“And those who keep their duty to their Lord are conveyed to the Garden in companies until when they come to it, and its doors are opened and the keepers of it say to them:   Peace be to you! You led pure lives; so enter it to abide.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 39, verse 73

When our scientists predicted the birth of Yacub in the year 8,400 and the type of people and civilization he would produce in the grafting of the White Race, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad speaks of Yacub’s civilization coming to birth in a vacuum of our history.   In my attempt to understand exactly what this vacuum means and how it is applied to our present world order, I turned to Webster’s dictionary for a definition.   It describes a vacuum as an emptiness in space absolutely devoid of matter; in other words, a void or a state of isolation from outside influences–also may refer to a people who live in a vacuum.

Some of the sisters boarding their plane in Bimini headed to San Andros in the Bahamas.

With this definition, we may reason that 15,000 years ago, which marks the beginning of our present 25,000-year cycle of history, that a vacuum may apply to earth changes which we are experiencing today, which gradually immerses land in surrounding bodies of water, disappearing in waves of cataclysmic activity.   This also occurs during volcanic eruptions and earthquakes producing tsunamis (huge tidal waves) that sink land masses leaving the space void of material matter.   If these earth changes and subsequent destructions have repeatedly occurred over millenia, leaving no trace of previous civilizations from which to copy, then these lost civilizations are left as myths and legends about the world of previous gods or rulers.


This is exactly what we have today in the story of the Lost Island Continent of Atlantis as told by the Greek philosopher Plato in two of his writings or dialogues entitled, “Timaeus” and “Critias” dating from the fifth century B.C.  

The following excerpts are taken from the book on Atlantis by Edgar Casey written and interpreted by his son, Edgar Evans Casey.   In these excerpts he quotes:

One of the planes and the pilot preparing to take us from Bimini to San Andros, the largest of the Bahamian islands.

“Atlantis Believed Discovered in the Aegean, Not Atlantic,” so said a headline in the Norfolk Ledger–Star, July 19, 1967.   Another headline followed in the New York Times under the title:   “Minoan City found after 3,400 years, is linked to Atlantis.”   Plato introduces the subject of Atlantis in a conversation between Solon (a Greek student) and certain Egyptian priests at a place called Sais, as a large island in the Atlantic which sank in a volcanic catastrophe some 9,000 years previously.”

This is the exact date that corresponds to Yacub’s mission in the making of the White Race.   It is interesting to note that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that as each new scientist or god comes into power, he must create or make something new that is not based upon what the previous gods produced.   Could this be the case for the Lost Continent of Atlantis, the last vestiges of which sank in a catastrophic disaster just prior to Yacub’s emergence as the god scientist of a new civilization dominated by a new race of people, the Caucasian or White Man.

Having as our guide the clairvoyant and “Gatekeeper,” of Atlantis, Professor Ashley Saunders, our minds were able to travel back and forth in time to make these extraordinary connections. The following words were written by Sister Chaava Muhammad from Atlanta, Georgia, on her observations during her visit to Bimini in May 2011.

As we began our trip, the beautiful parting words given to us by the 7th Regional Student, Minister Rasul Muhammad, resonated in my ears.   He shared these words:   “I am very proud and happy for all of you traveling with my mother. … Interestingly, it’s mostly women. … We need our wives and our sisters to go out and bring back something New that we can grow and build on.”   Our travels to Bimini, in the Bahamas, was very profound for me. The trip taught me many lessons about the nature of surviving as an individual and as a group or team.

Bimini is about 50 miles east of Miami.   We departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a chartered plane taking us 19 minutes to reach this beautiful Island. When we first arrived, I immediately noticed how relaxed in movement and spirit the Bimini people were.   This tone was set for the whole trip, “Peace of Mind.”   The airport was small and the Bimini custom workers and attendants worked cheerfully with a smile.

As we departed the airport, I immediately saw the beauty of the flowers, landscape, and felt the heat of the sun.   Although it was hot, it was a different kind of heat and the air felt light and fresh.   When I crossed the waters and left the heavy, stressful, sinful atmosphere of America, I felt a physical as well as spiritual energy that was distinctly different.

Picture of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Dr. Darnita Muhammad and Sis. Callie Muhammad with the pilot of our aircraft.

Although I have traveled several times with the Mxodus team to Mexico, where I also experienced Peace of Mind, in Bimini, I encountered many firsts. As Brother Rasul foretold, I experienced the New.   The first lesson that impacted me took place when we rode the six passenger Cessna aircraft from Bimini to San Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas.     I never imagined that I would be sitting right behind the pilot looking at the gages and dials as he took off and landed the plane.   The ride was smooth over the vast water and then became increasingly more turbulent as we flew over the land.  

Our pilot offered the explanation that over the water it is cool so the ride is smooth.   The heat over the land rises causing it to get pretty rocky.   It made me think of my own beginnings in water with seemingly no worries and then suddenly entering into a world where you become accountable for the decisions you make and it gets very bumpy as we attempt to make the right decisions.  

I thanked Allah for a pilot with the right coordinates and guidance as we navigated taking off and landing at our destinations.

“And they say:   Praise be to Allah! Who has made good to us His promise, and He has made us inherit the land; we abide in the Garden where we please. So goodly is the reward of the workers.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 39, verse 74

To be continued.