The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sits in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I first saw this clearly, four months before the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad “left” the United States of America on February 25, 1975. Minister Farrakhan told me that he would start the rebuilding of the Nation of Islam in September 1977. Then he started. Later on you would see my words better and in context. That involves other people.

Sit means: place somebody in seat; be placed or situated; occupy position of authority; to be regarded in particular way; accepted or considered by somebody in a particular way; to fit on somebody in a particular way. Minister Farrakhan was made to be “fit.”


Billions and trillions of people have a history. Everyone has a history. Why do I use these few words above? I’m aware that some people have used my “history” and others intend to “use” my “history” in the public without asking me one question–not one time–nothing!

Some have made their views public, without asking me anything. Others are waiting for me to die, without asking me one question about my life, before death. Explain this? I’m in the process of responding now.

I’ve made my reaction to this public and I put this in The Final Call. But one person has asked me part of my “history” or some of it. Allah willing, you will see it, in a few days.

I will give my purpose and put it in context later and my reason for mentioning it now, Allah willing, 100%!

Below is part of my words that was placed in The Final Call, when I was in the hospital, in 2007. When I woke up, I saw three men. I asked three questions. They react to me. I’ve made that public and I put it in The Final Call three times.

Now, I know these words will produce reactions from others without asking me my history. Why? We–all of us– are living in what is called the end of time. This statement is critical in order to see my article properly.

This was originally written on June 17, 1983 and though he (Jabril) re-reviewed his Introduction prior to the books republication in November of 1994, he made no changes to the content, as he (Jabril) stated clearly “what I wrote then, eleven years ago, I stand by now.”

This book was written to help the reader understand two specific, but critical facts; first, the identity of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad; second, the work and identity of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his unique relationship to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s work.

Though this material was written 24 years ago, it is just as poignant today in 2007 as the year it was published, 1983. The material is being re-presented here to underscore to the readers of the Farrakhan: The Traveler series why the articles were written originally.

These articles were written over a period of time, beginning in the summer of 1981 for The Final Call and later they appeared in The Houston Defender. At the time of the writing of this Introduction, the first ten have appeared in The Final Call. Thirty-three (including the first ten) have been written for The Houston Defender. The 33rd is due to appear in the next week’s issue of that newspaper.

In addition, 27 articles have been written for The Houston Informer. The approach towards fulfilling the ultimate purpose for which that series is being written is somewhat different from the Farrakhan: The Traveler series. The aim, purpose and objective is the same: To help the readers think about Minister Louis Farrakhan in a manner that is pleasing to the Divine Supreme Being and His Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

When anyone disrespects another, they will, to some extent disregard the words of the disrespected one; even when such disrespect is unjustified.

Such disrespect leads to the underestimation and even (in its later stages) hostility and then hatred for the one who is the object of such disrespect. In these cases, it starts out as disrespect and develops into contempt. In some cases, this is worst than that.

To disrespect Minister Farrakhan means that one will misunderstand the message he has from God for our guidance, welfare and the future both of our families and ourselves, regardless to your color, sex, age, profession, etc.

It is my aim, in presenting these articles, to stimulate deep enough thought about Minister Farrakhan to help lift the name and works of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. How?

By stimulating their minds to see Minister Farrakhan more like Allah, His Christ and the Original Writers of the scriptures see him. Why? Because it is only by divine sight that we can properly relate to him. Of course, this principle holds true in all of our relationships.

The more accurately we see the better we can relate to others; even to improving self that we might relate even better to others.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said of and to Minister Farrakhan that he “… would rise to the pinnacle of success and honor in this world’s life.” This world’s life has existed for six thousand years.

Now we are at its end. This world rejected both God and His Anointed One, as it was expected. To reject Minister Farrakhan or twist his words and make this public is to reject him and them. This is to reject the TWO who back him!

The Authors (Wise Original Scientists) of the Holy Qur’an 3:85, raised this question as they pondered our condition, 15,000 plus years ago: “How shall Allah Guide a people who disbelieved after their believing, and after they had borne witness that the Messenger was true, and clear arguments had come to them? And Allah guides not the unjust people.”

Only 144,000 were prophesied to escape the doom of this world, by some of the Wise Scientists. One “slim” last chance, or way was outlined in the scriptures, however, to save the millions of our people; even to providing others of this world a way out.

It’s there in the scriptures. It involved the production of Minister Farrakhan–by the Lord of the worlds, and special preparation by the prayers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for him, before his departure in 1975.

All of this–and more–ultimately depended upon the exquisite execution of the Divine plan by Master Fard Muhammad, which is recorded in the scriptures. He brought the Honorable Elijah Muhammad into the understanding and into the power of working with Him to bring aspects of it into reality.

The position Minister Farrakhan is growing into “… in this world’s life …” reflects the position of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the “heavens.”

Furthermore, it is only from the exalted position–the pinnacle of this world’s life–that Minister Louis Farrakhan can meet with and receive from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the new teachings that will eventually bring our nation to infinitely higher grades. He must go up and be up to meet again with his teacher.

May these articles help us to see us in that process.

Jabril Muhammad
June 17, 1983
More next issue, Allah willing.