“And they planned, and Allah also planned; and Allah is the Best of planners.” Holy Qur’an 3:55

I’m very aware this is a different translation from what you may have, but study it.

We are in a very unique situation–very! How many can really see or call this time the “end of time?” Can we read about the “end of time?” Who wrote about that? Can anyone get that book, or books about it? If we can get a book (or books) who wrote it or them?


This is a very big, big subject–very.

This is a very short article, not a book, or an encyclopedia. But no one explains the truth of this situation better then the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Later, I’ll explain why I use the word situation here.

The wise know it. The rest feel it. The wise know the whys. The rest guess that we are on the threshold of a brand new world and on the brink of a catastrophic holocaust that spells, or tells us we are at the end of this world–right now!

The events of today bring to mind words written long ago in the Bible, hundreds of centuries ago, as it was written that “… there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time … .”

This is that time. Look into Daniel 12:1. I know that there are different Bibles out there that you may have read. But study this.

You, your family, your friends, your enemies and I are all living in that time of trouble, at this unique time, at this very moment.

Along with others, I was blessed to look at and hear the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan address the world on WVON radio station in Chicago! He is doing his assignment 100%.

The word “assignment” means much.

Richard Nixon is right when he writes, “We are at war. We are engaged in a titanic struggle in which the fates of nations are being decided.”

Nixon is also right when he writes, “World War III has begun and we are losing it.” He is also right when he states, “World War III is the first truly global war. No corner of the earth is beyond its reach.”  

But, he again does not publicly include the One, Who was already the winner, even before this war began. But he is mostly right when he states, “World War III is also the first truly total war … .”

I know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote a letter to Richard Nixon and he reacted to him by sending a Black man to him to meet with him.

How do I know? I was there when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote a letter to Richard Nixon, who was the president at that time.

Why am I’m writing this now?  

I wrote this some years ago. This is related to what is going on now.

Something of very great significance is taking place–NOW. As it is written, in Revelation 19 about the Christ, who is a man, He can be seen and will be seen.

Some years ago, I was browsing through former President Richard Nixon’s book entitled, “Leaders,” I came across a statement of his to the effect that just because a nation may be very powerful in the military sense, or in the economic sense, this does not mean that she has a monopoly on the keenest brains, etc.  

He was talking about the need for America to more truly consult her allies. This was good advice, generally, and the principle certainly applies in this very critical situation in which America finds herself.

I wrote, many years ago, this: “As I wrote a few weeks ago, President Reagan needs a divine consultant. If you would examine your Bible carefully, you would find that Moses and Aaron were commissioned by God, not only to talk to their own people, but also God gave them a message for Pharaoh and his people.

“It was the failure of Pharaoh to heed the message that resulted in his army going down in the Red Sea. America and her presidents have acted by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his modern Aaron, just as Pharaoh did by Moses and Aaron.

“Let’s turn our attention to an article written by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in December of 1961, in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper, entitled ‘What Shall Be the End of the America?’”

He wrote, “They say that they love the scriptures of the prophets of God and followers of Jesus. Then let that which they claim to believe be their judge, for if they claim to be believers (of which they are not) in the Scriptures of Allah’s (God’s) prophets … “ he continued, in effect, to go on to say, that surely those prophets prophesied of the present judgment of this world, of which America is the head.

He continued, “Surely they brought the truth, and that which they predicted that would come to the wicked and the righteous in the last days of the evildoers, is the truth and is made manifest in our time.

“America’s price that she must pay for her evils done to her slaves, the lost-found members of the original Nation of Islam from the Tribe of Shabazz that are nicknamed ‘Negroes’ and more, by their slave-masters. She must reap what she has sown.

“She hates her Black slaves, and takes pleasure daily in robbing, beating, and killing them, as though her Black slaves once upon a time robbed and killed them.”

After a few more telling points, he pointed this out, “She has never attempted to mistreat her aggressor nations, those that war against her, in no such evil manner as she does her helpless slaves.”

Further on in his article he said, “I still say that the history of Pharaoh could not have been made a better picture and warning to America and her slaves.

“The very same plagues, almost 100 percent are mentioned and prophesied in the Revelation of John, the last book of the Bible, that brought an end to the symbolic beast, except the fire does not run side-by-side with the water and hail, as in the case of Egypt under Pharaoh, according to both Books, Bible and Holy Qur’an.                  

“Allah used Pharaoh as a sign of the chief enemy devil’s destruction in the last judgment of the opponents of God and the righteous.”    

Many people have books about the history or more about Black people in America. But many people don’t know about my Brother Captain Abdul Wali Muhammad, when he helped me to “get” Minister Louis Farrakhan to “get” to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad some years ago? I will not explain fully! I know some will not see this. But read it, carefully.    

I was in the process of making clear in a book that involves that event, but that book was “destroyed.” Allah is the Best Knower!

I’ve also sent the photograph, which I made of Minister Farrakhan, which is part of my statement in my article.

More next issue, Allah willing.