(FinalCall.com) – Founded by Afrika Bambaataa in the mid-1970s in the South Bronx, Universal Zulu Nation has dedicated itself to ending street violence among the youth through the empowering voice and expression of Hip Hop. Presently, Universal Zulu Nation has chapters all over the world developing cross-generational and cross-cultural programs under the banner of Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun.

While a major national celebration of the 38th Anniversary of Universal Zulu Nation’s founding took place in New York, smaller local celebrations took place on the same day throughout the rest of the world, including one at 6th Street Studios in Miami’s Little Havana district. The all-day event included music, children activities, artist and dance performances and community discussions.

The FOI of Muhammad Mosque No. 29 was a feature at the festive gathering. Student 7th Regional Captain Al Muhammad led the men into a drill exhibition while discussing the importance of teaching discipline to the youth.


Student Assistant Minister for the 7th Regional Student Minister Rasul Muhammad, Bro. Garthion Muhammad, spoke about the current state of Hip Hop promoting “a culture of death” that we must come out of. After freestyling conscious lyrics, he noted how it was artists such as Public Enemy, Rakim and KRS-One while growing up that inspired him to become more studious, aware of the realities of the world and accept responsibility for himself, his family and his community.

Bro. Tony Muhammad, spoke about the importance of returning to the principles of activism through which Hip Hop were birthed. He warned the older generations who were present about the danger of witnessing the denigration of Hip Hop through corporations but doing very little to organize programs for them to exercise their creativity productively. He added, “The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that success in any time period means the mastery of difficulty … when we don’t have to struggle we become comfortable. We aren’t going out to Hip Hop concerts like how we used to. Our focus must be on doing for ourselves and improving the quality of life of our youth!”

South Florida Zulu Nation Chapter Leader Darwing “Image” Flores commented to the Final Call, “It was an honor having The Nation of Islam take part at the 38th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation and celebrating Hip Hop History month here at 6th Street Studios in Little Havana … The purpose of this event was to bring man, woman, and child together spreading peace, unity, love and having fun in our community.” He added, “How can we survive? By coming together like one strong fist … making an impact with words, sound, power and the oneness of God.”