MOSQUE MARYAM ( – Winnie Madikizela-Mandela honored the Nation of Islam with her presence during the Mar. 5 Sunday lecture by Minister Farrakhan, and gave the audience a special gift by delivering brief remarks after Minister Farrakhan concluded his address.

She was in the city to receive the inaugural International Phenomenal Woman Award at a Mar. 3 gala that opened the annual weekend of festivities of WV103’s “Expo for Today’s Black Woman.”

As head of the ANC Women’s League in South Africa, the freedom fighter is loved worldwide for her commitment to attaining the full and complete liberation of her people. She has become a voice for the oppressed globally, which was evident in her comments at Mosque Maryam. She observed that the words of Minister Farrakhan reflected her position while fighting the repressive system of South African apartheid.


“He said exactly what I would have said 10 years ago in South Africa,” she declared. “When I am in this House of God, I feel liberated because it speaks the language I know, the language that refuses to succumb to White domination. Indeed, we have been so colonized that some of us do not want to be reminded that we are slaves.”

She stressed that we are all still intellectually enslaved and that the struggle of Black people in America is connected to the struggle of our people on the African continent.

“We could never have been totally free until you, too, are totally free,” she said to thunderous applause.

She admonished us for believing that White people have changed, insisting that only the circumstances have changed, which force them to pretend to have changed.

“It is not possible for human nature to change,” she maintained. “If they had changed, we could not have found them bombing Afghanistan and Iraq.”

She concluded, “The struggle goes on!”