and it was getting bright. So we watched it approach and it came in between the trees.

“It got close enough so it appeared to be about as big as a moon. And it changed colors from green to red to white and it stayed there for a while.

“We were aghast and then it just moved to the West and it disappeared. It didn’t do anything. It didn’t have wheels on it. It didn’t have windows or people in it. But it was an unidentified object that was certainly flying.

“Mr. Larry King: The way you describe it, you can still see it?

“Mr. Carter: Yes I can, in fact I went back home and wrote down what I saw. The whole crowd of us saw it, it wasn’t just one person hallucinating.

“Mr. Larry King:   But you don’t know what it is?

“Mr. Carter:   No, I don’t have any idea.”

In the October 6, 1992 issue of The Final Call newspaper I wrote:

“Approximately 30 years ago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made public the fact that Allah made Major Donald E. Keyhoe bear witness to some of the truth of the planes He produced.”

The article continued:

“What follows is from a MUFON conference, held in Dayton, Ohio, during July 29th and 30th of 1978 from a paper presented by Major Keyhoe titled: Behind The UFO Secrecy.

“He stated:   ‘The UFO cover-up is the greatest deception in the history of the United States.

“ ‘Even President Carter has been unable to secure hidden UFO information. Last year, Carter tried to obtain an evaluation of UFO evidence from NASA–the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Under CIA pressure, Administrator Robert Frosch rejected the President’s request.’

“ ‘We do not have a single credible report,” he insisted.

“ ‘This was absolutely false. NASA has many verified reports by astronauts and other competent observers. AF Major General James McDivitt, former astronaut, encountered a UFO while circling the Earth.

“Before it veered away he got a clear photograph. He recently revealed that a faked picture of no importance was given to the press.   The genuine photo, he said, is still hidden by NASA. Colonel Gordon Cooper, another former astronaut, has disclosed several of his confirmed sightings, also his attempts to close in on UFOs while he was an AF jet pilot. He is now strongly attacking the secrecy.

“ ‘President Carter is still swamped with demands that he keep his campaign promise and release all hidden UFO evidence. The CIA may persuade him to wait until the AF has all the answers.

“But some of my Pentagon sources believe Carter will defy the CIA and give the AF a hard-boiled order to present him with all concealed UFO information.”   (AF stands for Air Force)

“Remember, the above excerpt from Major Keyhoe’s presentation was in 1978. President Carter, according to many others, was never allowed to get the government’s secrets concerning the ‘UFOs,’ despite being commander in chief.”

These are those who speak as if they have inside information which justifies them in saying that Mr. Jimmy Carter, while president, was outright hindered, even privately opposed and not allowed to get the truth the government has about these “UFOs.”

If this is so then he was the commander in chief–up to a point. He was the leader of the Western world–up to a point. What of the other presidents? Who are the real powers ruling this world? What do they use to both rule and yet hide themselves?

Is their exposure today at the root of the intense persecution, now going on in the Nation of Islam, led by Minister Farrakhan–which may get worse?

Recently, Minister Farrakhan made remarks about his eating of one meal a day. He made it public. From following how to eat to live, as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he is losing weight properly.

From How To Eat To Live Book Two the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote:

“There are some people who claim that they do not receive beneficial results as they should. This is due to wrong mental food that they are eating, which has an effect on their digestive system.

“To get good results from eating proper foods, we must have good thoughts.”

I was in the process of re-organizing my office when I ran across the word, “paradigm” on the calendar. This was the first time I looked at the cover of the calendar.

Allah willing, I will give Minister Farrakhan my reaction to it. On the cover you can see this:

The Final Call 2012 Calendar Catalog FARRAKAN   Re-Education: The New Paradigm.

I don’t know how many people can answer this question: What does the word “paradigm” mean?

In the Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary Paradigm means “a typical example of something; model that forms basis an example that serves as a pattern or model for something, especially one that forms the basis of a methodology or theory;

“ … set of all forms of words a set of word forms giving all of the possible inflections of a word; relationship of ideas to one another in the philosophy of science, a generally accepted model of how ideas relate to one another, forming a conceptual framework within which scientific research is carried out.

In Webster’s New World College Dictionary, “Paradigm means a pattern, example, or model concept accepted by most people in an intellectual community.

“…as those in one of the natural sciences, because of its effectiveness on explaining a complex process, idea, or set of data; an example of a declension or conjugation, giving all the inflectional forms of a word.”

Minister Farrakhan was put in his position by the power of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who is not dead, by the power of the Supreme Being.

Some don’t like it. Others love this. That makes for divisions.

More next issue, Allah willing.