The Midwest was hit hard by tornadoes the weekend of April 15 as over 100 incidents of deadly storms were reported. Kansas was struck but so were parts of Northwest Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and forecasters were warning more was on the way, headed for Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, at Final Call press time.

Five people had been reported dead as of April 16 and there were 30 people reported injured. Emergency personnel and the American Red Cross were out to provide food and support for survivors of the wave of destruction.

According to the Associated Press an “unconfirmed tornado is believed to have devastated the southwestern Iowa town of Thurman, where at least 75 percent of the homes were wiped out or damaged. ‘It’s a royal mess,’ said Mike Crecelius, director of emergency management for Fremont County.”


“I didn’t think it was that bad until I walked down my street, and everything is gone,” Yvonne Tucker told the Associated Press, adding that a tornado destroyed her home and homes of neighbors in a Wichita mobile home park. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. I’ve seen it on TV, but when it happens to you, it’s surreal,” said the woman, who rode out the storm in a shelter.

Her grief and loss were another reminder of the divine chastisement that continues to lash America and follows massive destruction in 2011. Last year was a record year for disasters with 45 states experiencing major catastrophes in a year in which 99 federally declared natural disasters were seen. “The Insurance Information Institute found that 40 percent of businesses never reopen following a natural or manmade disaster,” according to a report on cnbc.com.

“Munich Re AG said in an annual report that insured losses last year totaled $105 billion–exceeding the previous record of $101 billion set in 2005, when losses were swollen by claims from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans,” the Associated Press reported in January. “The company said the total economic cost last year from natural disasters–including uninsured losses–totaled about $380 billion. That was far above the 2005 record of $220 billion,” the agency said. 2012 has seen its share of disasters with snow, fire, hail, rain, floods and storms with more to come.

In media accounts about these extreme weather events, phrases like “acts of God” or disasters of “biblical proportions” will be uttered but those phrases are more accurate then you may understand.

In the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, the Islamic book of scripture, God uses the forces of nature to punish and destroy those who rebelled against divine order and divine law yesterday. Could it be the same today? It not only “could be”–it is.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his National Representative, Min. Louis Farrakhan, have warned that America fits the prophetic picture of Babylon, Egypt and Rome and the Black people of America and the Western Hemisphere fit the description of the children of Israel and fulfill the prophecy of the seed of Abraham that would serve and be afflicted by a strange people in a strange land for 400 years. In the Bible, God promises to come to this suffering people, save them and destroy their enemies. The weapons God would use, according to the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, would be the forces of nature, rain, hail, snow and earthquake.

“The coming of Allah in search for the Black lost members of their nation today is to make Himself known, so He can conquer our captors by using weapons against which they have no power. He (Allah) will bring attacks of divine judgment of their world without the use of contrived weapons,” writes the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in “The Fall of America,” a book of warning and instruction published in 1973 which is being proven true before our eyes.

“The weapons of war used by God in the past history of the destruction of the enemies of God–such as Noah’s people, Lot’s people and Moses’ people–are an example of what He will use today. The weapons are the forces of nature against which we have no defense. America is under such divine attack now, in storms as rain, hail and earthquakes–(the latter is yet to take place.) A terrific drought is on its way, too, against America. The Book must be fulfilled. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an both refer to all that I have said,” he warns.

“This is the divine judgment to bring vicious America to her knees. She (America) hates the people of God and the Negroes do not know that they are really the people of God. This is the great truth that you must come into the knowledge of–that you are a member of the family of God and not a member of the family of the devil. But you follow the devil, contrary to your own nature. The natural man (Black) is of God Himself. We have been deceived of righteousness, justice and equality by the arch deceiver.

We have been taken from the knowledge of self as being the true people of God and that God is present, seeking us to place us again in the orbit of the Divine Supreme Being where we can rotate in submission to the will of God as the entire universe is doing–except the White race. … Let the political and spiritual leaders unite on such a stand as getting some earth for the people and not getting just a job and a chance to loll around, sleeping and allowing the enemy to protect our responsibility for self. We must bear our own responsibility,” he adds.

“This, the God of justice and truth will force you to do, before He will be defeated. His purpose and aim is to reunite us to our own. He will fight the arch deceiver with the forces of nature and with His own wisdom, which has no equal, to make you and the enemy bow to His will. This is the judgment of the world and especially of the White man in America, who has been here for 400 years, living between the two oceans–the Atlantic and the Pacific–to do as he pleases.”

As God rescued suffering people in the past, are not Blacks in America worthy of salvation today? Are we justified in believing in the scriptures of yesterday if we cannot see and accept God at work in modern times? Does God’s pattern change, or as Min. Farrakhan asked many years ago, “Is God racist too?” If the scriptures of the past are true, then our time has come and our salvation is at hand. If you doubt it, continue to watch the weather but don’t wait too long, the final destruction may come at any time.