“O My servants, there is no fear for you this day, nor will you grieve–Those who believed in Our messages and submitted (to Us), Enter the Garden, you and your wives, being made happy. Sent round to them are golden bowls and drinking-cups, and therein is that which (their) souls yearn for and the eyes delight in, and therein you will abide.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 68-71

My journey of silence began this year making my fifth visit to Mongolia starting on August 23rd, the day of my departure from Los Angeles, California, to the day of my return on August 28th. Traveling with two companions from the M.G.T. & G.C.C. Vanguard class of North America, we completed five days of an incredible voyage, as it were, to the center of the earth in northeast Asia. We integrated the impact of an international leadership conference sponsored by the founder Dr. Hyun Jin Moon who has to his credit, the founding of the Global Peace Festival Foundation. This conference was co-sponsored by the government and president of Mongolia in the celebration of the Hun People’s nation and empire from 2,220-year foundation. We were also celebrating the 90th year of Mongolian independence from Manchurian (China).

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad (second left), Sister Vivian X Lee (left) and Anita Muhammad (right) with some of the delegation from Malaysia and Dr. Eva Latham (far right) from the Prague in the Netherlands. Dr. Latham originally comes from the island of Aruba in the West Indies.

Shortly after 1921, they became a satellite Communist nation under Socialist Russia gaining their independence in 1990 as a new emerging Democratic nation. We were exposed to the cultures and ethnicities of many global nations. My two sisters who accompanied me were complimentary in their manners, refinement and diplomatic behavior that fit the occasion so well that their voices and contribution must also be articulated in this special report to our nation and our readers in general. I had envisioned prior to this journey that we would meet and consult with several imminent persons but never to the extent and magnitude to which these meetings transpired. I wish to thank both Sister Vivian X Lee from the Oakland Bay area and Sister Anita Muhammad from Washington, D.C. for their execution of exquisite conduct on this assignment. I also wish to acknowledge M.G.T. Vanguard Sister Leah Muhammad of Indiana who daily persevered diligently in making the initial contact with representatives of the G.P.F.F. (Global Peace Festival Foundation) Organization, in Washington, D.C.


She put us in contact with Holly Haft who walked us through the procedure of registration and travel right up to our arrival in the capital of Ulanbaatar. She provided us with daily schedules of events and secured sponsorship for us which included the main hotel accommodations and representation at the conference with special V.I.P. invitations to luncheons and dinner banquets by the department heads of the Mongolian government. All events took place at the Parlimentary Palace of the Mongolian government.

We begin now with the words of Vivian X Lee.

During our trip to Mongolia, Mother Tynnetta emphasized the significance of this particular journey. Mother Tynnetta has previously shared her personal connection with Mongolia, tracing her ancestry to the lineage of The Great Genghis Khan. During the Global Peace Leadership Conference, we witnessed Original People from all around the world searching for our common origin, and also tracing their history to Mongolia. The Root of Civilization is in The Holy City Mecca, so what is The Connection between Mongolia and Mecca? The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research.

People all over the world are searching for solutions to the problems that exist on our planet and seeking universal peace that will end all suffering. Master Fard Muhammad had to make Himself known in North America to raise first the Black Man and Woman here, to serve a very special purpose. As Students of a Master Teacher, it is our duty to delve into our studies, pursue knowledge in depth and breadth, and bring back what we are learning to share across the Nation. We must quicken our pace of development and increase our effectiveness in helping the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in the Mission of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

At the onset of this trip, Mother Tynnetta stated that we would be practicing to develop our minds and thinking. She reminded us of this fact on several occasions throughout the trip, to ensure we did not become forgetful students. Telepathic abilities enable the student to tune into the Will of God. As Mother Tynnetta taught us, if our will is contained within the Will of Allah, then it will come to pass, and we must align our minds and will with the Mind and Will of Allah.

While we were in Mongolia representing the Nation of Islam in North America, we met friends that Allah has made for us through the great work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Spiritual Father, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We were received enthusiastically and honored with distinguished treatment. Government officials and leaders of community organizations enthusiastically expressed their great respect and love for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his work in uplifting our people, bearing witness to the Divine Power of Unity of the Historic Million Man March and The Minister’s bold and uncompromising stand for Truth.

Additionally, volunteer staff members at the conference who were local university students extended their assistance and service to us in making critical connections for the next phase of developing the historical symphonic suite called “TaHa” that was composed by Mother Tynnetta and premiered at Saviours’ Day in Chicago in 2009, with the help and sponsorship of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

As Mother Tynnetta shared during the Parliamentary Roundtable, “We have to go back to the Original essence of civilization as it originated and how it began to evolve into all of the countries of the world today. … We’re coming to the end of the old world paradigm, whether we’re talking about governments, societies, or whatever, and we have to come up with new thoughts, new thinking that goes beyond the systems that are in place today which have really enslaved most of mankind and society.”

Special note concerning The Vanguard: This process of reflecting on our trip to Mongolia is occurring as Vanguards from all over The Nation are traveling to meet in Chicago for a special Retreat and to receive historic messages from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

During our trip to Mongolia, Mother Tynnetta also made clear that she, too, is very much focused on The Vanguard of our Nation. As young women of Allah, we have a special duty and rolein helping to raise the condition of our people and Our Nation. Let us wrap ourselves in Him through prayer, study, and devotion, and practice silence as the gateway into new knowledge that will bring forth The New Kingdom of Righteousness.

“And this is the Garden, which you are made to inherit on account of what you did. For you therein is abundant fruit to eat thereof.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 72-73

To be continued.