Comprehensive Report 2011 Outlined By Vanguard Anita Muhammad

“Then We have given the Book as inheritance to those whom We have chosen from among Our servants: so of them is he who wrongs himself, and of them is he who takes a middle course, and of them is he who is foremost in deeds of goodness by Allah’s permission. That is the great grace.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 35, verses 32

In the preparation for the 800th Anniversary of Ghengis Khan and the Mongol Nation on the Washington Mall in 2006, Sister Anita Muhammad reached out, per my request, and contacted the head department of the V.I.P. Services for the Smithsonian. Our contactee turned out to be the most helpful and influential woman who led us to other meetings with several imminent persons working at the Smithsonian Institution. One of those persons interested in meeting with us was the outstanding Black scholar, educator, and author, John W. Franklin, program manager, for the upcoming construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This would become the nineteenth remaining site on the mall under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Franklin’s words to us when we met were that it is time that the Nation of Islam in America be viewed within the perspective of its importance to Black history and our accomplishments.


The details of this monumental effort are now going forward. It is fascinating to review that this meeting and discussion took place exactly at the same time that Mongolia was celebrating her 800th Anniversary of Ghengis Khan and the Mongol Nation. Sister Anita Muhammad and myself returned that year, 2006, to Ulanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia to participate in the 800th commemorative celebration sponsored by the government and outstanding artists and organizations from around the world with its pivotal events centered around the Nadaam Festival.

Sister Anita Muhammad’s report continues:

Using some of our own culture and philosophy, this trip can be chronicled into several parts:

Being a cultural ambassador for the Nation of Peace;

The importance of seeking knowledge–even as far off as China;

The attainment of friendship in all walks of life;

Service as a building block of Peace;

Arts and Culture as a means of Positive Youth Development;

We hope to provide our nation with more in-depth coverage of this recent trip as we were fortunate enough to be able to record the majority of our journey either through pictures, video or audio. The debut of TAHA: The Final Call Symphonic Suite at the 2009 Saviours’ Day was a mere glimpse at the lifetime journey for knowledge and arts development by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and those who have been a part of her work. The Mongolian connection to this work will fully expose to many in our community the heretofore unknown connections we, as original people, have to this region of the earth.

Cultural Ambassadors for the Nation of Peace

Travel to Mongolia included two main focuses: 1) Solidify the existing arts, cultural and religious partnerships which were gained on previous trips and, 2) To participate in the Global Peace Leadership Conference which was celebrated by over 30 countries. Each focal point had within itself a moving agenda that required us to be flexible, responsive and have the ability to engage diplomatically with many different cultures. To our surprise we, as members of the Nation of Islam attending the Global Peace Leadership Conference, were well known to our brothers and sisters in Far East Asia. Each day we were transported to the Mongolian government headquarters, the State Palace, and were greeted with a salute by Mongolian security personnel.

The first night was special as we attended the Receiving Banquet sponsored by the Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was our first visit inside the Government Palace. We were blessed to make our first planned connection with the world famous composer, Natsag Jantsannarrov, one of the leaders of the Mongolian Arts Council. In previous visits, he was instrumental in helping Mother Tynnetta to connect with arts leaders in the country. The banquet began with an overview of traditional Mongolian music, dance and fashion.

Although there were representatives from all over the globe, our first dinner companions all seemed to be from the United States. Leaders in their own right, we enjoyed our first meal with Rev. Paul Murray, Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Christian fellowship in Maryland, televangelists Robert and Donna Schuler, formerly of the Crystal Cathedral in California, Bishop S.Y. Younger, Senior Pastor of The Ramp Church International in Virginia, Bishop Douglas Chesson, Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Massachusetts.

Along with the rekindling friendships from previous journeys throughout the conference, we were honored to meet many who were delighted to have us in attendance. One such attendee was Bro. Mushahid Hussain Sayed of Pakistan, who is a Senator and Chairman of Pakistan’s Foreign Relations Committee. He is also the Secretary General of the ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League. Bro. Mushahid was so excited to let us know of his great admiration of the Nation of Islam’s work in America and even more impressed at our ability to instill pride in the downtrodden Black man of America. He was especially excited at the opportunity to meet personally with the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan who he called “His Excellency … a strong Muslim … not a hypocrite … who speaks the truth … who is unafraid. …!”

Bro. Mushahid was so excited to meet with representatives of the Nation that he honored Mother Tynnetta with an unexpected seat at the parliamentary roundtable discussion headed by world leaders at the conference. It was at this roundtable discussion that Mother Tynnetta shared words of wisdom, guidance and scripture from The Hon. Elijah Muhammad. Her words were so profound that they were mentioned in the closing session of the overall event. Part of what was significant about this closing session was that although the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan were not physically present at the event, they were mentioned at the closing session because their spirit was in Mongolia through the words shared by Mother Tynnetta.

Another attendee was Bro. Edgardo O. Castro of Indonesia who we met during a breakfast meeting. He detailed how he had accompanied a delegation from Indonesia serving in their government. Bro. Edgardo shared that his country was one of the few that still recognized the Gadhafi regime as the ruling government in Libya. He detailed how he had great respect for the work of the Nation of Islam in America, and as a representative of his country in the U.S. during 1995, had attended the historic Million Man March. He, too, was clear of our works and was very helpful in introducing us to his almost all-female delegation. These women who are government leaders in their country were so gracious at our attendance and complementary of our dress, that they showered us with gifts of broaches, pins and historical notebooks as a token of friendship and peace.

In attendance were Hon. Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Rahman, Senator in the Parliament in Malaysia; Mr. Boon SomInong, Senator, Parliament of Malaysia; Hon. Maria Georgina Vera Perez de Venecia, House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines; Hon. Bernadette Cruz-Herrera Dy, House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines; Hon. Josefina Manuel Joson, House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines; and the Hon. Fatimah Aliah Dimaporo, House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines, who is the first Muslim female to hold this position.

Lastly, was Chief Robert Joseph, hereditary Chief of the Gwa wa enuk First Nation representing 24 native tribes. Chief Joseph proudly recalled how many native American tribes traced their roots to Mongolian soil. He mentioned that while some refuse to acknowledge this, it is not a real source of contention among tribes. Chief Joseph was interviewed by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad so that we might foster greater relationships with our nation and his. He, too, was familiar with the work of the Nation of Islam and looked forward to future communication with our representatives.

“Gardens of perpetuity, which they enter–they are made to wear therein bracelets of gold and pearls, and their dress therein is silk. And they say: Praise be to Allah, Who has removed grief from us! Surely our Lord is Forgiving, Multiplier of reward.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 35, verses 33-34

To be continued.