–the Journey to Self and the Mind of the Living God

“O man, We have not revealed the Qur’an to thee that thou mayest be unsuccessful, But it is a reminder to him who fears; A revelation form Him Who created the earth and the high heavens.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 1-4

According to most written accounts on the subject of Atlantis, we learn that there was a percentage of the population that were inclined to developing technologies in the manufacturing of weapons of war. In harnessing these negative energies, they began a process of self-destruction. This dissatisfaction numbering about 30 percent may be compared to the 30 percent dissatisfaction that was building up in the thinking of some of the population in Yakub’s time. In the circle of the god-scientists who write our histories to last in 25,000-year cycles, were aware of this dissatisfaction and thus foretold the birth of Yakub and the world that he would produce out of this 30 percent dissatisfaction.

The outside arched wall displays a dolphin carved out of seashells with the name Dolphin House built by hand by Dr. Saunders and helpers using all raw material collected from the island itself.

Some of those living in the Atlantis period had an inclination for mischief-making and deception that would lead to war and bloodshed. This is exactly what the scientists told Yakub that they foresaw in his idea of making a new people to rule the original man. Could this be a coincidence that in Yakub’s time in manufacturing the White race that this history of Atlantis is also prevalent and contains elements of dissatisfaction in the very nature of the society at that time?

It is said that the people of Atlantis with this mindset experimented on highly evolved technology in the making of weapons of war and misused the power of crystals to produce lasers projected at the sun that had the potential to emit death rays to destroy populations. In their continual experimentation, fragmented records on Atlantis describe how this military faction got out of control which brought about their own self-destruction.

What happened to the people who escaped the catastrophic upheavals and earth changes that took place so that it is written that in one fateful night and day, the greater part of Atlantis fell into the ocean’s depth that was caused by horrific volcanic eruptions and seismic activity (earthquakes)?

Some of the sisters photographed with our special host, Antoinette Rolle, in her beautiful home while visiting Bimini. Standing next to Mother Tynnetta on her left is Wanda Muhammad from Atlanta, Georgia and Sister Judy Muhammad from Washington, D.C.

In the course of our present history, are we, too, verging in the same direction as lost Atlantis, moving towards a great catastrophic end with the use of nuclear weapons and other experimental devices which may trigger eruptions of the sun’s powerful explosions interacting with the electromagnetic grid of our planet?

Author and educator, Dr. Ashley B. Saunders, writing in his two-volume quincentennial history of Bimini and the Bahamas, comes to the same conclusion in his chapters on the subject of Atlantis. He quotes some of the writings of Edgar Cayce, known as the “Sleeping Prophet.” Thirty percent of Cayce’s “life readings” were on Atlantis. According to his son, his father never read any books or made a study of Atlantis, but yet, he was doing life readings telepathically on this subject with most of his clients while in a clairvoyant, telepathic state of consciousness for approximately 20 years of his life’s work.

Mr. Saunders writes that, “His concepts were more wondrous than Plato’s. Cayce believed Atlantis was an island near Bimini where an advanced civilization peaked in 50,000 B.C. and was destroyed in 10,000 B.C. By understanding the earth’s fundamental, electrical and gravitational forces, Atlanteans built ‘boats’ that flew by something akin to telaeortations. The same forces helped Atlanteans lift mammoth stones to build splendid temples.

The end began when the Atlanteans became corrupt and developed the ‘firestone,’ a terrible, mighty Crystal of incredible force. It was to be for good to control the ‘great’ animals overrunning the earth. But somehow its rays set in motion the fires in the inner portions of the earth and volcanoes destroyed Atlantis.”

Photo showing the two volume quincentennial publication of Bimini’s history by Dr. Ashley B. Saunders on the door to the entrance of the Dolphin House Museum and Gift Shop in Bimini.

In Dr. Saunders’ poetry appearing in Volume II, he writes under the title: “Searching For Atlantis, … if you’ve ever hunted treasure, You well know that precious secrets are often hidden by encrusted time but truth glistens within, confused or disguised in the form of myths and legends.” Elsewhere he writes under the subject of, “The Temple of Atlantis,” the following words:

“In the temple of Atlantis, they didn’t worship idols. It was religion in essence they were taught to use the mind to tap the universal being that dwells within us. In the temple of Atlantis, they lived there. They stayed there until they were accomplished then went out into the world raising vibrations to create levels of consciousness.”

Now, let us continue with our reflections from our Bimini travelers. The following words were written by Sister Wanda F. Muhammad from Atlanta, Georgia.

“First, I thank Allah Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad for the opportunity to travel with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad. Drinking from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that she so freely shares during our travels gives me a sense of being in the presence of the Exalted Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This experience literally transports one to a higher frequency where time and space take on the quality of enlightenment, love and peace. Our travels are also a training vehicle through which we practice the universal application of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the guidance and mentoring of Mother Tynnetta. As so it was with the Mxodus Retreat at Bimini April 18-24, 2011.

“As an educator, I am always drawn to the learning aspect of our travels. This time our topic of study was the history and significance of the island of Bimini, 19 minutes by air from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our teacher, Dr. Saunders, the historian for Bimini, a poet, author, artist and bush doctor graciously received us at the Dolphin House. This masterful structure, a tribute to the dolphins that are attracted to Bimini as a safe haven, was built by Dr. Saunders with the help of a few others over the last seventeen years. It was the perfect setting for his talk on Bimini and its connection to the lost city of Atlantis.

“On a second visit he gave an extensive review of the naturally growing herbs and plants on Bimini and their medicinal use for all types of ailments from cancer to the common cold. This supreme learning is the basis for all of our experiences wherein Mother Tynnetta constantly pricks our consciousness and remembrance of how the original family uses creativity and ingenuity to live a natural, high quality of life in harmony with nature.

“As we move about our days, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to witness Mother Tynnetta model every aspect of the teachings including how to act abroad, fishing, proper handling of people and a sharing of the teachings in a way that is humble and graceful. It is clear that she has achieved friendships in all walks of life around the globe who embrace us as their friends, too, based on our association with her. Of course, this is not to brag or boast but rather to bear witness that Allah’s promise is true.

“Upon my own introspection, I noticed that the magical quality of the atmosphere affected my spiritual awareness, energy level, clarity of mind and ability to connect with my Mxodus team members and our Bahamian family. I was highly rejuvenated and at the same time relaxed. My pacing seemed to align with the natural order of life. It is as though we got a glimpse of heaven.”

“The Beneficent is established on the Throne of Power. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and whatever is between them and whatever is beneath the soil. And if thou utter the saying aloud, surely He knows the secret, and what is yet more hidden.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 5-7

To be continued.