By Abdullah Muhammad National Prison Reform Minister

( – Student Minister James Muhammad, representing the Nation of Islam Prison Reform Ministry in the city of Birmingham, Ala., under the direction of Brother Abdullah Muhammad, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Student National Prison Reform Minister, recently braved stormy weather to deliver a much-needed spiritual word to the men incarcerated at the Donaldson Correctional Facility (West Jefferson) in Bessemer, Ala.

Inmate Student Coordinator Elvernardo X Dexter served as the host of the day’s powerful program that featured spiritual leaders from different communities coming together in unity.

After opening up with prayer, Bro. Elvernardo X introduced Imam Mikaail Ali, a Sunni Muslim, who spoke on his support of the Nation of Islam’s outreach efforts at West Jefferson despite many obstacles. “No one has been able to defeat what Elijah Muhammad has brought,” the Imam stated. “His teaching has brought many leaders out of darkness,” he added.


The next speaker was Jamet-El, Grand Sheik from the local Moorish Science community, who spoke on the power and importance of mathematics in the lives of the men. “When you know mathematics and can see an example of mathematics as taught by our Brother Elijah Muhammad, then you know that you are in the midst of a student of a great man,” Grand Sheik Jamet-El stated. He went on to acknowledge and express admiration for the work of Student Minister James Muhammad, who he has known for 10 years. “Many say they are coming to help the Black man in the prisons in Alabama, but I know of one man that has overcome every obstacle our enemy has put on him to help us and that is Brother James Muhammad,” he concluded.

The program then featured rap artist Max-A Million, whose performance electrified the crowd with thought-provoking lyrics setting the tone and stage for main speaker, Student Minister James Muhammad. He started by extending the greetings of peace from Brother Abdullah Muhammad and the Student Regional Minister over Prison Reform, Brother Charles Muhammad. He wasted no time getting into his subject, “The Qur’an is a Purifier” by posing the following question: “Who wants to be free or who wants to be let go?”

If we can’t read, then we as a people will never be free, he explained. He stressed the purifying words and guidance of the Holy Qur’an as a foundational tool in the quest for mental, spiritual and eventual physical freedom.

He directed the crowd to consider the people and things that are worshipped, other than God. “A day is coming real soon that the people that we held in high esteem will deny us,” he said. “We will have so much regret in us because of our devotion to them as we choose men around us who are following their low desires.”

The lecture was interrupted several times with thunderous applause as the crowd rose to its feet. Brother James Muhammad provided the men with a sense of hope and redemption as he spoke of the protection of Allah (God) while in prison. “We act as though Allah (God) does not have the power to protect us in prison,” he stated. “All of the prophets that have fought in the cause of truth, Allah protected them and kept them from the hands of the enemy.

“Allah (God) best knows our enemy and Allah is sufficient as a friend and a helper,” he reminded the crowd.

Brother James Muhammad rounded out his talk by speaking on the power of prayer. He encouraged the men to never stop praying. “Prayer is the only reason we are alive today, because someone is praying for us,” he said, encouraging the men to institute prayer sections in each dormitory.

As the program began with the spirit of unity, so did it end as Brother James Muhammad proclaimed, “Now is the time for unity!”

As he acknowledged the Moorish Science and Sunni speakers who came before him, the Nation of Islam student prison minister stated, “In unity we will win!”