“Their reckoning draws nigh to men, and they turn away in heedlessness. There comes not to them a new Reminder from their Lord but they hear it while they sport, Their hearts trifling. And they–the wrongdoers-counsel in secret: He is nothing but a mortal like yourselves; will you then yield to enchantment while you see?” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 21, verses 1-3

Dr. Saunders’ writing in his second volume edition of the History of Bimini describes the keen interest taken by many explorers, scientists, investigators and psychics in this part of the world focusing on the island of Bimini in the Bahamas with intense interest.

Mrs Omelia Marshall, who recently passed in February of 2012, sits with her beautiful straw bonnet with host Annamarie and Mother Tynetta Muhammad in San Andros on location in the Black Seminole village.

In Chapter 10, he writes on the discovery and investigations still taking place on the island and in nearby areas. Being appointed as the guardian over the secrets of Atlantis, he is well known by such investigators and scientists who call upon him in the course of their studies and research. Dr. Saunders writes: “The great Bimini Road discovered by D.J. Nanson Valentine of Miami in 1968 and surveyed by Dimitri Rebikoff in 1969 has become world-famous partly because Edgar Cayce, a well known psychic, predicted that “Atlantis will rise near Bimini in 1969.”


Many diving expeditions went to Bimini since, including a University of Milano, Italy group sailing through the Bermuda (or Devil’s Triangle) without any untoward encounters no more than in the many scheduled weekly flights and boat trips in the same area. We will continue this dialogue in the next article.

Returning to the Reflections of our last trip to Bimini in May of 2011 with Sister Judy Muhammad from Washington, D.C. followed by Reflections of Sister Julia Muhammad from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mother shared a wonderful analogy: likening us, in heightened development, to the spirit of the dolphin. She said (paraphrasing), we should be like them, as we move about at high levels of thought and frequency, no one (should) bothers us–despite living among sharks, eels and other forms of life. The dolphin is expected to live and move about without interference from the other creatures of the sea.

Each person that we met had their unique way of expressing God. Professor Ashley Saunders is described as the gatekeeper of Atlantis. He has direct communication with this ancient world. In addition, he is a healer using the island’s medicinal herbs to address maladies. He is indeed an “old soul”. As a master architect, he used objects from the sea and even those items that had washed ashore for the edifice that he built, called the Dolphin House. He later told us that it was, in truth, an Atlantean Temple.

Intuitively, prior to this knowledge, each time I went into the Dolphin House, I took off my shoes. It felt so comfortable, so right—my feet were picking up warmth and subtle comforting energy that relaxed me.

On my return, I knew there was a presence of some kind that had attached itself to me. I did not question as to whom and why–I probably should have, but I was so exhausted. I did not feel threatened or afraid. My third eye had been widened and I was now struggling to see after being in darkness for a time.

Professor Saunders holds two photos he requested of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Mother Tynetta Muhammad, a frequent visitor to the island of Bimini.

I always thank Allah for His Magnificent Grace and Mercy for us, a fallen people that no one loved. We are those orphan boys in Surah 18 for whom treasures have been stored up (in heaven). Heaven first takes place in the mind. Don’t you want to go there?

The following Reflections are from Julia Muhammad from Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

This trip was one of learning and experiencing the past, present, and future. The first thing I recall is meeting someone from the Island whom everyone said looked exactly like me. She was from Bimini and I felt that either some of my ancestors had originated from there or maybe in some future time I would someday come back to this place as a place of refuge.

Some of the highlights of this trip include our meeting one of Mother Tynnetta’s long-time friends,who opened up her home to us and cooked us dinner herself. What gracious hospitality!!

Another major event was meeting Dr. Sanders, a scientist, historian, philosopher, Bush Doctor and by his own statements “The Gate Keeper of Atlantis.” We arrived at the Dolphin House, a beautiful building that Dr. Sanders built by his own hands from all natural things from the sea and things others throw away. The building was Magnificent!!

Mother Tynnetta had made arrangements for us to have a private meeting with our small group so Dr. Sanders could talk freely. But when we arrived at the Dolphin House there was a reporter and her three children who were guests in Dr. Saunders home. The reporter had her camera and recording devices already set up before we arrived. We all were waiting to see if we could have the private meeting. I listened and watched Mother Tynnetta calmly, and with the skill of a surgeon, ask the reporter politely to excuse herself and the children so we could have our private meeting.

During our first meeting with Dr. Sanders, Mother Tynnetta asked him to tell us who he was and how he became “The Gate Keeper of Atlantis.”

Atlantis (in Greek, Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, “island of Atlas”) is a legendary island first mentioned in Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written about 360 B.C. In Plato’s account, Atlantis was a naval power lying “in front of the Pillars of Hercules” that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9,600 B.C. After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean “in a single day and night of misfortune.”

Dr. Sanders told us his story of how he was made aware of who he was by meeting a man who sent him on a journey to find himself, his roots and his connection to The Lost City of Atlantis. The man told him to start his journey in Spain.

He said Atlantis was a modern city with technology that makes this world seem childlike. It was thriving about 10,000 years ago. Dr. Sanders said Atlantis was huge, vibrant and peaceful until they developed a technology that was supposed to be used for the good of the people. But when some of the leaders decided to use the technology for evil purposes, and this negativity produced a cataclysmic result and the
city was buried in the sea.

The second visit with Dr. Sanders was in relation to his expertise in plants that heal. He is very skilled as a Bush Doctor. This knowledge is very important in the present and also in the future when we may not
be able to get to a so-called civilized doctor.

He showed us many plants that cure everything from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, pain remedies, cancer, just to name a few. He was so humble, it was like meeting and talking to a friend.

We also flew to Andros Island and met a beautiful family who were an example to us of how to live independently. They already are growing their own vegetables, fruits, and have working hoop houses, which is very important because the Islanders depend on imports for just about everything except the Fish which was exceptional, caught from crystal clear waters.

Every tour with Mother Tynnetta includes a day out of time. Back in Bimini, we went on two boats deep into the ocean searching for Dolphins. Our boat had music and the water was so clear you could see the bottom. We went over the area where you could see huge blocks that looked like they were once paved streets and it is believed to be the area where Atlantis is hidden.

I was the first to spot the Dolphins who swam on the side and in front of our boat many times and seemed to communicate with us and played with us. We ended this day by all getting off the boat and walking through the water to a private wading area where we meditated and prayed.

“He said: My Lord knows (every) utterance in the heaven and the earth, and He is the Hearer, the Knower. Nay, say they: Medleys of dreams! Nay, he has forged it! Nay, he is a poet! So let him bring to us a sign such as the former (prophets) were sent (with). Not a town believed before them which We destroyed: will they then believe?” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 21, verses 4-6

To be continued.