Why do you think The Supreme Being produced this situation, which is called “the end of time?” When did He produce it? How? And why?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke for a few hours during his Saviours’ Day address and you could see and or hear his words around the Planet Earth!

He made it very clear although some don’t believe him and some people made changes to the truth, of it to others, who don’t know it over the years. But he made it very clear all over the earth.


In the book Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???, is contained material about a few major aspects of the lives of two men, who are so significant, that their lives affect the lives of every human being on this earth, in the most profound manner; even though most are not aware of this at present when I wrote this little book. I’ve made a few changes in the edition that contains the letter from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to me and Minister Farrakhan’s reaction to the letter.

One man is thought of by almost everyone who has heard of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead. The other man not only publicly represents the one thought to be dead, as very much alive–in every sense of that word–but also has proclaimed that the one he represents is exercising tremendous power throughout the earth.

It was announced to the world that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad died on February 25, 1975. This announcement came, that morning, in a Catholic hospital–Mercy Hospital–in Chicago, Illinois.

That morning, his son, Joshua, telephoned Minister Farrakhan from the hospital, just outside of the room of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He told his father that the doctors had indeed pronounced the death of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

A few days later Minister Farrakhan went to the Griffith Funeral Home to view a body, which he, and almost all others there were thoroughly convinced was that of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

These were the saddest days of his life. Time passed.

What happened between February 25, 1975 to February 22, 1981 when Minister Farrakhan, confidently announced, in the Auditorium Theater, in Chicago, Illinois, to a little over 3,200 people that his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was in fact not dead at all!

Then on September 17, 1985 Minister Farrakhan had what I called publicly his “More Than A Vision Experience.” And then on February 28, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois he delivered his Saviours’ Day address titled The Time and What Must Be Done: The Wheel that produced a reaction towards him, from the most powerful Jews. And then some people saw the planes over Chicago. You can read it in the newspaper.

I have tried to put for many years a connection between the planes and him and more. I also tried for many years to make clear a connection between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who is not dead and us.

That involves much.

How many people study why I’m using the word “much?” That involves the truth to yourself and others without lying–100%.

I’m aware that many people do not know the history of this little book. Is it important? How do you see Minister Farrakhan’s words to me that produced this book? Does that involve the word “history?”

How many people study the word “history” or the “idea” that came from God, Himself? Others use the word history that is 100% less than the truth.

On page 100 of Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive??? You can read:

“On June 5, 2006 I interviewed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on a number of topics. One of them was what he thought about my idea of placing the letter that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad sent to me back in November 1966, in this book. Here was his response.

“There is no witness stronger than his own witness of what he knew would come to him, except Allah. He told you in the letter that he would escape a death plot. He gave several instances of scripture that confirmed that.

“So our saying he’s alive is strengthened by his words and he confirms what we’ve been saying that he is alive in the face of those who say: ‘Well the Honorable Elijah Muhammad never said nothing like that’ or ‘I never heard nothing like that’ or ‘I don’t believe the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive.’

“Well here’s a letter that he wrote at such and such a time in a certain context. And he bears witness that he would be taken on the heel of a death plot. Then, in connection with this death plot, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told you that, ‘If Allah had not shown me how I was going to escape, I would have no hope.’ ”

It was written of him that he would be escorted, up to a point, then to go on to his glorious second in person meeting with his Teacher. He has been healed and is now wearing his crown of glory and seated at the right hand of the wisest, most loving and powerful being Who has and Who will ever live: Master Fard Muhammad.

His Teacher has given to him that book which contains the wisdom and the guidance for the next world, which exists in a great measure, where they are.

In the gospels we read where Jesus prayed to his father that His will be on earth as it is in heaven. In the last book of the Bible, called Revelation, we read of their meeting and of a city, called New Jerusalem, which is seen coming down from heaven.

This is to say that those in that heavenly state are working on and have an on going connection to those on earth–where we are.

The fact that Jesus said that there is more joy over a sinner who repents than over the goodness of one who keeps on being good, tells us that regardless to how well off and happy those in the heavenly state are, they are deeply affected by the behaviour of those of us here where a raging war is being waged in and for the souls of men and women.

From where he is, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is working through and guiding his servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He is doing so with wisdom, which exceeds any definition of wisdom, which this world can imagine.

Through Minister Farrakhan he is making clear the right road or the straight path in which we all must walk. He is being divinely used to clearly point to a far better world here and in the hereafter. This service to us is of the greatest, the highest value.

I’m asking you to study these photos, which is part of my article.

More next issue, Allah willing.