Bearing witness and seeing Min. Farrakhan properly

I’m continuing from my last article.

Jabril Muhammad (JM): Now, have you ever seen him, in what we call the Palace now–either seen or heard, where he seem like he was playing sick.


Minister Rahman Muhammad (MR): Oh yes, plenty of times! I’ve gone to the old house, and we’d received letters from the Secretary saying that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was ailing.

I would go to see him, maybe the next day, and I would see him moving as fast as any F.O.I. in the mosque, zipping through the house–zooop!

I don’t know whether he recognized me seeing him or whether he wanted me to see him or not. But then I could come to dinner that night and he would act like he was, just was making it. So I’ve seen that plenty of times (laughing).

JM: Give me another example.

MR: I’ve seen that more than once, what I just told you about. He’d be moving through the house so fast, and then when he come to the dinner table, he’d be holding his hands and say these old bones of his is this or that–I’m sure he fooled all of us, ‘cause I’d have been fooled, really fooled, if I had not seen him earlier. I think he’ll do it to try our beliefs.

I think he was trying to see just how sincere we were. But I definitely saw that.

Saw him zipping through the house–zip! But then that evening, he was just moving so slowly; all but making it.

JM: How many times did you–?

MR: I’ve seen that–I know, at least, two or three times.

Saw him zipping through the house–zip! But then that evening, he was just moving slowing; all but making it.

JM: How many times did you–?

MR: I’ve seen that–I know, at least, two or three times.

JM: Have you heard of any instances where other people have seen something like this of him that has stuck on your mind?

For example, I’ve heard that Sultan and another brother were escorting him down the stairs, one day at the Palace and when he got about two or three steps to go, he just moved rapidly from them, quickly turn around, look at them and smile.

MR: Could have. (Laughing) They were holding on to him, huh? Like he couldn’t walk (laughing). Yeah. I’m sure that happened. Praise be to Allah for that great man!

We could never thank Allah enough for him. I know whatever you put together behind this, I know it’s going to be a wonderful citation and beautiful for Muslims to read and behold and assure them that our Leader lives.

I’m skipping past some of our conversation and I’m using some words from Brother Rahman.

RM: And then Minister Farrakhan made the statement to me and said, ‘Brother Rahman, if the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not alive, then everything we are doing, we are doing is for nothing.’

So his belief in that, set growth in me and for that belief to continue to grow in me. And today I just don’t have faith that he’s alive, I just know through that growth.

So, from his belief, and I know he wouldn’t be out on his own without some communication coming from the Two of them–Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

JM: When you first heard of Minister Farrakhan’s vision, back in 1985, what were among the thoughts that came into your mind?

MR: I saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad working through Minister Farrakhan.

In other words, when he said that when he came back, he didn’t necessarily mean that he would come back as the individual, as I know–the 5’6” man, balding.

He didn’t necessarily have to come back and show me that finite body of his. But, I see his comeback stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger, every time I hear our leader, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speak.

I know that that’s the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in him. I know that.

I’m not guessing. I just know that, because I know his voice and I know that what the Minister is speaking is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

So, in hearing all these things, I just began to rejoice, and rejoice, and rejoice, because I know what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, and he hasn’t missed not one beat, and he said that God could save him–and if he couldn’t save him, we didn’t have a chance.

So, I know with that, just reading and with that, what he told me, makes me to know that he’s alive.

JM: Thank you so much.

May these articles help us to see us in that process and my purpose to help my Brother, Minister Farrakhan, especially at this time.

The above and the previous article took place on June 17, 1993 when I was making a book.

The first time I saw Brother Rahman was in Los Angeles, California. I intend to write more about this event later.

Read this carefully: “The Resurrection of Jesus” by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, April 18, 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. I Bear Witness There Is No God But Allah, And I Bear Witness That Muhammad Is His Messenger.

“My beloved Brothers and Sisters, once again it is my great pleasure to have this opportunity to speak with you on the basis of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“Today is a very important day in the Christian world. For this day that is called Easter revolves around the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, which represents a victory.

“Not only a victory over physical death but a victory over all the impediments that keeps man from oneness with God.

“This important day in the life of Christians is also important in the life of a Muslim only from a different perspective.

“There is no Muslim who does not believe in the resurrection of the dead.

“In fact, all Muslims traditionally believe that they will see the return of Jesus. And of all of the men of God that have ever lived and worked on behalf of the righteousness of God among the people.

“Of all of these men, the Muslims only believe that one man will return. And that man, of course, is Jesus.

“So there is a similarity between the belief of the Muslims and the belief of the Christians.”

More next issue, Allah willing.