(L-R) Student National Auditing Coordinator A’ishah Muhammad, Student National MGT&GCC Captain Sandy Muhamamd, Student National Secretary Berve Muhammad, Ishmael Muhammad, Student National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrkahan, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson of the World Literacy Crusade and Church of Scientology all look on as Student Minister Nuri Muhammad announces the names of those being honored. Photo: Courtney X Powell

PHILADELPHIA (FinalCall.com) – The Nation of Islam continued its march towards the goal of creating saviours to heal the wounds within the Black community as well as the entire human family.

A special surprise graduation celebration was held Oct. 8 at the Nation of Islam’s Holy Day of Atonement observance in Philadelphia for those who completed their coursework and became Hubbard Certified Dianetics Auditors.

Auditing is a technology created by the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. An auditor is one who listens and assists those who have experienced past trauma or upset in identifying damaging moments of physical or emotional pain recorded in the mind. Once these incidents are handled, the person regains more of their analytical power and experiences a better quality of life.


Rev. Alfreddie Johnson of the World Literacy Crusade has worked as the liaison between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam. He said the Nation of Islam’s work is critical to healing the collective wounds existing in the community caused by the experience of chattel slavery.

“Our experience has caused us to experience many, many engrams,” said Rev. Johnson. “These engrams are stored memories of pain and suffering and we have taken on–as Minister Farrakhan points out–we’ve gone into the valence of that which overwhelmed us and that was the valence of our slavemaster’s and we are doing to each other what was done to us,” he added. Of the Nation of Islam’s auditors, 172 have earned the Permanent Gold Seal resulting from their demonstrated skill and competency in their use of the auditing technology.

“That means you can’t mess with them,” said Rev. Johnson jokingly. “You come up to one of them and you try something and they’ll just exorcize the evil out of you just by looking at you.”

Currently nearly 4,000 members of the Nation of Islam are involved in some level of Dianetics study or training courses. Rev. Johnson said that according to L. Ron Hubbard, those willing to take on cultural destruction and societal degeneracy are critical to the furtherance of man.

With determination and committed focus, many set a goal to complete their courses in time for the event in Philadelphia not even knowing that there would be a special graduation ceremony held. All regions of the Nation of Islam were recognized by their peers and their accomplishments were celebrated.

28-year-old Hannibal Muhammad of Phoenix Arizona said he was in Chicago at Saviours’ Day 2011 when Minister Farrakhan expressed his desire to see more auditors from the Nation of Islam. Mr. Muhammad said seeing the joy of those who became auditors and how happy and proud Minister Farrakhan was as he shook the hands motivated him. He decided right then that he wanted to become an auditor, but it wasn’t until right after the recent Holy Month of Ramadan–the month of fasting for Muslims–that he really began going several times a week to study and he achieved his goal of becoming a certified auditor.

“Right after Ramadan Minister Farrakhan called a conference call to all of the students that were on the course and he (encouraged) us to accomplish what he had set forth for us and that was enough for me to push hard as I could to get it done,” said Mr. Muhammad. “I didn’t plan to come to the Holy Day of Atonement because of finances but when Allah blessed me to accomplish that two weeks ago, I promised myself that I would make it by all means necessary and I’m thankful to Allah that I was able to step foot on that stage today.”

Remonia Muhammad of Raleigh N.C. told The Final Call about the trauma caused by the loss of her son. She said she was unable to discuss the tragedy at all until she began to receive auditing. After a few auditing sessions, she obtained incredible wins and it increased the desire within her to perform that service for others.

“It felt good to hear my name,” said Ms. Muhammad. “I felt a sense of accomplishment and I felt that I had done something that the Minister asked me to do. I stayed on course and saw the need for it because it helped me in my life. I would say to others–Dianetics it works.”