Testimonial From Sister Vanguard Anita Muhammad’s Fourth Visit to the Capital of Ulanbaatar

“And thou art not (engaged) in any affair and thou recitest not concerning it any portion of the Qur’an, and you do no work, but We are witness of you when you are engaged therein. And not the weight of an atom in the earth or in the heaven is hidden from thy Lord, nor anything less than that nor greater, but it is (all) in a clear book.”  —Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verse 61

These are photos taken from Sister Anita Muhammad’s cultural presentation in Washington, D.C., entitled “Living Museum Adventure,” with the students and companions from Muhammad University of Islam. Photo: Courtesy of Cultural Links magazine.

Sister Anita Muhammad reporting from Washington, D.C. has archived many remarkable photos and interviews during her four visits to Mongolia beginning in 2006.   During those journeys, she accompanied me and recorded much historical data and facts which will be included in an upcoming documentary in the making assisted by traveling companion, Vivian X, from the Oakland Bay area in California.   Her inspiring words and report on this last visit to Mongolia, August 23rd to the 28th was featured in my previous article. Sister Anita Muhammad has also been instrumental in previous years with integrating activities that have occurred on the Washington Mall.    


The American government, particularly in Washington, D.C., has gone to some length in recognizing the imminent accomplishments of Genghis Khan in the making and reshaping of the modern world. She has participated along with myself in many outstanding exhibits sponsored by the Smithsonian, which has included musical programming by world renowned virtuoso cellist, Yo Yo Ma, in his presentation of The Silk Road project and exhibits on the mall beginning in 2002.   In connecting her studies and research to the cultural development of the students of Muhammad University of Islam in Washington, D.C., she has encouraged exhibits and theatrical productions at the school on the theme of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Nation in 2004 and 2005.

We begin now with the words of Sister Anita Muhammad:

Photo taken in 2007 with Sister Anita Muhammad (2nd right) photographed with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad (2nd left), with Mongolian Rapper; Akiko, Youth Organizer from the United States and Noriko, our host, from Japan stationed in the capital of Ulanbaatar.

I recently returned from an historic trip with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and Sis. Vivian X, representing the young women of the Nation of Islam as an Ambassador of Peace at the Global Peace Festival in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia.   This was my fourth journey to Mongolia and one of the most rewarding.   This trip served as a “senior year” trip for me for what some might consider preparation for an extraordinary graduation next year at the annual Nadaam Festival.   Our dear  Mother of the faithful, Tynnetta Muhammad, has had us on a journey researching the origins and true meaning behind what we call Asiatic Black for some time.   Her beautiful musical score TAHA will  premiere in Mongolia Insha’Allah and in other parts of Asia in 2012.   This trip was to finalize much of what would be needed to ensure the success of such a monumental feat.   Our prayer is to bring a delegation from the Nation of Islam, to include friends and family on this 2012 journey.

This 2011 trip was not only eventful, but it was jam packed with planned appointments, unexpected visits and historic  introductions that were necessary to ensure our advancement abroad.   I feel personally blessed to have had the opportunity to work on behalf of my Nation in an international manner because a large portion of my personal development  over the last 18 years among the M.G.T.&G.C.C. Vanguard has been toward the area of ambassadorship and cultural relations.   Having the ability to  practice these lessons are both rewarding and life propelling to say the least.   Working closely with Mother Tynnetta brings a certain amount of joy to the work because she offers a fresh perspective and is always challenging her traveling companions to think in a strategic way.   Ofttimes this results in creative projects, new team formations and overall better understanding of our work as citizens in a nation of peace.   I am eternally grateful to both the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Mother Tynnetta Muhammad for their financial support on this recent journey as well as their enormous trust that myself and Sis. Vivian could  complete this recent sojourn with competency and grace.

 “Now, surely the friends of Allah, they have no fear nor do they grieve–Those who believe and keep their duty, For them is good news in this world’s life and in the Hereafter. There is no changing the words of Allah. That is the mighty achievement.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 62-64

To be continued.