“Truthful God! By the Qur’an, possessing eminence!   Nay, those who disbelieve are in self-exaltation and opposition.   How many a generation We destroyed before them, then they cried when there was no longer time for escape.   And they wonder that a warner from among themselves has come to them, and the disbelievers say:   This is an enchanter, a liar.   Makes he the gods a single God?   Surely this is a strange thing.” Holy Qur’an, Surah 38, verses 1-5

Beautiful landscape in Mongolia. Photo: Yeowatzup

As I begin this series of articles going deeper into our psyche, giving expression to our super conscious minds, we are entering into the “Twilight Zone” of almost unimaginable discoveries of worlds within worlds beyond our present horizons.   Our guide to these unknown worlds is Almighty God Allah upon whom we depend to carry us safely through our journey.   We are aware that the human species barely uses ten percent of our brain power, so it is into these deeper worlds that are hidden in our inner consciousness into which we are making our journey getting acquainted with our inner self as a flame of light.   Relax and quiet the mind and put fear behind us. We are standing outside the door of our entrance into parallel worlds and parallel universes that exist all at once, beckoning us to enter into these higher dimensions of thought.

Many years ago in the 1980s, I dreamed of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan leading me down a long corridor to a door which he opened beckoning me to enter.   As I looked inside the room, I wanted him to enter and not me; however, once I entered the room, it was in appearance like a large classroom filled with students.   A chair was pointed out to me in which I was to sit.   Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, was standing at a blackboard on which was written the number 144,000.   In the center of the dome-shaped ceiling was a large, crystal chandelier.   Then I awakened and wondered what this meant in terms of the future.

Photo of Mother Tynnetta in front of a Ger on her fi rst journey to Mongolia. Photo: Courtesy of Cultural Links

As we continue this journey and time travel past, present and future, let us review some of the principles taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad concerning Master Fard Muhammad’s Teachings on the methodology to be used in our studies in preparation to access knowledge that will lead us to the life of the Hereafter.   In our 13 paragraphs of instructions to the earlier laborers, we are taught that: “The Laborers Must Speak and Use grammatic pronunciation of words, syllables in Past, Future, Present and Perfect Tense.”   When the language is combined with numbers, we begin to turn the rusty locks of our imagination and access the treasures that are buried deeply into our subconscious mind and begin to remember and discover everything we had forgotten from the time of our childhood and before, through the stages of our growth, into adult life.   The following is an example of how this methodology works:   In reviewing the story and film of “Alice in Wonderland,” and looking at the combination of letters, syllables, and words encrypted in the title of this fairytale, we find that there is an inner meaning to the word, wonderland.   By removing the initial letter “w,” we have underland.

In this story, Alice follows the rabbit into the woods where she falls into a long hole located at the trunk of a tree.   Below in the underland, she finds a whole new world of people, civilizations and animal and plant kingdoms which she must conquer and overcome in order to get back home again.   In the story, “The Wiz,” we have the same basic storyline where Dorothy is carried into a whirlwind and is taken into another world far away.   She is instructed by her companions to follow the yellow brick road to meet the great Wizard of Oz.   In the popular holiday called Halloween, when separating the word into syllables, we get “hollow,” which makes a reference to the inner earth or the hollow earth in which goblins and witches and other creatures demonstrate their powers. These are some simple analogies of how the use of language, studying letters, syllables, words, along with numbers, causes or brings us to enter into another world of thought.

According to paragraph one of those early instructions to the laborers, it is the study of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s answers to our Lessons that must be studied and memorized with him being the guide and example through whom God’s mystery would be revealed and we would see the light.  

In our ongoing study of the history of Ghengis Khan and Mongolia’s sacred places, it is interesting to observe the striking parallels between the rise of a hithertofore unknown nomadic nation to the zenith of power as noted in the rise of the Nation of Islam in America from among a people who are considered to be no people at all.   It is fascinating to observe in our investigative studies that parallel to our last visit to Mongolia in August of 2011 that CNN news and now National Geographic and the History Channel have all teamed up in covering stories and documentaries based on the great Mongol Ruler, Ghengis Khan.  

A series is to be shown this week on CNN on the subject of The Silk Road Caravans that travelled from West to East on the old, ancient trade routes that lead from Europe, Italy, through Turkey, into Central Asia or Eurasia, through the so-called roof of our planet, passing through parts of India, Afghanistan and China.   National Geographic has also concluded a study in search of the lost tomb of Ghengis Khan near the sacred place of his birth and early childhood in and around sacred mountains and lakes that was forbidden or restricted to the common people to enter.   It must be remembered that Ghengis Khan was not an ordinary leader.   He was entrusted with a mandate from heaven or God to organize his people and to unite the tribes and nations under One God and One kingdom, as the new conquerors and rulers of the world.

It was revealed to him near the sacred mountains and river valleys in Mongolia that he was raised as a punishment from God to fight against the wicked and corrupt societies and nations that surrounded him.   It is becoming clearer and clearer that we are living in parallel worlds and that we as a nation and a people are repeating the histories of the great prophets and leaders that preceded us to bring an end to war and establish a New World Kingdom of peace, freedom, justice and equality.

“Has the Reminder been revealed to him from among us?   Nay, they are in doubt as to My Reminder.   Nay, they have not yet tasted My chastisement.   Or, have they the treasures of the mercy of thy Lord, the Mighty, the Great Giver?   Or is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them theirs? Then let them rise higher in means.   What an army of the allies is here put to flight.” Holy Qur’an, Surah 38, verses 8-11

To be continued.