By Charlene Muhammad CHARLENEM

Learning more about the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

ROSEMONT, Ill. – “Business is booming” is a popular phrase in U.S. economics or at least it was for many before the mortgage crisis crippled financial markets, bankrupted the middle class, and decimated the already poor. But in fact, business is warfare, with Blacks the usual casualties, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has declared.

Jackie Muhammad, facilitator and researcher with the Nation of Islam Historical Research Group, laid the foundation for the overall research and discussion at the “Business is Warfare: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews,” Saviours’ Day 2012 plenary session on Feb. 24.


Who initiated the war against Blacks, what was their battle plan, and how might Blacks use that same plan for their rise? he asked. His question led into a recitation of Min. Farrakhan’s position.

“In Economics, when Black people go into business, it is another form of war; when you begin to take money out of White companies and bring it back into the Black community, it is an act of war. That is the way they see it,” he wrote in “The Will of God, Part 3,” which is part of a course Min. Farrakhan created entitled, “Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development.”

“The weapons that were used against us were the Bible, Jim Crow sharecropping, debt, and those weapons of enslavement are still being used against us today,” Jackie Muhammad said.

Members of the Research Group gave in-depth analysis with a historical grounding on the business motives of the African slave trade from its roots to current Black conditions. They aimed to arm session attendees with as many intellectual weapons as possible to prepare them for the fight.

“Our weapons for this war are truth and knowledge,” he said. Knowledge is the result of learning, as defined by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Jackie Muhammad said. “It is a force or energy that makes its bearer overcome all obstacles and resistance. It is an attribute of God,” he added, reading the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s words.

He then said the basis for the Research Group’s factual knowledge is the “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2.” The 512-page, red-bound book captures what happened to put Black people in the deplorable, dehumanizing, demeaning and marginalized condition they are in today and it shows who put them there.

Vol. 2, subtitled, “How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy,” is a follow up, rather an extension, of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1,” which restates historical facts on the cruel, hidden history between Blacks and Jews.

“I must admit I was not aware until I read this book the real suffering that our people had gone through,” said Student Minister Donna Farrakhan. She understood the physical part of the suffering but not the extremes that some go through to ensure the failure and bondage of an entire people.

“This book lays it all out for you and for me,” said the daughter of Min. Louis Farrakhan, publicly thanking the Research Group for its fearless defense of her father. She said the group, which is a kind of defense team, is important to Min. Farrakhan because he is in a fight with an enemy who forced Blacks to build today’s civilization. It isn’t just about the color of their skin but what Black value was in building a land for others to enjoy, she said.

“You built America! You deserve to own some of this land to call your own and Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad understood that point very well and He did not leave us alone,” she said.

“He left us with someone that would help be your defender in their absence and that man is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He is a great advocate of the Black man and Black woman, not just in America, but all over the world. He is for the oppressed people,” Student Min. Donna Farrakhan said.

Signaling agreement, the audience gave her a standing ovation with cheering and clapping prolonged as she continued, “He (Min. Farrakhan) deserves a defense team that will battle in the name of Allah and his Messenger that will fight the battle of the righteous! He deserves Black men and Black women who are unafraid, who are uncompromising, who will die for their people because we are not living now!”

Part of Min. Farrakhan’s mission is to continue to reveal the reality of God, uncover Satan, and help establish a universal government of peace wherein all can live in peace together. But peace will remain elusive as long as people are ignorant to the facts of how they fell into their condition.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, founding director and current second vice-president of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations, said “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” and works to follow should be part of the restoration of Black minds. Blacks should also understand the blessing they have before them, he said.

“You have no idea how great (Min. Farrakhan) is. I’m here to testify. Just in the past few weeks, I’ve seen the greatness of the man, the compassion of the man the sense of mission of the man, the patience of the man to deal with our mess, and then to be a part of the vision for the future,” Dr. Jeffries said.

He pledged to stand with Min. Farrakhan and help the Research Group with all the resources he could gather. His talk included an exploration of the four-way profit system of slavery, how it moved from Africa into the Caribbean, and the 13 Jewish colonies and trading posts that were established.

“We can see when we study the enslavement process, ‘Business is Warfare’ is a fantastic title for us to go away with today because there has been a systematic sustained protracted warfare against us and the key to the super-exploitation is the control of business,” he said.

Blacks aren’t poor, he said, just poor in their understanding. Even with the confusion and the super exploitation, Blacks produce each year at least $1 trillion in income.

“If we knew how to use that wealth, we could turn survival into development, but you’ve got to have a systems analysis,” Dr. Jeffries continued.

He cited three components of every system as economics, politics, and culture. Economics is the creative productive capability. Politics, what the people themselves do in their homes, institutions, and communities, compliments economics and they service man when culture is in place, he said.

“Culture tells you what type of economics to develop and who to do your politics with,” Dr. Jeffries said. He said this is a Nation of Islam formula set up by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which should be studied and used, as others have understood and done.

“‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews’” has focused on the particular evil genius of how the Jewish community has put together their economics, their politics, their culture to control what they’re involved in and they’ve made business not only warfare, they’ve made it a religion. They’ve made it a part of their culture,” he said.

Dr. Ridgely Muhammad, manager of Muhammad Farms, emphasized the session was not established to bash any people but present factual information that would enable the audience to draw its own conclusions.

Demetric Muhammad, a student minister at Muhammad Mosque No. 55 in Memphis, Tennessee, told the audience the experience of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Fish Program was one of the secrets of the relationship between Blacks and Jews. When Muslims established the fish program under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s leadership, then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger personally intervened with the government of Peru and instructed them not to do business with the N.O.I., he said.

“What very few recognize is that at every step of Blacks’ desire to be independent, they have been undermined,” Student Min. Demetric Muhammad said.

Jackie Muhammad ended the session by encouraging the audience to become active with the written material. “Minister Farrakhan said he wants you to become a reader nation. Turn the TV off and turn on your mind,” he said.