The Mxodus Retreat of a Lifetime

“Beneficent God!   By the Book that makes manifest! We revealed it on a blessed night–truly We are ever warning. Therein is made clear every affair full of wisdom.”  —Holy Qur’an, Surah 44, verses 1-4

[The following poem was inspired to me on the final day of our return journey to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas.]


Atlantis in Bimini

I looked out upon the ocean and looked upon the sea;
And heard the whisperings of Atlantis in the sweltering breeze;
I heard the whisperings of Alantis now engulfed in watery streams;
On this tiny island of Bimini, a land of intrigue;
Where the crystal sands sing constantly;
A part of her is here from ancient times;
And a part of her lies in the Aeagan Sea;
A part of her lies off the coast of Spain at Gibraltar’s stone altar at the pillars of Hercules;

Renowned by angels, scholars and scientists alike;
The stones speak while consciousness peaks;
Remembering our soul’s long journey from the ages;
Having left our footprints from shore to shore;
Imprinted from the isles and lands of yore,
O Atlantis, O Atlantis, what mystery is enshrined;
Returning once again in our tinckering thoughts;
Returning us to that which was lost but is now found;
In hearts reborn with the sounds of trumpets and flutes;
A new Atlantis rising that will not vanish in the sea.

We will now record two Reflections from our brothers who visited Bimini last year in May 2011.   We have all returned to this blessed island in the sun as we continue our emergence into a new awakening consciousness of those who have been sent to help us on our journey back home.   The first one is from Bro. Fred Muhammad, (Philidelphia, Pa).

There are areas on our planet that are sacred and the seemingly ordinary people that reside at these place(s) contain great wisdom and knowledge.   Some Believers have contacted, are in contact with, and will contact these helpers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the near future.

Upon reflecting on the Mxodus team trip to the Islands of Bimini and San Andros, one comes to the realization of the importance of the sacred / secret places and spaces.   There were two brothers that traveled with twelve sisters on this small journey and as a result of our interactions together, I realized that there is a special relationship between the land and the water and the healing of the Believers.

The interaction between the land and water almost always takes place on the boundaries of the two.   Although this interaction is always dynamic, there is a respect, if you will, between the two.   This respect is challenged, however, during times of great upheaval normally represented by a storm or earthquake.

A Believer should never encroach within the space of a fellow believer unless invited or given permission.   If one unknowingly crosses the boundary of a brother or sister and is made aware of this that person should bow and beg forgiveness. Then and only then does the healing begin, for humble restriction in human interactions preserves the relational integrity between Believers.   There is a unique spiritual relationship between the brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam.

The root of this spiritual relationship is Love.   Within the Circle of Believers, the Healing Force is generated and expanded to all within its periphery.   It would be good and advantageous for one to bend or incline to that Healing Energy.   Love and respect for the fellow believer is the root of all success.

San Andros is the largest island of the Bahamas; it is 104 miles long and 40 miles at its widest point.   It also has the world’s third largest barrier reef.   The Bahamian government has implemented strict conservation laws that protect its unique ecological system, therefore, maintaining the special relationship between the land and the water.   Without these strict laws, the beauty of this unique island chain could be compromised.

The next Reflection we will read is from Bro. Jamal Malik Muhammad, Inland Empire, California.

As I reflect on this journey, I can’t help but recall my reaction to receiving the call, and being asked to be a part of this profound trip.   I was first deeply humbled that someone would think much of me that they would want me to be a part of this significant work. Thank you.

One of the things that I prayed for was Allah’s guidance and his spirit. I wanted to take the proper steps in preparing myself and making sure that I kept an open mind.   I also knew that in order for Allah to bless me, I had to have 100 percent Faith and No doubt in Him.

Anytime we are called to come out of our homes to investigate and research Allah’s bounty and hidden mysteries, we must be mindful of keeping the right spirit, as well as having the right thinking and attitude so that we may be successful in accomplishing the goal or task that is before us, “Work Cheerfully and Fear Not”–Master Fard Muhammad.
In addition to that we must also remember that we will be tested on that which we say we believe. “Mere belief counts for nothing except that belief is carried into practice”–Holy Qur’an

“A command from Us–truly We are ever sending messengers–A mercy from thy Lord–truly He is the Hearing, the Knowing, The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, if you would be sure. There is no God but He; He gives life and causes death–your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of yore.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 44, verses 5-8

To be continued.