An event happened, that I saw a few years ago that produced these series of articles, which I’ve named: “BETRAYAL & ITS ANTIDOTE.” Allah willing, I’ll get to the end of them.

I hope these few articles have helped others. But these series of articles really started some years ago.

These few words involve: Communicating and Motivating that involves God Himself, especially at this time, which is referred to as the end of time.


Have you ever read and/or heard words and/or studied that which contradicts the truth, 100%? What does this word “contradict” mean?

We must see, write and speak to ourselves and to others, the truth NOW, especially during this time. We must stop twisting the truth and telling lies, which involves all kinds of lies on different levels. You must tell the full truth with no lies.

Another event happened in 1955 that produced that which led to this very short article. I cannot go fully into that event. But it happened.

When we (The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and I) first saw each other, he was “talking to others” while sitting at the counter, in the Muslim “owned” restaurant, in New York City. I was washing pots and pans. Then we made eye contact with each other and we both smiled. This was the first time we saw each other. You were not there. Smile.

Now, in 1955 membership was increasing in the Nation of Islam. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad delivered a Saviours’ Day address in Chicago, Illinois. He saw Minister Farrakhan, during his address and gave him his assignment when he first saw him.

The next year 1956 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave Saviours’ Day gifts. I reacted to him with a letter. He gave me my assignment right then.

I’m very aware that my articles have produced some level of dislike to 100% hatred for them and me. Some have and still are trying to change the history. But others are learning the truth of it. That involves division. That also involves the history of my books and more. Why not ask me about that history? Does this expose people?

This is in the Bible and the Holy Quran–that involves all of us reading this article and others who don’t know the truth, which is waaay past me. I did not write the Bible and Holy Qur’an.

But I’ve seen the changes. I did not make the changes in them. All of my knowledge of Minister Farrakhan and all that involves him came from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Did you hear Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day address of February 28, 2010? That event came from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to him.

And then the most powerful Jews reacted.

And then the Supreme Being, God Himself reacted, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and then the angels reacted!

In 1964, Minister Malcolm X decided to separate from the Nation of Islam, openly and formed his own religious and political organization. His very public defection from the Nation of Islam was based on his misinterpretation of the domestic life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and more.

Minister Louis Farrakhan and the ministers of Islam defended the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam against these attacks in mass media in their public speeches, written editorials and other public ways–but all of them were very public and truthful.

I was involved in it 100%. I’ve made it very public.

Sometime in 1964, I bought a used book on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Due to the technical nature of it, I read just so far and then I stopped. I did not get any where near close to its final chapters. I more or less discarded that book. I did not read any more of it.

Nine years passed. Now it was early in 1973. While working on a book something in that little book that I vaguely remembered struck me with great force. I dug the book up and searched through it for what I felt was in it for the book I was writing.

Now, that book (my book) is dead but it involves the two Messiahs, which are very much alive! Allah willing, I will make that very clear.

But for now, I read the last chapter of his book. Actually, it was a series of points hinted at, somewhere early in it, which the author made clearer–to me at that time–and demonstrated, in clear terms, which I did not see, at that time. It involves the last chapter, which I had not read after nine years passed. But, I saw what I saw.

It was that the people who produced the Dead Sea Scrolls did so, under divine guidance, for a specific future people, who would live at the end of this world’s time–which is right now!

The author, Dr. Hugh J. Schonfield, claimed that the Dead Sea Scroll writers wrote them to provide guidance for a specific future people, which he stated are on the planet NOW!

One of the very interesting items that I put in the book, I was working on, in the early 70’s, was the prophecy of the coming of the two Messiahs.

Dr. Hugh J. Schoenfield and I exchanged letters. He all but admitted that this “chosen” people, he wrote of, had to be the Black man and woman of America. But he didn’t. He is Jewish. He is a scholar. I’m not. I’m a Black man who almost quit high school. I must make clear what happened at that time, Allah willing. I intend to go back to “BETRAYAL & ITS ANTIDOTE” later.

Here is a section from that work, which contains the essence of Dr. Schonfield’s conclusions and my some of my comments on his findings.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been so well taught by his Teacher (God Himself) that he knows exactly who is who and what is what, as well as what to expect and from whom, and the time. His Teacher is He Whose mind is not bound by time or space.

In addition, he was taught to an exceptional degree the roots of the laws that govern the course of history. This puts him in a very unique position.

He has been given the understanding of exactly what from the past tells of the present, namely the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.

When he first saw Minister Farrakhan, he gave him his assignment, right on the spot! That involves the time and the condition of the Black man and women and others.

Most Black people are still not aware of the extent to which the scriptures are relevant to our times and problems; in short, our overall situation. They don’t know how these two books relate to the solutions of all of our problems. These books do point out those persons who profoundly affect our lives, and the destiny of nations, whether for good or for evil.

I’ve written these words. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked Minister Farrakhan to come before the religious community and then made the following announcement while digressing from his previously stated remarks:

“I want you to remember, today, I have one of my greatest preachers here–what are you hiding behind the sycamore tree for, brother? (He chuckled)–c’mon around here where they can see you. (A rousing round of applause ensued).

“We have with us today,” the Messenger continued, “We have with us–one of our great national preacher. The preacher who don’t mind going into Harlem, New York, one of the most worst towns in our nation or cities. It is our brother in Detroit and Chicago or New York. But, I want you to remember every week he’s on the air helping me to reach those people that I can’t get out of my house and go reach them like he.

“I want you to pay good attention to his preaching. His preaching is a bearing of witness to me and what God has given to me,” he declared. “This is one of the strongest national preachers that I have in the bounds of North America.

“Everywhere you hear him, listen to him. Everywhere you see him, look at him. Everywhere he advises you to go, go. Everywhere he advises you to stay from, stay from.

“For we are thankful to Allah for this great helper of mine, Minister Farrakhan.” (Another rousing round of applause ensued). “He’s not a proud man,” he said. “He’s a very humble man. If he can carry you across the lake without dropping you in; he don’t say when you get on the other side, ‘You see what I have done?’ He tells you, ‘You see what Allah has done.’

“He doesn’t take it upon himself. He’s a mighty fine preacher. We hear him every week, and I say continue to hear our Minister Farrakhan. I thank you.”

How many of us who read these words relate it to all of the words of the truth that came from the Supreme Being? This involves the truth of envy and jealousy and more, which is evil of different kinds on different levels. It doesn’t require details this is a very, very short article.

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which … do lie;” Revelation 3:9.

“…and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone:” Revelation 21:8

“These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that devised wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” Proverbs 6:16-19

More next issue Allah willing.