I’m writing these few paragraphs on more than one level, generally speaking. This is due to the complexity of it.

We are in a unique situation. I’m using one dictionary’s definition right now.

The word “Unique” means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else; particular remarkable, special or unusual.”


All of us around the world, especially here in America are reacting to it, right now.

The best and the wise minds know the “whys” generated from it on more than one level.

The preparation for the next world is very, very, unique. Why? This is the first time when the next world is being produced in this wicked world which is going “out” at the same time.

It happens every day, people do evil. For example, many tell lies, in different ways on different levels to other people, who just don’t know that they are being tricked by lies on all levels. This spreads confusion. This is going on in America and in every city–now! Now, why here?

Have you ever seen a person who has been lied about and people don’t know that? When that person is dead, other people learn the truth of it. This is happening more than ever.

Is this a big sign or event that we really are in the “end of this time?” How do we see it?

The worst of us think they can outthink the best of the best of us–who we called the Supreme Being. What causes anybody to think and/or feel that they can outthink or out do the Supreme Being?

Are we living or are we on the brink of a brand new world and at the same time on the brink of a catastrophic holocaust?

The events of today bring to mind words written long ago in the Bible. Hundreds of centuries or more ago it was written that “… there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time … .”

We can read this in Daniel 12:1. You, your family, your friends, your enemies and I live in that time of trouble at this unique time, at this very moment!

With others, I was blessed to see and hear the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s address to the world in Philadelphia, what THEY put in his heart of his assignment 100%! He has been on it 100% since 1977.

I’ve read from Richard Nixon, “We are at war. We are engaged in a titanic struggle in which the fates of nations are being decided.”

However, he publicly omits the Supreme Being’s part in this struggle. How do we–every one of us–see this?

Nixon is also right when he writes, “World War III has begun and we are losing it.

“No corner of the earth is beyond its reach.” But, he again does not publicly include the One Who has already won the war, even before this war began. And he is mostly right when he states “World War III is also the first truly total war… .”

Does this involve what is called “the end the world?”

Something of very great significance is taking place. As it is written in Revelation 19, Christ is on his way. He is a man. He can be seen and will be seen.

The man who is his herald is Minister Farrakhan. The word “herald” means, according to one dictionary, “an official messenger bringing news; a person or thing viewed as a sign that something is about to happen.”

As I was browsing through former President Richard Nixon’s book entitled, Leaders, I came across a statement of his to the effect that just because a nation may be very powerful in the military sense, or in the economic sense, this does not mean that she has a monopoly on the keenest brains, etc.

He was talking about the need for America to more truly consult her allies. This was good advice, generally, and the principle certainly applies in this very critical situation in which America finds herself.

As I wrote a few some years ago, President Reagan needs a divine consultant. If you would examine your Bible carefully, you would find that Moses and Aaron were commissioned by God, not only to talk to their own people, but also God gave them a message for Pharaoh and his people.

Now, I’m repeating this but, how do we really see this: NOW?

It was the failure of Pharaoh to heed the message that resulted in his army going down in the Red Sea. America and her presidents have acted by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his modern Aaron, Minister Louis Farrakhan, just as Pharaoh did by Moses and Aaron.

Below are some of my words, I’ve sent to Chicago for our newspaper. We must see why it is called, The Final Call. The Final Call of what, who and why? I don’t make the headlines of my articles. I just read them.

October 4, 2011 headlines read:

The Elevation of God’s Servant and Victory Over Jealous and Envious Foes.

“A few years ago, the scientists of this world, told the world that Pluto was a very tiny planet. I saw this on TV in January a few years ago. Later, into the middle of the same year, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Mother Tynnetta Muhammad told the world of their wisdom, of the planets that came from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“At the end of that year, (December) the scientists of this world made public their view of the planet Pluto, but again they made Pluto very, very tiny in size. Why? I know this is now September 22, 2011. I know, Allah willing, most people can’t read this until next week.”

Let’s continue with Brother Akbar’s interview.

Brother Jabril: May of ‘65. And he got made National Spokesman, ‘67, ‘68, ‘69?

Brother Akbar: I think in ‘67, or … I thought it was … his title… It was ‘67?

Brother Jabril: … or beyond.

Brother Akbar: I got to look in my book.

Brother Jabril: So by the time he became National Spokesman, you were already the assistant minister?

Brother Akbar: That’s right.

Brother Jabril: Did you see any change in him? How did he handle it? What kind of comment did he make to you about that new position?

Brother Akbar: I don’t think he made any comment. He didn’t make any comment to me directly, other than, he always encouraged us to be good helpers. That was one of the Minister’s hallmarks: making helpers for the Messenger. “I got to make more helpers for my father.” I mean that was his constant theme.

Give the brothers a chance to become helpers. You know, we need a million ministers, and he was always pulling people, looking for helpers.

He set up the Ministry Class, where we could teach young brothers who wanted to become ministers. He allowed brothers who wanted to teach the opportunity to teach.

Brother Jabril: At a certain point he became the object of jealousy and envy. Would you say that his desire to help others to help the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was met with that kind of evil in some others? My question is how did he handle this?

Brother Akbar: Well, for a long time, I guess he looked at me as a younger brother in the Nation; he protected me from a lot of that for a long time.

It wasn’t until about ‘67, ‘68, because I remember in ‘67, he went to New Orleans, and Hampton, and I think that was about the second or third college, I went with him on, outside of the city.

I didn’t go to New Orleans, but I met him in Hampton, Virginia. He taught in Hampton. That was the same time that he went to Dillard.

This was in ‘67, he left there and came to Hampton, and that’s where I met him at on the road. But he kept me away from a lot of that, and then in ‘68 and ‘69, I began to see it and he began to talk about, you know ….

Brother Jabril: Tell me about that.

(That involves jealousy and envy. This is a very short article, but you can read about that when Brother Akbar’s book comes out. In the meantime, you can get Minister Farrakhan’s words of Malcolm X, Part 1 through 3; Saviours’ Day 1965: The Assassination of Malcolm X; The Murder of Malcolm X, 25 Years Later; Malcolm X Movie: The Trial of the NOI.)

Brother Akbar said to me: He (Minister Farrakhan) began to see that coming. That was laying in the back of his brain. And as he began to work, and his star began to rise, he began to see it more and more.

And when he talked about it, he would use the fact that he understood it, because he understood positive jealousy, he said, and so he doesn’t blame them.

He doesn’t feel nothing against them, it’s just that they have what is called positive jealousy, and that they love their leader, and they think that anybody is blocking out any credit or light that should go to the leader, then these brothers rise up.

He said that he could understand them, but I’m not what they would want me to be. You know, I love my leader, and I’m not going to try to get no glory for myself, or take anything away from my leader.

I mean that’s the way he talked to me, which kept me on track. It was good. It was beautiful.

(I interviewed Brother Akbar and others, for a book I was making about 19 or 20 years ago. I have at that time quoted a few people who know Minister Farrakhan, but that involved jealousy and envy. I intend to make their words available in our newspaper.

That book is dead, on some level. It had a chapter involving jealousy and envy.

More next issue, Allah willing.