CHICAGO ( – On October 19, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to spiritual leaders from across the greater Chicagoland area joining members of Christ Universal Temple as they celebrate 55 years of service within the community.

Christ Universal Temple is an iconic place of worship on the city’s South Side, and the Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon– this church’s founder–is also an iconic figure within the faith community.

Minister Farrakhan called Rev. Colemon’s work “marvelous” and that he considered her a “visionary” and “a woman of immense value.” He said she proved that a woman could represent Jesus Christ as well if not better than “arrogant men who think that the Gospel is only for a man to preach.”


“Sometimes we are not acquainted with how God visits us, and we are waiting to die to see God but we’re not careful of God when we see Him every day, and miss Him in our disrespect of one another,” said the Minister. “God visited us in Johnnie Colemon.”

The Minister said Rev. Colemon is a great spiritual teacher raising those under her direction into “Christ consciousness,” preparing those who received her guidance to create and inhabit a better world.

“We are at the end of a cycle. We are at the end of a world of evil and the beginning of a new world that has to be based on new thought,” said Minister Farrakhan. “You can’t bring in a brand new world except you bring a brand new idea, a brand new thought that will produce a brand new mind, out of which will come a brand new world.”

God did not give His only begotten son for the world that presently exists, said Min. Farrakhan.

“He (Jesus) loved the new world, he loved the new thought, he loved the new mind which is the Mind of God and he offered that to every human being who would receive it,” he said.

“Every great teacher stamps their greatness, by producing a student that will carry on their work,” said Minister Farrakhan. “Every great teacher is preserved in their greatness by the student or students that they produce.”

The Minister warned that every student is not a good student. In fact, many take God’s word and represent it, but the heart is not pure enough and the character is not strong enough to do what is required by God to achieve greatness, he said.

“Eloquence is one thing, but good character is the base of all great men and women. Jesus lives because the principles upon which he built his life are eternal. They don’t belong to him, they belong to everyone who would live their lives according to his principles,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Minister Farrakhan smiled each time he spoke of Rev. Derrick Wells, the new Senior Minister of the church whom he described as a “young warrior.” He told the elders to go after the youth to ensure that Christ Universal Temple would have a great future.

The work of the past is not in vain and is being carried on by their new pastor and the faithful who refuse to let go of the principles laid down by Rev. Colemon.

“Yes, the era of Johnnie Coleman has passed, but don’t step off of her foundation,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I believe her spirit will be at peace now because a son of hers that was nurtured on her word is now the Senior Pastor of this great institution.”

The 86-year-old Rev. Clay Evans was on hand and encouraged Rev. Wells and the church family to continue to uphold the high standard set by Rev. Colemon.

“Any time you see the word (in scripture) therefore, that means something was going on before,” said Rev. Evans referring to Dr. Colemon’s work. “She made a mark in this city that will stay with us a long time … no woman in this city has done anything like this.”

Rev. Wells, 41, was installed as Senior Minister on April 17 of this year, and has been hard at work continuing the legacy of Dr. Colemon, his mentor and teacher who has guided him during his 22 years as a member of the church.

“Just as the Rev. Colemon is my spiritual mother, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been my spiritual father,” Rev. Wells said to the audience, then speaking directly to the Minister he said, “I thank you for all that you have poured into me over the years.”