I want you to know, I made this picture, or photograph, as part of my article. In 1954 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said,

“According to the scripture, at the time that the prophets prophesied that the gathering together of the people of the earth there would be lots of trouble, there would be lots of hatred among you, great dissatisfaction.

“Since you and me are witnesses here this afternoon in this world that we live, we have been so greatly misunderstood that I desire that Allah send to me a little helper. For 22 years, I have worked hard wherever I was or may be to try to get into your ears and into your hearts the truth that Allah has revealed to me.”


Many years later I was blessed to see clearly, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was referring to Minister Farrakhan.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said this before he first saw the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, which was in 1955. During his address he looked directly at him and gave Minister Farrakhan his assignment publicly.

I will write what caused me to see the above later, Allah willing.

Now, study this and read it carefully from the book, “Muhammad the Prophet,” by Maulana Muhammad Ali.

“Whenever the Divine Will inspires a band of righteous people to work as torch-bearers of Truth to corrupt humanity, there never fails to appear at the same time a band of those who pitch themselves in deadly opposition to them, and infl ict upon them all kinds of trouble and torture.

“And in truth the storm of opposition is absolutely indispensable. The persecutions to which they are subjected serve as a crucial test of sincerity of their motives.

“They unhesitatingly put up with humiliations, endure hardships and cruelties, but never for a moment give up the truth for which they stand. In fact, they live if they can, for the Truth; and die, if they must, for the Truth. Besides, affl ictions constitute the only training ground for fostering virtues of steadfastness and perseverance, without which man cannot attain to moral perfection.

“Unless one is hemmed in on all sides by overwhelming obstacles and visited with hardships and privations, one cannot cultivate these qualities.

Advertisers that befall such people are in fact blessings in disguise, which conduce to their moral advancement. Over and above these, there is a third object.

“The Almighty God wants to bring home to mankind that a plant tended by the Divine hand, however slender it looks, survives the most furious blasts of hostile winds. Consequently, in accordance with this Divine law, the Holy Prophet and his companions had to suffer untold troubles at the hands of the opponents.”

Now, read these from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Allah (God) has ordained opposition for His Prophets, Messengers, and Servants in the establishment of Divine Revelation.

“Although Allah (God) has allowed His Prophets to suffer at the hands of the wicked, it never was the intention of Allah (God) that the wicked would win in their struggle against Him and His Messengers, particularly the last one, Muhammad.

“Prophet Muhammad of Arabia was the last Great Sign of total victory of Islam (Truth) over all opposition. In this day and time opposition to the establishment of Islam will be totally and completely destroyed for this is the time of the presence of the Great Mahdi and His Messiah.

“In his fi nal conquest of Mecca, Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, allowed His enemies to live whether they confessed faith or not and forgave them for their opposition to the establishment of Islam.

“History however, has shown us that the hypocrites and enemies of Prophet Muhammad who lived in Mecca later produced children who manifested their hypocrisy in the Caliphate or leadership of Islam and took the Nation of Islam off the course that Prophet Muhammad intended.

“This is why there is a prophecy of the coming of Great Mahdi (The Self- Guided One) who would give the Nation of Islam back to the straight path that it deviated from since the deaths of the Prophet and His major companions, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali.

“During the rule of these four great Caliphs, the seed of hypocrisy in the ranks of Islam was growing.

“The hypocrites ultimately prevailed and now the Nation of Islam that started with Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, as its cornerstone, is now a mere shadow of what it once was and is far away from what the Prophet intended.

“Allah (God) today does not intend for the opposition to prevail, nor for the hypocrites to hide under their oaths or declarations of belief.”

Now I’m continuing the interview with Brother Akbar. Bro. Jabril: Now in the late 60s, in Chicago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad started laying on him (Minister Farrakhan) in stages, his identity. Did he come back and share any of that with you?

Bro. Akbar: No. I don’t think in the late 60s he did. He didn’t lay that on me. But the fi rst time that I think he was moved, and he went into detail is after Atlanta, Georgia, in September 1970, and I remember that clearly, when he came back. I think he went from Atlanta to Chicago, to see the Messenger, and I came on back to New York. But when he got back to New York, he said to me the Messenger, he talked about how the Messenger said for that one speech. …

Bro. Jabril: Wasn’t that the speech he made in Boston?

Bro. Akbar: Oh, that was the speech he made in Boston, but no the Messenger told him about the speech in Atlanta, too.

Bro. Jabril: OK. Tell me about …

More next issue, Allah willing.